Phen375 vs Duromine

Phen375 vs Duromine

With obesity levels on the rise there are more and more of us reaching for quick ways to lose weight.

Gone are the days of grueling diets and exercise regimes, people do not want to wait or work hard for their results meaning that sales in weight loss pills are increasing.

Two of the more popular weight loss pills are Phen375 and Duromine, lets look a little closer at each of them before we decide which one is best.

How do they both work?

Duromine contains phentermine which acts as an amphetamine that will alter your brain chemistry and ensure your appetite is suppressed.

Phen375 vs DurominePhen375 works in a different way as its ingredients cause a process called thermogenesis to occur within your body.

Thermogenesis is the process where your internal body temperature increases, leading to a rise in your metabolic rate.

This raised metabolism will result in excess calories and stored fat being burnt. Other benefits include a reduced appetite and increased energy levels.

Will they cause side effects?

Although Duromine has been approved by the FDA it still causes numerous side effects that could prove to be fatal. These include impotence and diarrhea.

Its main ingredient phentermine is highly addictive so use of Duromine is limited to only 12 weeks.

Phen375 on the other hand has had no reports of any side effects. This is probably due to it being manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients at an FDA registered laboratory.

Are they expensive?

Right now Duromine is only available to buy in Australia and the countries surrounding it. It is only available with a prescription and then only if your BMI is over 27 and you have a history of weight related problems such as diabetes.

If you want to buy Phen375 then you can online without even needing a prescription, a bottle of 30 capsules (a months supply) will cost around £46.

Which option is best?

Despite the approval of Duromine by the FDA it is not our preferred option due to the side effects that it causes.

If you need a little help with your weight loss efforts then Phen375 is our choice.

Phen375 wins

Where to buy Phen375?

The best and only way to buy Phen375 is from the official website. Often you will see bottles for sale on Ebay but it is best to avoid buying these as they are likely to be fake and may contain filler ingredients that could be dangerous.

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