Can a protein bar help with your weight loss efforts?

Can a protein bar help with your weight loss efforts?

High protein diets are incredibly popular at present, even with the recent report stating that it is as bad as chain-smoking.

Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz is certainly a fan, who in his March 12th 2014 episode of his popular show (Are High Protein Diets a Good or Bad Thing) discussed the benefits of protein.

“It’s the single best thing to fight disease and lose weight fast. It’ll jump-start your metabolism, and you’ll actually lose more weight with the calories from protein.”

So what are the benefits of protein?

Weight loss benefits of protein

Protein is essential for any weight loss journey. For a start it is slower to digest than both fats and carbs so will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

This increased levels of satiety will reduce your urges to snack, while your blood sugar levels will remain constant, which will also reduce snacking.

When your blood sugar levels become raised you will obviously see a sudden increase in energy, unfortunately once they fall you are likely to experience cravings.

A diet rich in protein will also help you to burn more calories and increase your energy levels higher than normal due to a process known as glucogenesis occurring. During this process your body will convert protein into glucose (energy).

Finally, as protein is an important part of the muscle building process, when combined with resistance or weight training lean muscle will be built, which will ensure even more calories are burnt.

It is a well known fact that muscle will burn off more calories than fat, even when you are at rest.

Health benefits of a high protein diet

Along with its weight loss benefits, a diet rich in protein can also reduce the risk of suffering heart disease and diabetes, especially amongst those in their 30s and 40s.

Protein is essential for a healthy body, it can help fight off illness and can repair body tissue, for example should you cut yourself the protein can start the healing process.

Sources of protein

It is recommended that if you want to experience the benefits of protein then you will need to be consuming around 5 or 6 servings of protein a day.

Some of the best sources of protein include:

  • Steak
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Nut butter
  • Legumes/beans
  • Greek yoghurt

You can also supplement your protein intake using protein bars and powders.

Supplement your protein intake with a protein bar

A great way to increase your daily protein intake is by eating a protein bar.

They are an often a healthier option than reaching for the crisps or chocolate between meals when you are feeling a bit peckish.

What to look for in a protein bar?

When looking for a protein bar you need to find one that contains at least 10 grams of protein with less than 15 grams of sugar.

MyProtein Protein CookieWhich protein bar is recommended?

Our recommendation for a protein bar is not a bar at all, in fact it is a cookie.

The Protein Cookie available to buy from the MyProtein website contains a massive 37.5 grams of protein in each cookie, with just 7.32 grams of sugar.

This great tasting cookie is an excellent alternative to traditional protein bars. It is available to buy for £16.99 for a pack of 12x 75 g cookies, flavours include Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint, Double Chocolate or White Chocolate Almond.

Click here to buy the Protein Cookie from MyProtein

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