Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse SCAM Reports

Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse SCAM Reports

Pure & Easy Slim and the accompanying Cleanse are two supplements being marketed as a trial.

Now, we have reviewed countless other supplements that offer similar offers so is there anything different about these two? Well, at first glance no.

However, before we rush to any conclusion lets look at both supplements in more detail to see whether there is anything we can recommend or whether like so many of those other trial offers it should be avoided.

Claimed benefits of Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse

Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse apparently offer numerous benefits.

Pure & Easy Slim offers:

  • Fat blocking
  • Appetite suppression
  • Improved moods

While Pure & Easy Cleanse offers the following:

  • Natural weight loss
  • Relief from constipation
  • Improved digestion
  • Purified system
  • Increased energy levels

These claims are pretty impressive, especially when you are offered both at a seemingly affordable price (on trial). Yet can these benefits be backed up with science?

The only way to prove the claims is by looking at the ingredients used.

Ingredients found in Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse

While there is no mention of any of the ingredients used in the ‘Cleanse’ supplement the ‘Slim’ supplement is made from Garcinia Cambogia, although again apart from stating that it contains 60% HCA there is no dosage information available.

Unfortunately without this important information there is no way of knowing whether these supplements will work as claimed, or indeed whether they offer any benefit.

Price of Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse

Both products operate a 17 day trial offer whereby you will be charged £85 for the ‘Slim’ and £65 for the ‘Cleanse’.

As with the various other trial offers we have reviewed previously there is no mention of these prices on their sales page. You can however find it hidden away in their terms and conditions.

What you will also discover that signing up for either trial offer allows the manufacturer to send further monthly packages to you along with the bill.

The final insult is that the apparently free offer of Pure & Easy Fitness (a ) will also have to be paid monthly at a charge of £4.99.

Are these supplements a scam?

The trial offers of Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse are not recommended. All 3 offers need to be cancelled separately so there will undoubtedly be those who will be caught out. This will undoubtedly lead to claims that these trial are a scam.

They may not be doing anything illegal but these kind of offers are certainly unethical, which is why they should be avoided.

If an offer seems too good to be true then it most likely is.

How to contact Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse

While there is an ‘easy cancel’ option available in their ‘contact us’ page you may want to phone or email to check that your subscription has been cancelled before you start receiving those invoices.

You can contact Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse using the following information:

Phone: 0844 745 1733
Email: support@pureandeasyslim.com

If you have signed up for any of the trial offers reviewed on this page then please leave a message below, we would love to hear from you.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse

For an alternative to Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse you should look no further than the Garcinia Pure Colon Cleanse Package available to buy from Evolution Slimming.

This package contains 2 of their more popular products; Garcinia Pure and Detox Plus. As you are buying a package of the 2 you will be saving almost 30% off the RRP.

Unlike Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse the products available from Evolution Slimming are unafraid to list their ingredients so you know what benefits will be experienced.

Best of all their products are also not available on trial so you will not be stung by any hidden charges.

Click here to buy the Garcinia Pure Colon Cleanse Package

38 comments on "Pure & Easy Slim and Cleanse SCAM Reports"
  1. I signed up for a free trial bottle. I received the bottle after paying P&P, they were not that good so didn’t use anyway. I received another bottle a few weeks later i checked my bank account and they has taken £89.99 plus £4.99. I emailed to say i was not aware i had automatically signed up for monthly subscription as I was lead to believe it was a FREE trial. Also not once did i receive a confirmation email to say what I was signing up for or costs. The only email I have ever received was to say my free trial had been shipped. They have advised once i return the bottle (recorded delivery is best as refund will be processed sooner) I will receive a refund less the delivery cost which I think is about £4.99. They did not make any of this clear when i placed the order what they are doing is wrong!!

  2. a con says charges you for a trial 2.50 then takes 85 pound off your credit card apparently is in the small print that no one can find

  3. Hi please can you cancel my order, as I no longer wish to participate as I have lost my job today and cannot afford the payments. thank you.

  4. I am so angry right now. I have today taken in my parcel and read the leaflet enclosed and realised i was being scamed. so straight away i logged on to the youreasycancle.com and nothing came up when i searched for the products. so i called the number, followed the options, selected option 2 to return the Slim and was given a message that said thank you for cancelling your account has been debited £38.71. this is not the option i chose. so i called back hang on for customer services and 10 min waiting the line went dead!!! i have just replied to the cancellation email asking what has happened and i have successfully cancelled the Cleanse order and am about to cancel the online subscription class. And then call trading standards and the financial ombudsmen

  5. The offer may be a scam but does the pure easy product actually work?

  6. It’s a total scam.dont buy these products! Iv just cancelled over the phone and il still have to pay over 30 pounds for each product! It’s a joke when they advertise as a free trial!!

