Is Pure Asian Garcinia an auto-ship scam?

Is Pure Asian Garcinia an auto-ship scam?

When you read a claim such as “lose weight without changing your diet” you may be enticed into trying the supplement that has made the claim, especially when it is being offered for free.

However, before you rush your decision perhaps you need to take a second to think over your choice.

Pure Asian Garcinia has a number of impressive claims, but whether it can back these claims up with facts remains to be seen.

Lets look at this supplement in more detail to see whether we would recommend you sign up for its trial offer.

Benefits claimed by Pure Asian Garcinia

The following claims have been made by Pure Asian Garcinia:

  • Clinically proven to help men and women lose weight
  • Helps prevent new fat from being formed and stored
  • Made from only natural ingredients

These claims sound impressive and are what you would expect to see from a Garcinia Cambogia supplement. Before we comment further on their accuracy we will first need to look at what ingredients Pure Asian Garcinia is made from.

What are the ingredients of Pure Asian Garcinia?

Although it isn’t immediately clear what ingredients are found in Pure Asian Garcinia a little research shows that it contains the following:

Garcinia Cambogia (fruit rind) Extract with 60% HCA 100 mg, Calcium 50 mg, Chromium 200 200 mcg, Potassium 50 mg and Gelatin (capsule casing).

In my opinion the Garcinia Cambogia amount is a little low, especially when compared to the amounts listed for its other ingredients.

Price of Pure Asian Garcinia

Pure Asian Garcinia is claimed to be a free trial, which is unfortunately not true.

For a start there is a charge just for receiving the trial, as much as $15 just for delivery (USPS Priority Mail).

As with the various other trial offers we have seen and reviewed the trial period for Pure Asian Garcinia is small, just 14 days after sign up you will be charged the full purchase price ($59).

Not only is this insufficient time to trial the supplement but you will also find that you will be auto-enrolled onto their auto-ship program, so further monthly packages and payments will be made.

Is Pure Asian Garcinia a scam?

We are not a fan of auto-ship programs, so cannot therefore recommend the use of Pure Asian Garcinia.

The ingredients, although not bad are also not the best either.

The only positive we found was that Pure Asian Garcinia is not too expensive.

Contact details for Pure Asian Garcinia

The contact details for Pure Asian Garcinia are as follows:

USA 1-888-221-2554
International 1-646-688-0457

If you have tried this supplement please leave a comment for us below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Is there an alternative to Pure Asian Garcinia?

Although slightly more expensive, our recommendation is Garcinia Pure. This supplement contains 1000 mg of pure Garcinia Cambogia (60% HCA) with no filler ingredients so the full benefits will be experienced.

This supplement will cost $62 for a months supply.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

17 comments on "Is Pure Asian Garcinia an auto-ship scam?"
  1. So how can i discontinue this auto-refill thing?? Its been pass the amount of days for recieveing my order and after reading this im possitive i dont want this anymore

    • Read my comment below and see if you havent already.

    • I tried to prevent them from taking the payment two days beyond the trial period (12 days not 30) and called them to tell them I wanted to return the unused portion because I was dissatisfied with the product and was told, there was no way I was getting my first payment of 79.95 back. If you haven’t received the product just call them and cancel the subscription. If you keep it one week beyond the trial period you’re going to obligated for at least two payments. The instructions on how to use the pills were not written on the bottle and again, it was only two days beyond the trial period when I called, but I sent an email the day of which they claim they never saw.

    • I want to stop the auto shipping & auto payment for this product … I have been charged wrongly as I hadn’t even received the product & I was charged twice on the same day totalling $225.86…
      How do I get a total refund?
      Please help!

  2. I ordered it amd got it 2 weeks later, my trial was up but i called to ask what to do, she said to take the 24 pills out when i recieved the product and send it back. I thought a return address would be on it so when i set out to do this i had to call and get the address. Not only could i never get ahold of anyone but when i finally did i had already been charged 158$ for that and the colon detox. I was on the phone what seemed like all day. Kept getting hung up on amd spoke with 5 people including 2 supervisors. Needless to say i wasnt a happy camper. They all kept saying there was no direct line or transfer to the refund department. Bc they dont have one. The supervisor is the one that makes that call. They also kept saying there was no guarantee that i would eve get my money back bc the free trial had already ended. I said to them that had they been doing their jobs and answering the phones, i would have sent it back when i first got it. Note, i dont like it, made me shake but also didnt suppress my appetite. Needless to say after an all day stink, the last supervisor said i will be getting a refund and that it will be back on my card withim 8-15business days??? Wth???

