Should you sign up for the Pure Yacon Extract trial?

Should you sign up for the Pure Yacon Extract trial?

Yacon Root has been shown to suppress the appetite and boost the metabolism so there is little wonder that it has recently been featured on the Dr Oz Show.

Following its appearance late in 2013 sales of supplements containing this ingredient have sky rocketed, yet not everyone has been impressed with their purchase.

It seems that Yacon like so many other popular weight loss ingredients before it (such as Raspberry Ketone and Garcinia Cambogia) has attracted some negative attention.

There have been a rise in products containing Yacon that are being offered as a trial, which inevitably leads onto an auto ship program.

Once signed up to an auto ship program you will receive a new package every month along with a hefty bill.

These type of programs are incredibly unpopular with the public who rightfully feel as though they have been scammed.

Pure Yacon Extract by Original Yacon is another supplement made available on a trial. Does it have any redeeming qualities or is it just another scam?

Claimed benefits of Pure Yacon Extract

The following benefits have been claimed on the Pure Yacon Extract website:

  • Lose weight safely and effectively
  • Control food cravings
  • Boost your metabolism

If the ingredient dosages are correct then these claimed benefits should be accurate.

It is important that you remember that diet and exercise are also required for any weight loss attempt.

Ingredients found in Pure Yacon Extract

When looking to buy a supplement it is important that you know what it is made from.

This supplement says that it contains 100% all natural Pure Yacon Extract, but there is no dosages mentioned.

Cost of Pure Yacon Extract

Pure Yacon Extract will initially cost $5.97, which is to cover the cost of shipping. It is also to entice you into signing up for the 14 day trial.

Once the trial period ends you will then be charged $87.67, with monthly payments being made for up to 6 months unless cancelled.

Is Pure Yacon Extract a scam?

Pure Yacon Extract is not a scam as its payment terms are laid out in their terms and conditions.

However, in my opinion you should not waste your time signing up for this trial offer.

For a start 14 days is not long enough to try the supplement, especially once you wait for delivery.

Furthermore, its monthly cost is too high. There are Yacon supplements that you can buy online without spending so much, nor having to sign up to any auto shipping scheme.

Contact details for Pure Yacon Extract

You can contact Original Yacon who sell Pure Yacon Extract using the following details:

Phone: 1 (888) 886-8214 (you will need to phone this number to obtain an RMA for returns)
Email: contact@originalyacon.com

Address for returns:

Original Yacon, 120 Smith Hines Rd, Greenville, SC 29607

If you have signed up for this trial offer please leave us a message with your experiences.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Pure Yacon Extract

If you are looking to buy a proven Yacon supplement then Yacon Root Pure, which is sold online by Evolution Slimming is our number one choice.

This particular supplement contains 500 mg of Yacon Root extract so you can expect to experience the full benefits if taken alongside healthy lifestyle choices.

Yacon Root Pure is not available on a trial so you do not need to worry about any auto shipping.

Just pay $62 for a months supply, which you can plainly see is cheaper than Original Yacon.

You will also receive a FREE diet guide with your order along with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Click here to read our review of Yacon Root Pure!

15 comments on "Should you sign up for the Pure Yacon Extract trial?"
  1. I don’t want to receive any more yacon root max or liso cleanse how do I stop it.

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  2. I am so angry with myself at the moment. I was duped and scammed and I can blame no one but myself.

    I did not read that the 14 day trial period started the day I ordered your product. I thought to myself how can a trial period begin when I had not even received the product as yet,

    As I realised I had to travel to the UK I quickly cancelled, and was given a cancellation number. the Agent never explained or reminded me that money would still be deducted from my account as I was outside the cancellation period. so I was happy I cancelled in time before my trip.

    I checked my account today, only to see that from the $110. I had in my account, this company unsympathetically deducted $87.67 for the product. I called up and was told the reason.

    It is all my fault that I was duped but believe me I will make it my life’s mission to tell everyone so others will not be conned out of their hard earned money like I was.

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    • I wish to cancel my subscription to get the Yacon Root tablets. I don’t want any more bottles sent to me, or any more money taken out of my account. If any more money is deducted from my account the Scam/Fraud department in Australia will take further action. Regards Gail Lewis

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    • Same HERE!!! I am so aggravated and in tears they won’t give me my own money back after no one told me that i had to call and cancel my 14 day trial.

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    • I feel duped too. I cancelled and complained and got a partial refund but filed a complaint/dispute with my credit card company anyway. I never received any confirmation of the terms through email and none of the invoice emails have any contact info. I can’t find the company name so I can file an official grievance. I had to get phone #s from my credit card co. And it took forever to get someone on the line. Same company with supplement Premium Garcinia Extract. Very shady, buyers beware. . : (

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  3. I called and canceled mine and ask for to return the product and was told I could not and that I could not get my money back and now on my checking account there shows a reacurring charge from this company after I have called and canceled my order so I guess this means I will have to make more phone calls spend more time on hold for ever to get this problem fixed.

