PureBerry Max trial rip off report

PureBerry Max trial rip off report

Raspberry Ketones saw plenty of positive media attention in 2013, which led to an incredible rise in sales of supplements containing this fat burning ingredient.

Unfortunately with any popular weight loss ingredient there are bound to be companies looking to exploit the insecurities of others.

One way in which companies have been scamming unsuspected people is with auto-shipping programs, where people just like you will sign up for a free trial only to be charged a hugely inflated price at the conclusion of the trial.

These auto-ship programs are notoriously difficult to cancel and some people continue to be charged long after they have believed to have cancelled their membership.

PureBerry Max is available on a trial, but does that mean that it is scam? We would need to look at this supplement in more detail before we come to any conclusion.

PureBerry Max claimed benefits

PureBerry Max claims to help give you:

  • A great butt
  • Awesome abs
  • Killer arms
  • Sleek legs

All without any calorie counting, food deprivation, crazy diets or confusing systems.

These claims are vague to say the least, but is a similar tactic used by many other diet supplements. We would have to look at the ingredients used in PureBerry Max to see if it works as claimed.

Ingredients of PureBerry Max?

PureBerry Max contains ingredients that have been proven to aid slimming. These include Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea extract, Pomegranate and Blueberry.

Unfortunately there is no mention of quantities of these ingredients, nor is there any mention of any filler ingredients used.

It is impossible to say whether PureBerry Max could be an effective supplement without some idea of what dosages are to be found in the formula.

PureBerry Max price

The PureBerry Max trial starts at $4.95 to cover postage, which will obviously entice many people to sign up.

Unfortunately many of these people are likely to not read the terms and conditions that state that after 14 days of signing up for the trial that you will be charged $84.78.

Now 14 days is not much time to see much weight loss, especially when you have to wait for delivery too.

The price is also ridiculously expensive when compared with other supplements available to buy.

Is PureBerry Max a scam?

Although not strictly a scam, PureBerry Max is using slightly underhanded tactics to get people to sign up for their trial.

You would be better off looking for an alternative that is willing to show you their prices up front.

How to contact PureBerry Max?

You can contact PureBerry Max either by phone (1-925-203-3417) or by email (support@pureberrymax.com)

If you have signed up for this trial we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to PureBerry Max

If you are looking for a Raspberry Ketone supplement and have been put off by auto-ship programs such as PureBerry Max there is one option that is highly recommended.

Evolution Slimming are selling a Raspberry Ketone supplement called Raspberry Ketone Plus that is available at $32.84 for a months supply, which as you can plainly see is considerably cheaper.

This supplement is made from the recommended daily amount of Raspberry Ketones and you wont ever have to sign up for any trial.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

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