  3. On the website I was on, I was never informed that it was an auto ship program and that they would charge me. They called and asked me to let them charge me 90 dollars and I said go ahead, but I don’t have that money, so you’ll won’t get it. I don’t have a steady income and my life is budgeted tightly. I’ve told them that if I pay them, my other bills won’t get paid, but they keep calling. I’m absolutely sure that if I had the money, they would have just taken it out and I’d be left with nothing.

  4. Pissed off that I got caught out by this scam. Gotta go and cancel my card now to make sure no more money is taken.

  5. It was too good to be true that for $2 or so they would send you the trial and you would never hear from them again instead they go ahead and take out a further $110 and $230 for another God knows what. What a scam dodgy I hope they get their own Karma is all I can say.

    I am going to cancel my card so they cant take any more money out of my account not sure how they can get away with it. I will be pushing to have them reported


  7. Cancel my subscription NOW!!!! Total bullshit! I was just charged. 79$ for nothing Its the holidays and your company pulls this shit on me??! No way! I have contacted he better business they are closed at this time, but I will be calling bright and early tomorrow!! You said i have until December 17th to cancel. 15 days from Dec 3. Well today is the 17th, and u still charged. I cancel this instant!! ” I’d like my money back. I have not even received my free trial!!! It is Thursday Dec 17th, 2015 6:42 PM. I want to cancel my subscription and get My money back!! I will not pay another penny on something I NEVER received. It was shipped on the 3rd of Dec and I still have NOT received anything… this is stealing, scamming, and theft! Thid Is totally against the law. U can type my name in Google I will show up. I have no problem reporting and filing a lawsuit if you don’t give me my. Money back, that u have STOLEN, and if you keep charging my card when Ive received nothing from your company!! I can be reached at 208-226-**** or my office 208-220-****. You all are thieves and will not get away with this. I have already talked to your joke of a costumer service and they recorded my call, just as I was recording theirs. The guy named Noel P. supervisor (supposedly ) out of high school (I’m guessing) was not nice, kept trying to argue, raise his voice, was very Ignorant, kept repeating himself, did not make any sense at all, he was very sarcastic, not. A good, helpful, Or friendly supervisor, i dont know who would give someone like him that kind of power trip. Now the lady Customer Service rep ALEX was not smart at all, her and Noel had very hard accents you could not make out what they were saying. She was weak, she couldn’t help me, kept putting me on hold, could not answer questions about the company she works for. Id be more than happy to get this company shut down. You are all nothing but liars, and thieves, who took my hard earned money With out calling me to ask (confirm)!!! I will take this as far as I can, and I will. I want my refund. Because of this. Im over. Drawn and have over draft fees.

  8. what is the price of this bottle.I want a free bottle for trail and how to use this..


    Okay, so I admit ordering diet pills from a sketchy website wasn’t my most sound decision, but what can I say! The chat bubble that popped up with Salesman Rob was very reassuring! I was debating making my experience have a time out in the dark corner where it belongs, but if you’re a wanker like me who thinks this will not add any stress or shame to your life whatsoever you need my guidance – Hi. Nice to meet you. Here’s my story.
    I ordered my free trial of this product on March 1st, 2016 and THEN I read the reviews and allegations of scams. I canceled my subscription right away via email. I waited five days with no cancellation verification, then I sent two emails informing them my credit card was cancelled because I did not want to pay the subscription fees and I also made two calls to customer service (at both of their phone numbers) on March 6th, 2016. Both the calls and emails went unanswered. I called them today (March 9th…soooo close to the 12 day renewal charge) with a different tactic and it finally worked.
    Heres the trick when if you want them to answer you:
    When you call their toll free number (18882212554) DO NOT click one for customer service. You will be waiting on the line forever and you will eventually give up. Instead, click two for sales. They picked up in a matter of seconds.
    The lady I talked to was actually rather apologetic and kind, but still. I would rather lick my dogs fur for an hour straight before ordering this product and cancelling it again.
    Also, no diet pill is worth experiencing the shame I felt when I had to tell the cute bank teller why I was thinking of cancelling my credit card.
    I hope my story will inspire you to take the high road.
    Auf wiedersehen, comerades.

  10. Nothing but a huge scam.

  11. Hello,
    This is a scam. I called them today to cancel my “membership” and they said that the trial period expired (which is 15 days), and I’ll be charged $79.00 every 30 days from now on. When I asked them if you can see the result after 15 days they said ?? – “NO” – of course.
    So, I asked them nicely to send my money back and I’ll send them the bottle back, but they won’t refund any money that have been taken already.
    Finally, DON’T APPLY FOR FREE TRIAL or you details will be used and you’ll be charged every 30 days, 79.00 $.
    I can give any proofs that what I wrote here it is true: emails from them, account, conversation recorded.

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