What is Pure Life Cleanse?

What is Pure Life Cleanse?

After coming across a fake news website advertising Pure Life Cleanse I decided I would look into this supplement in more detail, how it works, what ingredients is it made from, and how much it costs?

What is Pure Life Cleanse?

Pure Life Cleanse is claimed to be the UK’s #1 fat burner as it can “flush the pounds” and help you to “detoxify yourself”.

Whether it can do what it claims to do though is another thing.

Using a fake news website to sell to unsuspecting buyers is not a good start.

Fake news site

Claims made by Pure Life Cleanse?

Pure Life Cleanse makes the following claims on its website:

  • Flush out excess weight
  • Increase energy levels
  • Detoxify your body
  • Boost your metabolism

We would need to look at what ingredients have been used before we can verify if these claims are accurate or not.

Pure Life Cleanse ingredients

Pure Life Cleanse is made from Acai Berry, Licorice Root, Senna Leaf and Flax Seed Powder.

Each of these ingredients can help with the previous claimed benefits, however since there is no mention of the quantities of each ingredient there is no way of knowing if this supplement works or not.

Cost of Pure Life Cleanse

There is not one mention of the price of this supplement on the homepage or terms and conditions.

You can only find out this information by putting your all-important contact information into their “where to send” box.

You are encouraged to fill in your contact information by using an offer of a free bottle.

Once this information has been provided you may be surprised to learn that Pure Life Cleanse will cost £30.95 for 1 bottle, which is a little expensive but not excessively when you look at similar products.

With this in mind it is a little worrying that you need to hand over your contact details to find out the price of the supplement, perhaps it is to sell to you at a later date?

Is Pure Life Cleanse a scam?

Although Pure Life Cleanse is not too expensive the lack of ingredients information and its promotional methods are a worry.

I would be worried to hand over my contact information to this company.

How to contact Pure Life Cleanse?

The following contact information can be used for Pure Life Cleanse:

Phone: +44 (0)870 820 0364
Email: support@biotrimlabs.com

Returns should be sent to:

Attn: Returns Department P.O. Box 13583, Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 9AP, UK

If you have bought this supplement then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a message below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Pure Life Cleanse

If you are looking for an alternative to Pure Life Cleanse you may want to check out DetoxPlus, which is sold online for £19.95 by Evolution Slimming.

This supplement is not afraid to list its ingredients and the dosages, it is also cheaper too with proven benefits.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus!

7 comments on "What is Pure Life Cleanse?"
  1. I am so worried because its about ,3weeks already that i ordered online the product pure life cleanse but until.now they did not send me the product..i pay it already thru my debit visa but so bad until now nothing..i felt i cant imagine how this product review online an somewhat they will only make the costumer compromise..please do your part on this..i am claiming my money if you will not send me the product worth 2,450

    • Gladys, you will have to contact the company themselves as this website is not associated with them in any capacity.

    • Gladys Mae,

      May i know if you were able to receive your ordered item? Its a same case for me, i have ordered and paid the item online using my mastercard for 3 weeks now but the said item still not delivered. I have sent them an email last Monday but still no response from the support team of biotrim labs.

  2. I have booked my order today. How I wished I had read the feedback on this site before ordering. Now, I am not sure if I will even get the order. The phone number listed above does not work. You get a recorded message through out the day asking callers to call during business hours. I am nore sure if I can stop payment through my credit card since the order was placed today itself.

  3. At last I already received the product just this l..for almost a month of waiting,.maybe the shipment scheduling really cause the delay..to all of you guys just wait Coz maybe they actually received our order but due to circumstances that cant be neglected,.sometimes they can’t offer to send .as possible as we wanted to

  4. Hi gladys mae,

    Thanks for the update. It seems like it took you about 2 months before getting it. I just hope to get mine as well soon.
    Btw, have you notice any result or changes for the past 1 week? I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this. Many thanks in advance. 🙂

  5. After one month, i finally got the product.

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