  7. Hi what did this companys debit paymants come up as on your statements, mines come up as PURE & EZ CLN PURE…. Does this ring any bells for anyone? Thanks

  8. Absolutely fuming, looked at my statement and they’ve gone and taken over £100 out of my account as I was aware I paid only postage and package on my trial offer phoned them and lost my temper and they refunded me 30% on each order to start off with it was only 15% until I said I would take it further , I’m never going to buy off this company and I will tell ever one else the same , there website didn’t say anything about being charged and you having to cancel ,

    • Hi which number did you ring? I rang the number on the leaflet but it was an automated machine. Option is only to cancel the subscription but no one is actually going to talk to you.

    • What number did you call to get a refund?

  9. The worst company I have ever had the miss fortune to deal with. They take £150 from your account, you call the number above you get to speak to people who don’t even understand English, the quality on the line is so poor you can’t understand what they are saying back. You get out on hold for 17 mins waiting to speak to a supervisor, to which they hang up. Call back and promised a call back within an hour, and guess what no call!!!
    I then call back and get the worst agent on the phone who doesn’t listen as he’s blatantly following a script.
    I email and then receive a response – to the effect of we won’t be doing anything to help you


  10. I am totally fuming after checking my account on line 65 pounds has been taken from my account what the hell i signed up for free trial and to pay postage and packing of the product what a total scam iam reporting this company and seeking legal advice on this i would not advise anyone to buy from this company its all a con i cant wait till 9 am i am getting on that phone and by god are they going to hear me the feckers

  11. ANOTHER SCAM !!! signed up for the free trial about 1 month ago – then called to find out the price they automatically extended my free trial to christmas day prior to that they had taken £4.99 then £79 on 14th dec then today £150 – i signed up to lose pounds off my body not wallet i will be seeking legal advice aswell and monday it will be cancelled !!

  12. MY FIRST AND LAST TIME!!!!! I never go for things like this as I know it is usually a scam but the page I read had reviews from Glamour magazine on this product so I thought it worth a go. I wish I had read more reviews before taking on the trial as I too have fallen victim to this scam. I have just requested to cancel my subscription and will be returning the trial products at my own expense (as per the cancellation policy) today 03/01/15 by 1st class special next day delivery! They suggest if they receive the returns before the 22/01/15 I will not be charged. Lets see what happens. To all the people that have been charged thus far have you considered contacting your banks and notifying them that these are unauthorised transactions? You may get your money refunded…PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS “FREE TRIAL CON”

  13. I have also fallen for the scam and signed up for a ‘free trial’, paid the postage and packing only to discover that they have taken £150.00 out of my account. I have tried to ring the telephone number, it rings and then just goes dead. My bank is now going to stop any further payments being taken out from these con artists, but not after I have lost money that I can’t afford as I am a student. Remember folks..if it sounds too good to be true…..it most probably is!…..I just wish I had remembered that too!

  14. So angry! I ordered the free trial on 22 December, only just received them today and with that the leaflet stating I need to cancel within 14 days from original order date to stop me being charged the purchase fee! How can you cancel within 14 days when its taken this long to be delivered!!!

    So I went online and cancelled them individually. I got a RMA number for the slim but not the cleanse? So I have emailed customer services so I can get RMA numbers for both purchases to send back! I havent even opened the bottle to even try it!! That’s what’s really gotten to me about this so called ‘free trial’ not even had the time to see if it even works (probably doesn’t though!!)

    I am unemployed, I have no money in my bank account at the moment and only small amount of savings, I dont even get benefits, so good luck trying to get money off me!!! I’m going to call the bank incase they do decide to charge me at a later date.

    Absolute sickening!! AVOID!!

  15. Also, did anyone else send back the products in an unopened, unused state or did they still accept them once they were opened?

    I have now managed to track down the terms and conditions on website which states the trial period lasts 17 days but the leaflet with delivery says the trial is 14 days! So I’m really hoping it is 17 days and that I will not be charged.

