Is the ProLean Cleanse an auto-ship scam?

Is the ProLean Cleanse an auto-ship scam?

When you see that a supplement is available for ‘trial’ you may immediately think that this is a good offer, however in my experience this is often not the case.

Previous reviews of trial offers have revealed time and again that they are a front for auto-ship programs. Is this the case with ProLean Cleanse?

Lets look at this supplement in more detail to discover whether you will regret signing up for this particular trial.

Claimed benefits of ProLean Cleanse

The main claim made by ProLean Cleanse is that it can “flush pounds and detoxify your body”, the other claimed benefits include:

  • Naturally increase energy
  • Natural metabolism booster
  • Enhance weight management

How does ProLean Cleanse achieve these benefits though? We would need to look at its ingredients to see how it works before we can comment further.

Ingredients used to make ProLean Cleanse

While there is a brief mention of some of its ingredients (Aloe Vera, Senna Leaf, White Oak Bark, Gentian Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Psyllium Husk and Goldenseal Root) there is no label and certainly no dosages.

This makes it impossible to say how effective this supplement truly is. Maybe some weight loss benefit will be experienced but there is no way of knowing.

How much does ProLean Cleanse cost?

What is also unclear based on the website is the cost of the trial itself. You would need to view its terms and conditions to discover just how much it will cost you.

The cost of delivery is relatively small at $9.95, however this only covers a 18 day period (25 days for non-US orders).

At the end of the trial period you will be charged a quite incredible $129.93.

This wont be the end of the charges either as ProLean Cleanse will also charge you $69.90 + the cost of shipping every 30 days thereafter too. That is unless you cancel your subscription to the auto-ship program you have inadvertently signed up for.

Is ProLean Cleanse recommended?

I would not recommend signing up for this trial offer. Not only are its ingredients list vague to say the least, it is also too expensive with the hidden payment terms surely going to lead to customer complaints.

My suggestion if you want to use a supplement to aid your efforts would be to look for an alternative that is upfront about what it contains and its cost.

How to cancel the trial?

You can cancel your trial by contacting ProLean Cleanse using the following information:

Phone: 1-855-805-1326
Email: customerservice@orderleanoffer.com

If you have signed up for this trial please leave a comment below. We would love to read your own short review of this product.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to ProLean Cleanse

A supplement that I would recommend above all others if you are looking for help detoxing would be Detox Plus (available for $30 from Evolution Slimming).

Using this supplement will give your body the detox it needs without the expense. And as there is no trial option the price you see is the price you will be paying, with no hidden fees.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

15 comments on "Is the ProLean Cleanse an auto-ship scam?"
  1. I would lake to cancel the order# 667280. Thank you.! My phon# 8138395502 if you have any questions pleas call me at any time..

  2. I sent for the trial order on 4/10/2015.. I want to make sure that I don’t get charged for any further shipments..This is a trial order not a monthly order and I don’t wish to receive any more shipments..Here is my order #:669628. You have my phone # and e-mail should you need to contact me. Thank You

  3. I would like to cancel my subscription to proLean cleanse as of 1/5/15.

  4. I sent for the trial order on 6/12/15. I want to make sure I don’t get charged for any futher shipments. This is a trial order not a monthly order and I DON’T WISH TO RECEIVE ANYMORE SHIPMENTS. hERE IS MY ORDER#719408.you have my phone # and e-mail should you need to contact me.

    Thanlk You

    • This website is not associated with this or any other trial offer. You will need to contact whichever company you signed up with yourself.

      • I called the customer service number and email them but that didn’t help. I even threaten to report them to the BBB, but that didn’t help. Since I have no charges on my credit card I just cancelled the card.I was told that as of today no one can charge anything to my account. My free trial ends in 4 days so they have surprise coming.

  5. When I tried to cancel before the FREE TRIAL PERIOD ended, I was told that nothing is free and that my card would charged $79.95 for that free trial offer. She said it’s printed in the terms.I got tired of explaining to this person, who could hardly speak english that the advertisement said free trial. Finally I hung up and cancelled the credit card.

  6. Definitely a scam! I was even told that I had to return the ‘trial’ bottle or pay for it. They claim that this was laid out in the offer, but I have nothing in writing that says anything like that. It’s going to cost me around $50 to get out of this product that I never even used! Bad, bad company! Stay away!

  7. DO NOT BUY!!! It is a scam and I was charged $130! They will not provide a full refund. I don’t understand how these companies can get away with this. Be sure to report to the Better Business Bureau ASAP! As many ppl as possible must report it or this will continue!

  8. I am sending a quick note to cancel my autoship. I was told to call on the 29 to cancel, but u r closed. Please send me a quick email or text letting me know if everything worked out alright. Thanks MONICA

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