Is the Pure Garcinia Diet trial a scam?

Is the Pure Garcinia Diet trial a scam?

The Pure Garcinia Diet trial is another dietary supplement that makes some big claims, but is probably best avoided due to its decision to market itself as a trial.

From past experience those who sign up for trials such as this regret the choice as more often than not the trials are nothing but a front for an auto-ship scam.

These schemes are notorious and have left thousands of customers unhappy and significantly out of pocket.

Lets see if Pure Garcinia Diet is any different from those scams we have previously reviewed.

Claimed benefits of Pure Garcinia Diet

The Pure Garcinia Diet supplement offers the following benefits to its users:

  • Helps stop fat production
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Increases serotonin

It is easy to get carried away when reading these kind of claims, however before you rush into any decision it is always advisable that you check to see how accurate they are.

This means that you should take a few moments to see exactly what the supplement contains so that you know what effect it will have on you; both positively and negatively.

Ingredients found in Pure Garcinia Diet

As Pure Garcinia Diet has included an image of its label on its website you can see that each dosage contains 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA.

This is a good amount of the proven ingredient and shows that the claims made by Pure Garcinia Diet are certainly realistic.

I would expect that using this supplement alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise would result in faster weight loss success than through diet and exercise alone.

Cost of Pure Garcinia Diet

As a trial you may not expect to pay much for the privilege of trying it, however this is not the case.

While the initial payment information seems to be missing from the terms and conditions, we do know that just 14 days after sign up there will be a $86.67 charge to be made to your account.

As with most trial offers this wont be the end of the charges either, as unless you realise that this is an auto-ship program that charges you monthly for further packages you will continue to be charged until your subscription is cancelled.

Is Pure Garcinia Diet a scam?

The product itself seems good and using it should certainly help speed up your results.

However, we cannot recommend this trial simply for the fact that it is overpriced and is not upfront about its charges.

Trial offers like this are best avoided in my opinion as they very rarely are as good an offer as you may think.

How to contact Pure Garcinia Diet

The contact details for the Pure Garcinia Diet are as follows:

Phone: 888-943-5878
Email: support@pure-garcinia-diet.com

Please use the comment form below to leave your own review.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Pure Garcinia Diet

Our recommended alternative to the Pure Garcinia Diet would be a supplement that is sold online by Evolution Slimming.

Garcinia Pure is its name, and this supplement also contains 1,000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA.

This makes this particular supplement one of the best around, yet unlike Pure Garcinia Diet there is no auto-shipping, with the monthly cost being significantly less at just $60 for a months supply.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

11 comments on "Is the Pure Garcinia Diet trial a scam?"
  1. This is an absolute scam! I did not go to their web page to order it. I received a “free” bottle after completing a survey for Comcast/Xfinity cable as a thank you. Nowhere did it state that this was a “trial offer” or especially that this was an auto-ship company. I was charged almost $90 per bottle and when I called to have it refunded, the customer service agents were rude and interrupted me while I was explaining what I needed multiple times! Stay FAR AWAY from this company!!

  2. I never ordered this product BUT they have charged my account for april, May, June and july. They charged me 87.27 and 89.97 for a total of 177.24 each month. I called and they will only refund me one month. How can they get my info from dish and charge me for something I have never received and not pay it back Not right of them taking from SSI check They owe it to me and they were rude when speaking to them.

  3. I responded to an offer for a free bottle – only pay shipping. I read very, very, very carefully to be certain this was NOT one of those scams where you only pay shipping and then a charge for the full amount shows up on your statement.

    Guess What – charged $90 plus shipping and handling. Called customer service and was told that I could not get the charge removed. Told her I had held the bottles unopened as I didn’t trust such companies but after the careful reading thought there was a possibility I would not be scammed. She said it was too late to return the bottles (it was too late by the time the full charge was put on my card). She then said she could refund 30% – I told her no. Refused to let me speak with a supervisor. Told her I was going to file a dispute with credit card company. She told me they would deny the credit card company would dispute. Then she said she could refund 50%. Told her to do so, but I was still filing a dispute for the remaining 50%. She said that accepting the 50% was contingent on my NOT filing a dispute. Told her, no that I wanted 100% off my card. Then she said I could return the bottles for 100% refund. BUT it would take 60 days to get the refund.

    I called my credit card company, explained the above, and told them I did not trust this company. She said that after 60 days, I would not be allowed to file a dispute. (Surprise, surprise). I’m returning the bottles today, and expect 100% refund. But to cover my bases, I’m going to have to file a dispute also.


    In addition the amount they put on my card is double what the product costs on Amazon – another scam.

  4. I wouldnt buy this stuff from anyone. ordered the trial period dosage back in September and still haven’t receive it. The company in St Petersburg, Fl has taken out the first month fee of over $80 bucks and I’ve called to complain about it and all they want to do is shim-sham the deal. i’ll definitely be writing to the BBB on them for not coming clean on all the fees prior to the initial pretrial ordering of their product. I’ll also be telling my bank of the unauthorized deduction of monies. don’t buy this crap, it’s a scam, scam, scam!

    • yes this is a scam!!! They got me also , working on getting my money back.. How can they get a way with this shit!!! The owner needs to go to jail..!! , who can we contact about this matter.. They change numbers, and I wrote a few numbers down….

    • Happened to me to but I actually received the pills but they didn’t work my friend had the same problem my opinion it’s better to go gnc where they stand behind there products weight loss is difficult and nothing is going work on its own but there are some pills that can help

  5. I cancelled my order 6 months ago and they kept sending the bottles, when I called to cancel my order they couldn’t find my account number, now today I get through and now and they can find me in their list with my address. They will not return my money so they owe me over $500. The final line when I talked with a manager was you can keep the product, but I have already been charged for the product. The product doesn’t work which is why I cancelled it, they stole my money, and it is absolute BS that this company is able to do business. I need a class action lawsuit on this. Better Business Bureau.

  6. Same exact problem as other comments listed. I re-read everything before purchasing because it seem too good to be true. Well, I guess I was right! Contacted customer service through email (too heated to call because i would’ve went off on these people) got a long email about “terms and conditions” agreed to that were never stated and “trial period after 14 days you agreed to be charged” “subscription” blah blah. Person didn’t even leave their last name. I talked to my bank and filed a claimed. Also deactived that card and put in for a new one just so they couldn’t charged again even though they claimed to have cancelled my “subscription” Scam scam scam. How pathetic.

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