Could eating prunes help with weight loss?

Could eating prunes help with weight loss?

According to research undertaken by a team of researchers at the University of Liverpool eating prunes could help with your weight loss efforts.

What did the study involve?

The study looked at how eating prunes would impact on weight loss, whether positively or negatively.

100 overweight or obese volunteers who normally would eat a low fibre diet were split into 2 groups, those who were only given advice on eating healthy snacks, with the other asked to eat either 140 grammes of prunes (women) or 171 grammes if they were male.

The volunteers were looked at over a period of 12 weeks with results showing that those who were in the group that were given the prunes losing 4.4 pounds and an inch from their waistlines.

When compared with the second group who lost just 3.3 pounds and just over half an inch you can see why eating prunes may aid your own weight loss efforts.

What else was discovered?

The researchers noted that those who ate the prunes started to lose the most weight after 8 weeks of the study had elapsed, with their feelings of fullness also seeing an increase.

Jo Harrold, a Liverpool psychologist who led the research had this to say about the discovery:

“These are the first data to demonstrate both weight loss and no negative side effects when consuming prunes as part of a weight management diet.”

“Indeed in the long term they may be beneficial to dieters by tackling hunger and satisfying appetite; a major challenge when you are trying to maintain weight loss.”

What else can you do to lose weight?

Relying solely on the consumption of prunes is not going to be the weight loss miracle you hope it will be. Even the researchers who conducted this study can attest to that, with Jason Halford another professor at the same university having this to say:

“Maintaining a healthy diet is challenging. Along with fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruit can provide a useful and convenient addition to the diet, especially as controlling appetite during dieting can be tough.”

To lose weight you need to change your current eating habits for the better. Cut out the junk food and takeaways, instead eat a healthy diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables and plenty of lean protein sources.

You also need to find a way to burn off any excess calories, with exercise being one of the best methods you can undertake.

Of course this research is promising and adding a few prunes to your diet could aid your own efforts, just make sure you put the effort into a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise for the best results.

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