Is it possible to get fit and lose weight without the gym?

Is it possible to get fit and lose weight without the gym?

If you want to lose a few pounds and get fit the first option most of us will think of is joining the gym.

However, gym memberships are often expensive and usually after a month or so visits become few and far between.

What if I were to tell you that you don’t need a gym membership to reach your goals?

Well, it is possible as there are plenty of exercises and activities that you can that will not involve a visit to the gym.

Before you make your decision you will need to make the best choices based on your age, sex, weight and current fitness levels.

If you are currently sedentary then you will need to take this into account, perhaps starting with low intensity exercises before gradually increasing the intensity over time.

So what are the alternatives to the gym:

Gym alternative #1: Walking

If you have done very little exercise in the past then it is recommended that you start off with walking.

Walking is low intensity exercise and can be performed in your own neighbourhood.

A brisk walk daily with friends, family or even on your own will help to give you a workout, burn calories and improve your overall health.

Gym alternative #2: Hiking

Hiking is a great workout and is the logical next step after walking.

Many people use hiking as a hobby so it is a great way to make friends with like minded people. Plus you can get a great workout in the process.

Gym alternative #3: Running

Running for weight lossRunning is a great exercise as it will definitely help to burn off those excess calories.

The problem with running is that it requires stamina that you may not have to begin. It is recommended that you first start with walking before you start to build up the distances that you can run.

After a while your stamina will improve along with your muscle power.

Gym alternative #4: Sports

There are so many different kind of sports that will help you reach your goals.

Some sports are team orientated, such as football or hockey, while others can be performed in couples; tennis for example.

Whatever sport you choose you will surely burn calories and make new friends.

Gym alternative #5: Community service

If your community is running programs then you can lose weight while doing good for others.

Gym alternative #6: Cycling

Although cycling while primarily work your legs the rest of your body will see the benefits too.

Exercise will burn calories and help you to lose weight, which in turn will reduce the risk of you suffering numerous health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Gym alternative #7: Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do. It is low impact but works many different muscle groups including those muscles that see very little use.

If you are just starting to get fit then swimming will help to build up your stamina without much risk of injury.

Can you think of any alternatives to the gym? Please leave your suggestions below.

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