Is Premium Cleansing Deluxe a scam?

Is Premium Cleansing Deluxe a scam?

There seems to be a lot of products being brought to market recently that claim to help with your weight loss issues simply by helping remove the built up waste materials in your colon.

Often these products are made available as a trial, which makes them seem affordable and incredibly tempting.

Unfortunately products such as Premium Cleansing Deluxe may end up costing you more than you bargained for.

Lets find out why you should skip this trial offer.

Claimed benefits of Premium Cleansing Deluxe

Premium Cleansing Deluxe makes the following claims on its website:

  • Flush the pounds
  • Detox naturally
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Increase energy levels
  • Burn off excess weight
  • Boost your metabolism

These claims seem achievable, however before we can verify them we would need to look at what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients found in Premium Cleansing Deluxe

The first issue you will find with Premium Cleansing Deluxe is a lack of any ingredient information whatsoever. There is not one mention of what is found in its formula.

Without this important information how will you be able to tell if the product can do what it claims to do?

More importantly, would you want to take a supplement that could potentially contain ingredients that are dangerous and could possibly cause side effects?

Price of Premium Cleansing Deluxe

The second issue with Premium Cleansing Deluxe is its price, which is likely to cost more than you thought.

As this is a trial offer you may believe that it will not cost you anything, well this is not true. For a start you are going to be charged the cost of postage, which costs £6.99.

Once the 14 day trial has elapsed you will be charged the full purchase price of £89.97, unless you have realised that you need to cancel your membership within the trial period.

To make matters worse you will be charged this amount every month until your account is cancelled.

Is Premium Cleansing Deluxe a scam?

Premium Cleansing Deluxe is not recommended not only due to the lack of ingredient information but also due to the extortionate cost of the trial.

It may not be doing anything illegal, due to the payment terms being laid out in the T&Cs, however if you are unfortunate enough to have been lured into signing up for the offer you are soon going to feel as though you have been ripped off.

Contact details for Premium Cleansing Deluxe

You can contact Premium Cleansing Deluxe using the following information:

Phone: 0808 169 6532
Email: info-eng@premiumcleansingdeluxe.com

If you have signed up for this offer please leave a comment below with your experiences.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Premium Cleansing Deluxe

Detox Plus, which is available to buy online from the Evolution Slimming website is a proven alternative to Premium Cleansing Deluxe.

This product is not afraid to list its ingredients and is considerably more cost effective at just £19.95 for a months supply.

If you want help flushing that stored waste from your colon then Detox Plus comes highly recommended.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

27 comments on "Is Premium Cleansing Deluxe a scam?"
  1. I actually didn’t mean to purchase this product, I thought I was getting something else, though I didn’t mind the postage so much, I was absolutely shocked at the “conditions” that came with the parcel. Give you 14 days from purchase to return it if not wanted takes 4-5 days to get and then there is no return address or NZ phone number to ring, there is no time to even swallow the things to find out if they do anything, before they claim they are going to rob you bank account for more. If they touch my bank account they will hear about it, I have never given them any permission to do so. The leaflet that came with the goods informed me that if I didn’t return or ring them with 14 days of purchase (regardless of how long they take to arrive in the first place) they would then deduct $99.00AU out of my account! Only gives you 1-800 number which can not be accessed from NZ. There was no mention of this in the original offer. VERY MAD

  2. I agree with un happy New Zealander – had no idea when a free trial was offered that after you used the good you had to pay – had quite a to do sending back the stuff – eventually got it on the way ! Tried 4 of the tablets and found them helpful but the cost is totally ridiculous.I would
    say like un happy RAHTER MAD

    • I have had same reply as above have emailed them three times with no response phone number is not connected who can we go to complain please advise if anyone knows

  3. Had same problem never receive the items,money deducted from my account.totally scams,if you have same experience like me please contact your bank,they will help you to prevent them from deducting your money every month.UNHAPPY CUSTOMER

  4. I recently purchased the premium cleansing delux 3 weeks ago. After a week from making my order trying the trial offer, i called the 1-800 number to find out what’s with the delay… I dialled the number and wouldn’t even connect, as if the number didnt exist. So till this day, I still haven’t received anything from them. Obviously the bastards scammed me, so I cancelled my bank account detail in case money was taken from me without my permission. Real dodgie and annoyed that I can’t scream at them over the phone.

    • Did this work for you? Have you had any money taken since cancelling your account & card details?

      • Ordered, canceled the order within a week due to doctors concern about blood pressure issues. Spoke with representative, got confirmation number of cancellation, and guess what they STILL deducted from my bank account!!!! I am so angry right now, going to go through my bank to address this issue!!

  5. Never say any small print about the offer extending for $120 pm! Emailed them, got an answer, very polite, said they would cancel. 1 month later, no product (it was cancelled!!) but a $119 charge. Emailing now to see if that can be reversed.

    • Hi how do I contact these people.. my account has been debited 94.99 £?? No products received except the sample bottle which I did receive

  6. I can’t believe I let myself get scammed… What wicked ragbags, Seen the adverts and the famous faces I have always been cautious but not cautious enough sad thing is Im a student as well nearly £180 in total down for two small jars of tablets! We need to put a stop to these companies and warn others, sad thing is I was happy to buy more but at a respectful price

    I hope they get shut down

  7. THIS IS A SCAM. I signed up for a free trial for 2.99. I have just checked with my bank and 2 payments of 94.99 have been FRAUDUENTLY. taKen from my account. I am furious. There was no mention on the free trial of any further payments being taken or anything about having to cancel. I am in touch with the bank as I want my money refunded. This is called STEALING and it must not be allowed to continue. I have sent an email to the company and am waiting for a reply

    • There is nothing fraudulant about these transactions – i dont work for the company but cleary lack sympathy for anyone who has purchased from them. Always read the terms and conditions. It will be stated in them as it is a legal obligation to do so.

