7 Foods to Prep for Weight Loss

7 Foods to Prep for Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight and are currently on a diet, but are finding that despite your best intentions you are often too busy to eat healthily, then we have a solution.

I would suggest that you pre-prepare or ‘prep’ a few foods to ensure you stick to a healthy diet.

Here are a few suggestions of foods that you can prep for weight loss:

#1: Whole grains

Quinoa or rice are a good start for any meal prep, as they can both be used in salads, or any number of dishes.

You can cook a single cup for storage in the fridge, or perhaps a larger batch that can be frozen for use at a later date.

#2: Oats

Instead of skipping breakfast, prepare some oats ready to add milk to.

I would recommend experimenting with flavours and recipes, perhaps search online for some ready prepared recipes.

#3: Steel-cut oatmeal

You can make these by combining cooked oats with maple syrup and cinnamon, they should then be separated into a muffin tin and allowed to freeze.

These can then be sealed and kept frozen, ready to be warmed when needed.

#4: Protein balls

There are various recipes online, but a simple recipe involves mixing oats, protein powder and a banana together in a blender.

The mixture is then rolled into separate balls and sealed away in the refrigerator.

These make an ideal snack for when you are on the go and are feeling peckish.

#5: Smoothie packs

Do you love a morning smoothie? If so then you could prep all of your usual ingredients and place them into separate packs or bags.

Salad preparedWhen in a rush you can simply poor the ingredients into your blender and within a minute you could be enjoying it.

#6: Salad

This is probably going to be a popular choice, and it will save you plenty of time throughout the week.

Simply get some tupperware or an empty glass jar and fill with your favourite salad ingredients.

Your lunch is now prepared for the week.

#7: Fruit and vegetables

By cutting up your fruit and vegetables beforehand can save you plenty of your valuable time.

You can then add these to soups, or any number of recipes if time is short.


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