Is the Pure Colon Detox trial a scam?

Is the Pure Colon Detox trial a scam?

When waste builds up in your body so do the toxins, which can lead to weight gain and various other problems.

With this in mind there is little wonder that detox diets are currently so popular, as they aim to address this problem by removing this waste and the toxins that they produce.

This has led to a rise in supplements like Pure Colon Detox that promise to remove this issue, but is it an effective supplement? Lets look at it in more detail to see if it can do what it claims to do.

Claimed benefits of Pure Colon Detox

Pure Colon Detox has made the following claims on its website:

  • Detox your body from years long toxins
  • Feel lighter with increased energy levels
  • Relieve constipation and bloating
  • Maintain leaner figure and weight

These claimed benefits certainly sound impressive, however to verify them we will need to look at the ingredients used to make this supplement.

Ingredients found in Pure Colon Detox

While there is not a lot of information regarding the ingredients of the Pure Colon Detox, there is a small note that says it contains psyllium, fennel seed, ginger, pumpkin seed, licorice root, rhubarb, cayenne pepper as well as other detoxifying ingredients.

These ingredients have been shown to detox the body so I would say that certainly some benefits will be experienced.

Cost of Pure Colon Detox

There are numerous instances where a “free bottle” is advertised, well this is slightly misleading as once the trial period (12 days after initial order) has concluded you will be charged $59.

As the Pure Colon Detox trial operates an auto-ship program you will also find that you will charged this amount every month thereafter until your subscription is cancelled.

Is Pure Colon Detox a scam?

While not a scam, and certainly not the most expensive detox supplement we have seen. We still cannot recommend Pure Colon Detox due to its decision to market itself as a trial.

There will undoubtedly be people signing up for this trial who will feel aggrieved when they are charged at the end of this free trial.

Contact details for Pure Colon Detox

To contact Pure Colon Detox you can use one of these 2 phone numbers:

USA: 1-888-221-2554
International: 1-646-688-0457

Please leave a message below if you have signed up for this trial offer.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Pure Colon Detox

An alternative to Pure Colon Detox is Detox Plus, a detox supplement sold online by Evolution Slimming.

This supplement contains natural ingredients that can help remove toxins and built up waste from your body, at just $31 for a months supply without having to sign up for an auto ship program.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

43 comments on "Is the Pure Colon Detox trial a scam?"
  1. ( at just $31 for a months supply without having to sign up for an auto ship program.)
    they are not BS either every month you get a bill 31 +20$ for S&H if i want it i will let you know don’t send me anymore

  2. They don’t answer their phone for your cancelation until 12 is up in which case they bombard you harassingly with multiple calls a day and in response to not answering they say you should have emailed them. Total scam. There’s nothing “free” about something When you have to pay $79.

  3. I have received my two trial bottles and have now been charged $100+ for EACH bottle!!!
    Every where I read it says I will be charged $79 if I don’t unsubscribe!
    I tried to unsubscribe last week and it kept telling me I havnt ordered anything and they couldn’t find my details!!
    I want this $200 put back into my account!
    This is a total scam and there is no way I would of bought this product if I knew I was paying over $200!! I did NOT give authorization for this money to come out of my account!!
    What can I do?

    • Contact your bank or credit agency. They should be able to help you. Go online and find your own
      colon cleanser or detox. I think you lose the weight by getting everything out of your colon, before
      food gets a chance to cause weight gain. The more you eat. the more you use, to get that what you ate out of you. Read products reviews before purchase or google reviews.

  4. Don’t ever get the free trial of the pure colon detox they are the biggest scammers they will start charging you hundreds of dollars!! I just called to talk to them and they said we give you the free trial to see if the product have any side affects so I said( are you using me as a lab rat to try your stuff on me?) He didn’t answer. Scam!!!

  5. People,
    DO NOT buy from this company. They say it’s free and then charge you. When I called, they refuse to refund and said we had to do it within 15 days of order placement, not from the day we got it. It takes 7 to 10 days to receive, how do you decide within 5 days if this is what you want? I spoke to the manager but they all sound like a broken record. I am disputing charges on the credit card. We must stop this scam. If nobody orders, they will be out of business. By the way, the charge comes from Bangkok.

  6. I am really furious. I never enrolled into any automatic shipment programs. Your product is not what I was expecting. On the bottle it says – you shouldn’t take it for more then 7 days. So, tell me please WHY I should get this product on monthly basis? Before offering this product you should inform people that this is not good of you don’t have constipation problems and shouldn’t be taken by person who has loose stools. So your ad is completely false. It is pure laxative and nothing more. It is for occasional use to promote regularity and for nothing else.

    • Firstly this product is not MINE, as I have NO products. Secondly I do not endorse this product so any issue should be sent to them.

      Their contact details have been listed in the above REVIEW.

