Phen375 vs ECA Stack

Phen375 vs ECA Stack

Although a healthy diet and regular exercise is still the most effective method you can use to lose those excess pounds you will find that this approach will require work and plenty of dedication.

Unfortunately most of us are not willing to wait to see results, but luckily for us there is a way to speed up the weight loss.

Diet pills for example are designed to boost your efforts and help you achieve your goals in a faster amount of time.

Two popular diet pills are Phen375 and ECA Stack, but which of the two is the better option? Lets look at how they both work before we come to our final decision.

Benefits of Phen375 & ECA Stack

Phen375 vs ECA StackEven though Phen375 and ECA Stack can help to burn fat, they work in different ways.

Phen375 uses natural ingredients that can break down stubborn stored fat, before burning it.

It can also prevent future fat build up while increasing your energy levels.

ECA Stack on the other hand uses stimulants to burn fat, which although effective can lead to many different problems.

Ingredients used by Phen375 & ECA Stack

Phen375 is made from a combination of the following ingredients:

Calcium carbonate, Chromium picolinate, Capsicum, Caffeine, Citrus aurantium and L-carnitine.

These are all proven to help with your weight loss efforts.

ECA stands for Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin.

Ephedrine and Caffeine are stimulants that can help to burn fat while maintaining muscle mass, while the Aspirin has been added to the formula to help thin the blood and to ensure the other two ingredients work to their full potential.

Unfortunately despite working ECA Stack has been linked to serious side effects.

Side effects of Phen375 & ECA Stack

There have been no reported side effects from anyone who has used Phen375. Its a shame that the same cannot be said about ECA Stack.

ECA Stack may cause restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, the jitters and more worryingly can even cause a heart attack, stroke and death.

Sales of diet products containing Ephedrine is restricted or illegal in the USA, Canada and the Netherlands due to these risks.

Price of Phen375 & ECA Stack

You can buy a months supply of Phen375 for £46, while there are many different versions of ECA Stack available with various starting prices.

We have seen some bottles as low as £20, but why would you risk taking a product that could potentially cause you such harm?

Which is the best option?

Despite the price difference the fact that the ingredients listed in ECA Stack could potentially cause such serious side effects should make you seriously reconsider using it.

Phen375 is the safer option by far, and will help you reach your weight loss and fat loss goals.

Phen375 wins

Where to buy Phen375?

To buy Phen375 then you will need to visit its official website. You can only buy Phen375 online, you will not find it for sale in any of your local stores.

Click here to buy our #1 choice, Phen375!

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