    Also the bank now knows about this, says lots of people have called about them and similar companies and that if they attempt future payment they wont get very far! So def let your bank know once you’ve cancelled

  16. Absolutely mortified.
    I normally think diet pills are a complete waste of time and it’s completely uncharacteristic of me to buy them. They were advertised just after Xmas which must be why the response has been so high, many people wishing to shed Xmas pounds without as much effort – standard marketing maybe, yes.
    However, after buying the £2 something bottles I logged into my online banking to find massive withdrawals for £65 and then a further £85 in ONE day.
    A little confused and angry, I emailed the company to cancel ANY “subscription” I have “ordered” with them. I say this as they state these charges absolutely nowhere. Complete disgrace.
    I emailed asking for a refund as the bottles are completely unopened – still awaiting a reply.
    The best the bank could do is block them from taking any further charges.
    Cannot afford this, absolutely outraged.

  17. DO NOT PURCHASE. YOU WILL BE CHARGED NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. THEY WILL NOT REFUND EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE PAID. I cancelled the product and sent back on time but still couldnt get a full refund – they get you in the fine print and unfortunately are making a profit of honest, overly-trusting consumers. I was able to buy the same product on ebay for a fraction of the cost (4 bottles of 90 caps at £20). It is upsetting but if you spread the word people will eventually know to NOT purchase from this company.

  18. How do I get a refund they have charged me for what I thought was a free trial?

  19. I don’t understand what the scam us they have charged me 2.50 for each bottle for delivery they haven’t Charged me anything more

  20. I have foned and informed my bank who are blocking any payments to this company also tryed to call the number to cancel and say number is not valid

  21. All I can say is everybody who has complained is absolutely right .Mine is exactly the same,and you won’t have a chance of getting a refund.they are scam artists of the first degree.We will have to wear it as they seem to get us with the fine print .

  22. Hi I have been scammed £350 for this after I had cancelled it! Since that I have received two bottles after cancelling it with my bank. Does anyone have a return address for the products struggling to find one? Thanks

  23. Returns processing centre
    Po box 90
    IM99 1BX

  24. Obviously with a ‘free trial’ there’s always small print- read it & you’ll be fine. When you cancel you have to return the left over product but it’s what you expect! The only annoyance is the fitness builder subscription cancellation as they’ve made that ridiculously hard & annoying. If you cancel in time all you’ll pay is the delivery & return P&P. So not really a scam. Anything for free you obviously have to read small print!


    They have taken over £300.00 from my bank account over two weeks leaving me really short for the month to feed my children!!! I have cancelled any shipments and they still took money from my bank account. The customer service number does not work, says unrecognised. You cant speak to anyone in person and they don’t reply to any emails. I have a load of pills I don’t want and they billed me before the trial period was up. Disgusting way to run a company!!!

  26. Has any1 got an actual contact number for these people!?x

  27. I have signed up for this free trial knowing that I only have to pay P&P which it says £2.49 and didn’t make things clear which confusing the buyers!
    1. Pure and Easy Slim and Pure and Easy Cleanse has to be paid separately which adds as £4.98 although they are in the same packing.
    2. No prize mentioned on sale page, they were hidden somewhere which are not easy to notice.
    3. Signing up means you are automatically subscribed with them and will constantly charge you monthly until you cancel EACH of the subscriptions.
    4. Accessing to the online fitness class is £4.99/month and can’t be cancelled! oh wait, you can cancel your subscription but will STILL CONTINUOUSLY CHARGE YOU MONTHLY.

    So for me, I only signed up thinking it was free and only have to pay for postage and packing. I am wearing size 8 Uk size and breast feeding mother is not really interested in taking this product. I want to give it to someone but bottles are not opened yet. A week and a bit after I signed up, seller has deducted me £85 saying that this is for what I have received from the free trial. This is a total scam!

  28. I received a bottle of Pure@Easy Slim as a so-called gift for completing an on-line survey. I did have to pay P@P. I have also received another bottle which I did not ask for, and now I have discovered that this company took a payment of £47.49 out of my bank account without my authorization. It is a scam. I have only just read there smallprint at the bottom of their leaflet which says ‘if you don’t cancel your subscription, you will be sent more bottles and charged for them’.

    I phoned to cancel my so-called subscription which I had’nt agreed to in the first place, and of course it is all automated as they are obviously too ashamed to actually come to the phone in person. Disgusting! Utterly disgusting. This is robbery. I am not working, and am on benefits at the moment and so I could not afford the money they have blattantly stolen from me.

  29. Free trial and £310 been taken out of ma account Why?????? How can a get a refund please??? Totally disgusted and didnt even get an email or anythin too tell me!!!!!

  30. Want my details taken off ur system want someone to contact me asap don’t want the tablets they made me really I’ll

  31. Rip off merchants if i Gould go to isle of man where they send it from ide Kick there fuckin ass.

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