Poor Diet Largest Cause Of Early Death

Poor Diet Largest Cause Of Early Death

A new study by the Global Burden of Disease Project has revealed that a poor diet is now the largest cause of early death.

Research has shown that 21% of deaths worldwide could be caused by a poor diet.

What did the study reveal?

The study has revealed a dramatic change in risk-factors associated with early death.

Back in 1990, the leading causes of early death were:

  • Child and maternal malnutrition
  • Unsafe water
  • Poor sanitation
  • Lack of hand washing

These days though many more early deaths are being caused by preventable risk-factors such as bad diet and high blood pressure.

From 1990 to 2013 the researchers looked at the risk factors in 188 countries and found that the following were the top risks:

  • Poor diet
  • High blood pressure
  • Smoking
  • High BMI
  • Increases blood sugar levels

During 2013 these risk-factors contributed to 31 million deaths worldwide, which is an increase from 25 million deaths back in 1990.

Dr Christopher Murray from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), who led the study had this to say about the findings:

“There’s great potential to improve health by avoiding certain risks like smoking and poor diet as well as tackling environmental risks like air pollution.”

“The challenge for policymakers will be to use what we know to guide prevention efforts and health policies.”

So what can you do to prevent an early death?

While cutting smoking is a good start, one thing that is common with the risk-factors listed is their association with your diet.

Healthy womanWith this in mind I would suggest to you that you cut back on the junk food and takeaways. Instead try to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

These foods are nutrient-rich so will fill you up, plus give you the required nutrients your body needs, without too many calories.

I would also suggest that you start eating more fibre and protein-rich foods as these are slow to digest, so will help to keep you feeling full for longer.

Fibre can help your digestion too, while protein can provide you with energy and is important for repairing damaged muscle fibres after exercise.

If you are serious about improving your health then what you drink also has to change too.

You should certainly think about cutting back on those soft drinks, while those hot beverages with the added milk and sugar should probably go too.

Instead you should be drinking more water. It really is the healthiest choice of drink available to you. It contains zero calories, can help curb your appetite and can help flush out those troublesome toxins.

A bonus of improving your diet will be weight loss, which will also help improve your overall health too.

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