Is the Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse trial a scam?

Is the Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse trial a scam?

Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse is a supplement available for trial that offers to “flush the pounds” while you “detoxify yourself”.

Would we recommend this trial offer? Well, this is doubtful as previous trial offers of weight loss supplement have turned out to be auto-ship scams.

Whether Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse is another one remains to be seen, so at present I will give it the benefit of the doubt. However I will look at the supplement in more detail to discover the truth.

Claims made by Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse

Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse supposedly offers the following health benefits:

  • Enhance weight management
  • Reduce appearance of cellulite
  • Clean and detoxify your body
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve digestion

These claims are certainly impressive sounding, however we would need to look at the ingredients found in this supplement before we could comment on how accurate they are.

Ingredients found in Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse

While the website makes a big deal about its use of Green Coffee Beans it is shocking to see that each serving only contains 10 mg of this particular ingredient.

The main ingredient of Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse is Psyllium Husk, which works like a laxative. So will aid your weight loss, although a lot of it will likely only be ‘water weight’.

This supplement also contains a large amount of Microcrystalline Cellulose (130 mg per serving), which is wood pulp that serves no benefit, it is purely a filler.

With these facts it is hard to believe that this supplement will offer any long term weight loss benefits.

Price of Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse

As with most trial offers the supplement itself is overpriced.

There is a small shipping fee to pay at sign up but this quickly increases to a quite shocking £79.97 at the end of the 14 day trial period.

Again, as with other trial offers we have reviewed in the past Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse operates an auto-shipping scheme so signing up for this offer means that you have given permission for further monthly deliveries and payments.

Is Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse recommended?

There is nothing to recommend about this trial offer. No doubt there will be people tempted by its claims but they are likely to be disappointed.

Its ingredients are poor and the cost of the supplement is simply too high. My suggestion would be to look for an alternative, there are plenty of options available.

How to cancel your trial?

To cancel your trial I suggest you use one of the following methods of contact:

Email: support@premiumgreencoffeecleanse.com
Phone: 0844 770 7448

I would love to hear from you if you have signed up for this trial offer. Please leave your short review below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse

Our recommended Green Coffee Bean supplement would be Svetol Green Coffee, which is available to buy online for £24.95 from the Evolution Slimming website.

This supplement contains much more of the beneficial ingredient with the recommended 50% GCA present in the formula.

As it is unavailable for trial there are no hidden or repeat charges, so the price you see is the price you will pay.

Click here to read our review of Svetol Green Coffee!

4 comments on "Is the Premium Green Coffee Bean Cleanse trial a scam?"
  1. I have just had

    94.97 and 79.97 taken from my account ysterday and it was just postage paid, i didnt sign up for this, i know i wont be able to get it back but can you please tell me how to cancel this as dont want this coming out each month, i just wanted the one month trial, will this money come out every month

    thank you

    sandra tullett

  2. I ordered this 8\9\2016 and I have been billed twice for the trial product. Would you please take $5.99 off my credit card.

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