  7. Pure Colon Detox trial is a total scam. I agree with all the above reviews. Jac, sorry that we keep writing reviews on this website, but since the headline on this page says:
    “Is the Pure Colon Detox trial a scam?” – people keep using it for feedback.
    What is the point of contacting them directly? they are very well aware that it is a scam.

    • I welcome the reviews. 🙂

      It is always best to contact them first as your bank will ask whether you have done this. If then you have not had a refund then you should contact your bank.

  8. I need to speak with a representative did not answer the phone do not want to know about any program just wanted the product sample free no sign I’m worried help me 😮

  9. Here’s what you Do.if you want to try free trials… Out the money on a pre-paid card……That way they can’t get anymore payments… That’s what I do

    • Does this really work? I was thinking of doing this so I could try this product out, but everyone seems to be having trouble.

  10. Please contact me asap. You are sending me goods that I have NOT ordered and will NOT be paying for.

  11. DO NOT send me any more of your goods. I DID NOT order them and have cancelled my vise card. You WILL NOT be getting payment. I have returned the packages and you should get them in the post. DO NOT continue sending me your stuff.

  12. Yes it is total scam. Upper reviews are real. It happened to me also. They are totaly bussiness people. They dont have any concern about your health. TheyThey sell you this shit saying “weight loss”. To me they said “bodybuilding”. LOL. I got my first bottle (the bottle of grass) after charging me for the second bottle, it means there is no trial. I confirmed it before confirming to buy that if they will not charge me automatically after 14 days and they said ok. I am gonna make a complain to the police. And not trusting any advertisement which is selling things for free 😌

  13. And yess one thing too,
    You will indirectly loose your weight
    No no
    Not by this product, but if you are an international student and living & earning school fees by your own, this will help you. You will not have enought money to buy food 😂.
    Enjoy your bottle 👍☝


  15. jac jenkins can you please message me back i know you have nothing to do with this site but i would like for you to help me 🙁

    being that this thread you posted since 2014 and its 2016!

    i hate scammers 🙁 how ar ethey still at this?

    • Sarah, what would you like to know? There is not a lot that I can do to help apart from say that you should first try to contact them. There are contact details listed above.

      If this does not resolve the issue then you should contact your bank and explain the situation. 🙂

  16. Anyone that orders ANYTHING online should be using a burn up card from a Walmart for example. They are just like a visa or Mastercard depending on which you get. That way you only have enough money for them to take whatever amount you’re agreeing to and you won’t have to worry about canceling or losing any more money. PLUS you are not putting your credit card or bank card info out there! I learned the hard way but have been doing this for years now!

    • I just ordered it and I don’t want this to happen to me, do I have to cancel my card or order a new one???

  17. I thought it only started charging fifty nine a month? Where are all these other figures coming from x

  18. I ordered the product for the trial period and paid for 3-6 shipping. The SCAM is that you will not receive the priduct in time to actually return it or use it before the trial period is over and they charge you. Nine days after order still no product so you see there is no way to return it. SCAM

  19. It’s a scam. You will not recieve your product and be charged 84$ monthly. Customer service is no help, and there are no refunds.

  20. Hey guys….easy solution…. order the free trial product using a credit card that you no longer want. Get the stuff and cancel the card with your bank….. Lol….they won’t get anything from you that way 🙂

  21. go to the better business bureau website and report them!!!!! there are so little reports considering how many people have been scammed, just on this thread alone. if enough people complain, they can be taken out of business

  22. Came across this site shortly after ordering a free trial of the detox, attempted to ring them to cancel, no answer – on hold for 10minutes before being asked to leave a message. Rang my bank and made sure the credit card I used was blocked so they can’t get any money out of me.

  23. I have also been scamed out of money, so fuming! The numbers provided to contact ‘pure colob detox’ are ‘not recognised numbers’ when I ring them. Does anyone have s UK number I csn ring them on or an email address?

    I’ve contacted my bank and have asked them to stop all payments from PCD but am worried thst they’ll still be able to take money from me somehow. Its so stressfull for me as I don’r earn alot of money and £72 a month is alot.
    Please help! Thanks

  24. hi
    do you know if they have a email address?? i found they have taken 2 x $77 from my credit card but i never ordered or received this item. i found them by googling what name apoears on my credit card. i have just notified my bank. i cant understand how they got my details but i have done trials for other products a while ago. i gave read the many comments so hopefully i will get my money back

  25. Hi
    How can u reach these people as I’m ringing the numbers & it keeps saying not connected??
    6139980498 & 16466880457 & 18882212554 the product is pure colon detox. Does any one have any other numbers I can try or email address they have taken money from my credit card without authority I am contacting my bank as well but I want to know how they got my details. They have charged me 2 X $77.00

  26. I would like to cancel my order of pure colon detox from immediate effect.I do not want any further delivery onwards.Thank you in anticipation.

  27. All I wanna know is does it make you lose weight yes or no?

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