Weight Loss Starts with a Positive Self Image

Weight Loss Starts with a Positive Self Image

If you are currently overweight then you are at a higher risk of encountering serious health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

This should be your number one concern, however most people are unhappy with their weight not because of the health risks but for more image-related reasons.

Nowadays, people feel pressured into losing weight to look more like what society believes to be the ideal body.

This can leave people unhappy with how they look, often feeling undesirable, which will make losing weight even more difficult to achieve.

So what can you do?

Is self image a problem for you?

A poor self image can be just as harmful as being overweight, you shouldn’t aim to conform to perceived ideas of beauty, this will only lead to frustration and eventual failure.

The media has created a culture where people feel inadequate with their own bodies, so the first step to successful weight loss is learning to love yourself.

How to start loving yourself?

It will take a while but the practice and commitment needed will surely be worth the effort.

Tell yourself that you are unique and that there is no one else like you in the world. Once you start believing these words then you will start to realise that you don’t need to look like anyone else.

Another good idea is to stop buying those celebrity magazines, they often endorse the latest celebrity diets, which don’t work in the long term.

These diets are a quick fix and are designed to play on your insecurities.

How to lose weight?

Firstly, do you even need to lose weight? If it is only to conform to beauty standards then perhaps not.

You should only decide to lose weight if you think that it is affecting your health. You should only ever decide to lose weight for yourself, not because someone told you so.

Start by cutting back on the junk food and processed foods like white bread and pasta.

Instead choose fresh ‘whole’ foods as they are naturally low in calories, plus are filling.

Soft drinks should also be avoided, opt for water instead. It is calorie free and will help curb your appetite.

Regular exercise is also recommended, as it can help boost your overall health and can release feel-good hormones that will make you feel happier about yourself.

You most certainly do not need to make drastic changes should you decide to lose weight, simple healthy changes can make a big difference. Just make sure you are losing weight for the right reasons.


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