Proactol Plus review

Proactol Plus review

Weight loss can be difficult to achieve sometimes as even when you are sticking to your diet and exercise regime the weight is still not falling.

Now there may be a way to solve this problem thanks to the use of a supplement called Proactol Plus.

Proactol Plus is a clinically proven natural fat binder that can help to bind as much as 27.4% of your dietary fat intake.

Proactol Plus benefits

Using Proactol Plus can provide the following benefits:

  • Block 27.4% of fat from being absorbed
  • Reduce food cravings

How does Proactol Plus work?

Proactol Plus contains NeOpuntia, which originates from the Prickly Pear cactus. By consuming 1-3 tablets immediately following a meal the active ingredient will bind with the fat in your food making them too large to be absorbed by your intestines.

Obviously with less fat being absorbed you will ultimately lose weight.

Furthermore your food cravings can be reduced thanks to Proactol Plus’ ability to reduce your absorption of dietary cholesterol.

How does Proactol Plus work?

Is Proactol Plus proven?

As with any purchase you need to ensure it actually does what it claims, which is why it is reassuring to learn that Proactol Plus has not just undergone one clinical trial but four.

In each of the clinical trials the fat intake has been reduced by over a quarter, while it is also encouraging that no side effects were reported.

Safety is of utmost concern when taking a supplement so the fact that Proactol Plus is certified as an effective weight loss management tool by the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) and has been tested and approved by the MHRA will ease your mind about any potential dangers.

Proactol Plus media attention

Proactol Plus has made a name for itself not only amongst its users but also the media too, with newspapers such as The Sun mentioning it in numerous articles.

Even Gemma Collins one of the stars of ITV4’s TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) has been pictured holding her own box of this fat binder.

Proactol Plus is recommendedIs Proactol Plus recommended?

Unlike so many of its competitors Proactol Plus has actually been proven to reduce the amount of fat your body can absorb. It can also help to reduce your food cravings.

The benefits of this fat binder have been proven and since its ingredients are all natural anyone can experience them, even if you are vegetarian.

Where to buy Proactol Plus?

Unfortunately Proactol Plus is no longer available to buy. However you will be pleased to learn that a new improved version has been created.

This new product is called Proactol XS, and while it still helps bind fat it is now made using non-animal derived Chitosan that has been shown to bind as much as 800 times its own weight in fat.

Click here to read our full Proactol XS review

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