4 Tips to Prevent Summer Weight Gain

4 Tips to Prevent Summer Weight Gain

So you have worked hard over the past few weeks and months, denying yourself your favourite treats and training regularly at the gym ready to get yourself “beach body ready”, just in time for the summer.

Now though with the various events and parties planned, is it possible to prevent summer weight gain?

Here are some tips that can help you from gaining too many pounds while still allowing you to enjoy yourself.

#1: Be active

No doubt you engaged in regular exercise in the winter and spring months in an effort to get as lean as possible, so why stop now that the summer has arrived?

If it is lovely and warm out, make the most of the warm weather. Let it inspire you to try new things.

By making yourself be active every day it will soon become a habit that you will stick to whatever the season.

#2: Go shopping

In those summer months there will be plenty of fruit and vegetables available to buy.

Lose WeightThese will be better than buying junk food as they will be full of fibre that can fill you up, as well as plenty of nutrients that your body needs to remain healthy.

#3: Keep to a schedule

Of course the summer time should be about having fun, but too much freedom could leave you falling into some bad habits that will result in weight gain.

For example if you are not careful with your time you may find that you wont have time to eat as healthily as you should, or perhaps you will end up skipping those all important workouts.

What I would suggest is getting a calendar and making a schedule. Doing so will help you stick to a healthier routine.

#4: Enjoy yourself, but with moderation

No one is saying that you cannot enjoy yourself as this will only lead to weight gain.

What you need to do is to allow yourself to enjoy yourself, but with moderation. For example allow yourself a few treats, but also be aware of the consequences.

You should know what is likely to cause yourself an issue, perhaps avoid these altogether or at the very least only allow yourself a little.

Preventing summer weight gain is certainly achievable, it just takes a little dedication and sacrifice. Are you willing to do what it takes?


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