Platinum XWL Garcinia – Is this trial offer a scam?

Platinum XWL Garcinia –  Is this trial offer a scam?

If you are trying to lose a few pounds, perhaps for an upcoming holiday or event then of course you should look at changing your diet for the better and perhaps join the gym.

There are also other methods you can use, which brings us to products such as Platinum XWL Garcinia.

This particular product makes a number of claims, but how accurate are they? And is this product truly as effective as claimed to be?

If you have come across this product and are tempted by its claims then I would suggest that you read the following review, we will soon discover whether you should sign up for this offer or not.

Claimed benefits of Platinum XWL Garcinia

Using Platinum XWL Garcinia is claimed to be “simply the fast way to lose weight”. The website also makes the following claims:

  • Control your appetite
  • Block fat production
  • Burn fat and feel great
  • Feel fuller longer

To check how accurate these claims are we will need to look at what ingredients have gone into making this product, and whether they are likely to produce these kinds of benefits.

Ingredients found in Platinum XWL Garcinia

While it is clear that the main ingredient used is Garcinia Cambogia, there is no label present on the website so we do not know if any other ingredients have been used.

When looking at Garcinia Cambogia supplements it is important that you know what percentage HCA has been used, as this will reveal to us its quality.

Usually products will use 50%+, and it is pleasing that the product packaging states that 60% HCA has been used.

This is the percentage we would recommend, but this still does not prove the claims are accurate, we would need to see a label to see if there are any filler ingredients used that could potentially lessen its effects.

True cost of the Platinum XWL Garcinia trial

Before you sign up for a trial offer like this one, you should always make sure to read any terms and conditions if they are available.

The reason for this is that these T&Cs reveal the true cost of the trial.

While you only have to pay the small cost of shipping when you first sign up to this offer, you only have 14 days before you are charged again.

This second charge will be $84.52, but that wont be the last charge either if you are not careful.

Platinum XWL Garcinia operates an auto-ship program, so if you fail to cancel within these first 14 days you will find that further monthly deliveries and charges will be sent to you.

Is the Platinum XWL Garcinia trial offer a scam?

There are certainly doubts surrounding the claimed benefits, and this is because there is not enough ingredient information available to make an informed decision.

The main issue with this offer is the price, which is high when you compare this product with similar offers.

With these issues there is only one suggestion and that is to avoid this offer. There are better options available.

Contact details for Platinum XWL Garcinia

The contact details for Platinum XWL Garcinia, which you will need to cancel the trial are as follows:

Phone: (877) 543-8328
Email: support@platinumgarciniaxwl.com

Please leave a comment below with your own review if you have trialled this product.

Alternative to Platinum XWL Garcinia

Garcinia PureOur suggested alternative is a product called Garcinia Pure, which is available to buy online via the Evolution Slimming website.

This product contains the recommended 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia in each serving with 60% HCA. There are also no filler ingredients present, which means that the full benefits will be experienced:

  • Reduction in body fat
  • Fewer food cravings
  • Weight reduction
  • Lower cholesterol levels

You can buy Garcinia Pure without signing up to a trial, so you can buy without worrying about hidden charges and auto-shipments.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure



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