5 Tips to Help You Plan for Long Term Weight Loss

5 Tips to Help You Plan for Long Term Weight Loss

Even though you would love to reach your weight loss goals almost overnight, the truth is that it could take many months to achieve them.

You must remember that the weight gain did not occur overnight, so you most certainly cannot expect to lose the weight quickly.

The problem with this slow weight loss is that it is easy to fall back into the old habits that caused the weight gain in the first place.

This is why you need to plan for long term weight loss, which will help you stick to these new healthier lifestyle choices. Here are some tips to help you:

#1: You should aim for balance

There will be many diet programs that recommend the cutting of entire food groups. Fats and carbs are often recommended, but I would not suggest you do this.

Your body requires many different nutrients, yes even fats and carbs. Without them your overall health will suffer.

What you need to do though is discover the good types of food, there are good and bad carbs, just like there are good and bad fats too.

Eating these good foods as part of a healthy balanced diet will certainly help your weight loss efforts.

#2: Go see your doctor

So you have made the decision to lose weight, but is the diet you have chosen healthy? And have you any health conditions that could be affected by the diet?

If you are planning on trying a new diet it is perhaps advisable to speak to your doctor beforehand, just to be on the safe side.

#3: What are your personal needs?

To ensure the chosen diet is effective for you then you will need to look at your own personal needs.

Does the diet suit your particular lifestyle? Just because a diet worked for a friend does not necessarily mean that it will work for you.

Remember long term weight loss takes commitment, which will be hard to do if the diet is not suitable for you.

#4: Avoid fad diets

You have all seen those diets that promise the world but more often than not fail to live up to the hype.

Weight Loss SuccessOften they are promoted by celebrities who have managed to get their post-baby body back in shape after just a few weeks.

The problem is that either they don’t work at all, or they involve methods that are not safe.

Drastically cutting your calorie intake for example will help you to lose weight, but will you be able to maintain this weight loss?

Chances are after a week of starving yourself you will have to quit this diet, so any weight lost will quickly return.

Also, starving yourself can leave you lacking vital nutrients essential for good health.

You should never risk your health trying to lose weight.

#5: You must make realistic goals

This harks back to our first point, you cannot expect to lose all of the excess weight overnight, it simply isn’t possible.

What you should do is set realistic goals for yourself, perhaps a pound or two of weight loss weekly.

This is an achievable goal and can be achieved by cutting around 500 to 1,000 calories from your diet over the course of the week.

When you achieve these small goals you will remain motivated, and as they are achievable you wont become disheartened by disappointment.

Each small achievement will soon add up to something more substantial, so keep at it.



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