  8. premium deluxe , paid for the product and its well over the 14 days , and have still not received it .
    Should have Interpol look into these scammers.
    and find out how many other people have been scammed .

  9. they are a scam especially when it comes to the next month of taking £95 out of your account with out knowing it either no email no nothing and you think its a free trial well heres a tip for you look for the small print with a box that prevents this they are money grabbing b****rds who i can not get hold of through any contact telephone

  10. This is a load of SHIT! I have had to cancel my credit card & get the bank to block it. I have to go a week with no eftpos card. I have no money all because of these scum bags. I have emailed them and got nothing in return & you can’t ring them with their stupid number because I’m in NZ. I am so angry & not ever buying bullshit online again!

  11. I too have been scammed sooo annoyed . An left in hardship …

  12. I also have been scammed these dreadful people have taken 2payments of £94.99from my bank account with only 3days between payments and did not receive anything from them I cannot believe they are able to get away with it .there has to be something that can be done to stop this.

    • After ready the above comments, I contact my Debit card holder and found out that the (Premium Cleansing) and the other company call (Cleanse), had applied for a charge on my account of
      $ 86.94 each. One had been paid 3-3-15, the other one didn’t go through because I stopped it.
      I had to cancel my debit card and have another issued and sent to me. The one that did get paid, I had to file a dispute against them, and wait a few days for it to get back into my account. Because it was charged on a debit card, I did not have to change the account (or close the account). They just reissued a new card with new numbers.
      IT IS A SHAM—PEOPLE CAN DO THIS CRAP TO PEOPLE. By the way, I did find out they are in Las Vegas, NV THANKS TO WHOM EVER INVESTIGATED THIS, I would not have caught it for some time because I do not check account that close. I WILL FROM NOW ON. Good Luck

  13. Be very careful with these. Although you might get your product its a complete scam and irrespective of you wishes or not, they will continue to attempt to take money from the card details you gave them.

  14. I bought 2 bottles last two years and i cancelled they did not get money out last 6 months and last week they draw out 168 dollars .Please how can I contact them?

  15. Wish I read this before being lured! Ordered trial on May 15,2015 with a May 22, 2015 delivery date. I have been tracking my order site. Have not received the trial — each week the order & delivery date change!!! It now says order date June 2, 2015 with delivery date June 8, 2015! Need to report this SCAM & cancel my credit card!

  16. A VERY REAL SCAM!!!! I was charged twice on my debt card for $78.94 and $79.68. My Bank did investigate the issue and said this company had every right to bill me as they state a 14 day free trial offer. I called the company and they are sticking to their guns and will not under any condition give me my money back even though on their website the symbol says 100% Money Back Guarantee!!!!!
    Please read this so that it does not happen again to you and share this with you family:

    Nothing Is Free My Friend
    Just pay shipping and handling. “Pay” i.e. give us your credit card number. Now they’ve got you, and somewhere at the bottom of that oh-so-enticing but oh-so-long and boring sales copy will be a few words that state that after a certain time you’re going to be charged for something, every month without fail, whether you want it or not.

    Look at the example billing language…
    “14 Day Trial Terms (Billed by XXXX.com):
    30 day supply of for $5.95(USD). If you feel is not for you, cancel within 14 days from today to avoid the purchase fee of $79.00(USD) and enrollment in the auto-shipment program which sends you a month supply every 30 days at the low price of $69.97(USD). To cancel anytime simply call 1-888-XXX-XXXX (U.S.). Any charges will appear as XXXX on your credit card statement.”

    And shipping language…
    “Our standard ground shipping takes from 6 to15 business days within the continental United States. For international orders, we ship via XXXXX. Generally international shipments take 14-21 business days from day of shipment unless customs causes a delay for some reason.
    If you have not received your order within 21 days from your purchase date, please click on the link below visit our online customer care section to request a reshipment of your order.”
    Let me get this straight…
    • You pay $5.95 today.
    • In 14 days you pay another $79.00 unless you call to cancel.
    • You may not even have the product by the 14 days. (14-21 days on shipping).
    • You will not be able to test the product to see if it works before you need to cancel.
    • Then every 30 days you are “rebilled” $69.97 for another bottle.

    Doesn’t sound so great now, does it? We called the (800) number several times and it went to a voicemail. We did not receive a call back.



  17. There are ways around getting screwed by so called trial offers. I, for example, do not use a credit card associated with my bank account. I purchased a $50 reloadable visa card. You have to send in an application to get a card with your name on it. It has no available credit unless you add money to it. I use this card for any online trial offers. Another trick is an actual credit card from your bank that only has available credit if you put credit on it. I have 2 of these types of credit cards for my kids. They are called youth spending accounts. They work just like an actual credit card. Do not add over draft protection to these accounts if you get one. I know these credit options work because I have used them several times. Hope this helps out.

  18. Hi to everyone who bought the $2.99 trial for the cleasning tabs. Unfortunelty if you read the SMALL FINE PRINT at the Bottom pf the screen, it does tell you that if you dont cancel with in 14 days of the trial they will charge your debit card for $77.00 or more- thats why i didnt purchase the trial ! I dont have that kind of money to be wasting on colon cleanse ! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE- PLZ READ THE SMALL FINE PRINT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN! It helps! THANK YOU!

  19. This is a company that will take advantage of people with misleading ads. DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR LIES!!!

  20. This is a scam! Once you order your free trial they automatically sign you up for a monthly subscription. Then they take $77.84 out of your account. When all I wanted was the free trial. I’m very UNHAPPY AND DON’T RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE! I WISH I WOULD HAVE READ the REVIEWS BEFORE I ORDERED MY “FREE” TRIAL.

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