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  4. I got scammed by them too. I called my visa card company, Capital One. They called them with me on a conference call, after listening to me arguing with them for about 10 minutes He came onto the line and stated who he was. They agreed to refund me my money if I returned the product, in which I did. I was glad I used my credit card instead of a debit card b/c 87.67 x 2 = 175.34 and it would have overdrawn my account.
    I have received one credit so far, still don’t see the other one.
    This should be against the law, and what kind of people work for these kind of companies anyway? Heartless People.

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  5. I actually sent them a cancellation email and they still charged me and sent me another bottle and charged me for that one. I’m now on 2 months of arguing with them on the phone and still don’t have my money refunded. You can never speak to a supervisor or the Finance Department to get an answer as to what the “system error” is that is causing your refund to be held up. It may be a decent product, but the company selling it is not playing by any rules.

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  6. This is the first time I can really call myself an idiot. This product is a SCAM. Stay clear if you have any sense at all. Run now while you still have money in your bank. You cancel, and they say you didn’t, then send you a bottle (too late to be able to make the 30-day return on it) and say “have a great day”… and laugh all the way to the bank with your hard earned money. BEWARE! They also have a sister companies called Sweet Berries something and Premium Garcinia Cambodia Extract. I just started searching for entities etc. because I am not letting this rest. I hate people and companies that scam innocent people out of money. RUN AWAY.

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  7. Yes, who ever is glancing at this website or even thinking of buying from this site, I would be aware. The customer care service people are disrespectful and are just scaming peoples money. I was just wanting to purchase one bottle and didn’t realize that they were going to send additional ones the next month. So I called to refund the product and cancel. They gave me a RMA number for the refund. I returned the product after about 3 weeks I called to check if it had processed or if the received the product.The lady I talked to said yes their computer system refunded me on Aug 22. I told her no where in my credit card statement said there was a refund of $77, even though it was charged $87.67 ( I was told that they weren’t going to refund the whole amount). The lady didn’t seem like she cared she just repeated that in their system it was refunded. I called them back a second time to ask if they can send me a email confirmation that they refunded me, I think it was the same lady I talked to, she put me on hold and said she will see what she could do. I was on hold for awhile when she came back on the line, she said you should of received a email about the refund when they refunded it and told me to check my spam box. I looked everywhere and no confirmation and no email that the subscription was cancelled, she was pretty iffy, saying sometimes they send it and sometimes they don’t. I asked her are you sure you didn’t refund the wrong person. I just wanted a confirmation that they refunded me WAS THAT TO HARD TO ASK, if they really had refunded me it would be in the computer system, no ifs and no buts. The lady told me to call up my credit card company to ask them why it wasn’t showing up. So I decided to give up talking to a useless person who didn’t care that she was Scamming others. I did however call up my credit card company and complained about the situation, my credit card company was so helpful and understanding, they looked for the refund and said there was no transaction with the refund, however walked me through to fill out a dispute and I sent them a confirmation of the tracking number on the product I returned and cancelled. The ended up crediting me the money that I was scammed on, however wanted to make sure they were not charging each month in the future. My credit card company said they will keep watch and if I see anymore charges to have me call and let them know. Beware the two charges each month was slightly filed under different names 1st one was under 8446625036COMPLTEFLUSH JACKSON WY, 2nd one was 8446426009ORGLCLEANSER JACKSON WY. I was very thankful I had a great credit card company. I just want everyone to know the truth and beware what you are signing up for and not get scammed like me and the rest of the people if you are planning to stop your subscription or refund it.

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    • Help!!! This exactly happened to me too!!! Except i dont have my tracking number πŸ™ i want them shut down! Sued!

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  8. I was scammed the same exact way that Sweetbe was, with an additional step added on to it. I am writing this in May of 2015, and they “processed my refund” in August of 2014. Each month I called in, I got a new excuse each time. First, it started with them saying my bank denied the transaction. Of course, Bank of America told me it never came through and they would not reject a refund transaction. Then I talked to them about giving me a new refund, and they claimed to fill out an incident form that would have the refund department look into it and review my refund. Obviously that didn’t happen either. When I called in for an update on that (in February), I was told their system was down and they couldn’t get into my account. Low and behold, each time I have called in since then, they ask for my last name and zip, and then…ooops…the system is down and I cannot log into your account. THE SYSTEM HAS BEEN DOWN FOR 4 MONTHS! If this is not a scam, I do not know what is. F this company and I hope they all rot in hell.

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