Planning Ahead Key for Weight Loss

Planning Ahead Key for Weight Loss

New research has shown that if you plan your lunch immediately after finishing your breakfast you will be able to significantly reduce the number of calories you consume. This will enable you to lose weight much more effectively.

What research was undertaken?

In this study published in the Journal of Marketing Research and undertaken at the University of Pennsylvania, researchers looked at the lunchtime habits of 900 workers and university students.

They discovered that their lunchtime habits was impacted by the times the lunches were ordered or planned. With those who waited until after breakfast found to order the most calorific meals at lunch.

Those who ordered their lunch an hour early were able to cut as many as 40 calories from their order. Those who ordered immediately after eating breakfast were able to save 240 calories.

What caused these results?

It has been suggested that choosing your lunchtime meal immediately after breakfast was best as you were able to make more mindful decisions rather than an impulsive one.

This is because your breakfast had left you feeling satisfied.

Also, as you are planning ahead you will have more time to consider your options, which will allow you to choose more healthier meal choices.

Our view

While you are only saving a few extra calories every day, if you get into the habit of doing this these calories saved will add up.

Even saving 40 calories every day will add up to 14,600 calories saved over the year. Doesn’t seem like such a small amount now does it?


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