Phen375 vs Fat Stripper Intense

Phen375 vs Fat Stripper Intense

Obesity levels are on the rise along with the number of people requiring medical attention due to the health conditions that obesity causes.

If you do not want to become just a statistic it is time to take action today.

Diet and exercise is key to losing weight, but there are other methods you could use to increase the speed at which you lose that excess weight.

Take diet pills for example, some contain proven ingredients that can give you the boost that you require.

Phen375 vs Fat Stripper IntenseTwo of the more popular options are Phen375 and Fat Stripper Intense by LA Muscle, but which of the two is the better option. Lets find out shall we?

Benefits of Phen375 & Fat Stripper Intense

Both Phen375 and Fat Stripper Intense are fat burners primarily, which means that they work by boosting the metabolism causing excess calories to be burnt and stored fat to be broken down.

This is not the only benefit though as both can also help to suppress your appetite, and therefore reduce food cravings.

Phen375 & Fat Stripper Intense ingredients

Phen375 is made from Calcium carbonate, Chromium picolinate, Capsicum, Caffeine, Citrus aurantium and L-carnitine.

These are all powerful natural ingredients proven to help with your weight loss efforts.

Fat Stripper Intense also contains powerful natural ingredients; Choline, Inositol, Betain, Methion, L-Carnitine and Chromium Piccolinate.

Both fat burners use similar ingredients, although the quantities are different in each product.

Phen375 & Fat Stripper Intense side effects

Neither Phen375 or Fat Stripper Intense have had any reported side effects.

Price of Phen375 & Fat Stripper Intense

Phen375 is priced at £46 for a months supply, while Fat Stripper Intense costs £49.99 on Amazon for a bottle of 90 capsules.

Is Phen375 or Fat Stripper Intense the best option?

As both products contain proven ingredients and have had no reports of any side effects the decision on which is the better option will have to come down to their price.

To experience the full benefit of Phen375 you only need to take 1 tablet daily, whereas you may have to take 3-6 capsules of Fat Stripper Intense.

This means that you may find that the bottle of 90 capsules may not last the whole month. Meaning that Fat Stripper Intense could work out to be an expensive choice.

For this reason alone Phen375 is our recommendation.

Phen375 wins

Where to buy Phen375?

The only place to buy Phen375 is online through its official website. It is not available to buy on Amazon or any other website.

This has its benefits though as it ensures you are not going to be duped into buying one of the many fakes available online and risk potentially taking a product that not only will not work but could be dangerous too.

Click here to buy our #1 choice, Phen375!

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