Pre-meal Trick for Weight Loss

Pre-meal Trick for Weight Loss

If you are struggling to lose weight, perhaps because you are unable to control the amount you eat at mealtimes, then we have a little trick that could aid your efforts.

You may already know that eating a diet rich in protein can help to fill you up and keep you feeling fuller for longer. This is because protein is slow to digest.

What you may not know though is that if you eat a pre-meal snack rich in protein, this could help fill you up before your main meal, which will therefore reduce the amount you will eat overall.

How does protein help with weight loss?

Simply put, once eaten it will fill you up and keep you feeling full, but there is a little more science behind this fact.

Firstly, consuming plenty of protein can alter the hormones that control your hunger, such as ghrelin and cholecystokinin.

  • Ghrelin – This hormone is produced by your stomach when you are hungry.
  • Cholecystokinin – Is a hormone that slows down the digestion process.

Protein is also more difficult to digest than both cabs and fat, so will need more calories to break it down.

Does this pre-meal trick work?

Boiled Egg for SnackIn a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a team of researchers looked at 33 previously published studies on protein intake.

They discovered that those who ate a high protein diet were more likely to know when they had had enough to eat.

This study also found that those who ate a protein-rich pre-meal felt fuller than those who at a low-protein snack or no snack at all.

So, what should you eat pre-meal?

While it is a good idea to eat a pre-meal snack if you want to reduce the overall number of calories consumed, you still need to make sure it is a snack and no larger.

This means that you should choose something like a boiled egg, a little yoghurt or a handful of almonds.

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