Quick Tips for Weight Loss

Quick Tips for Weight Loss

Are you sick of following fad diets with no results? Tired of short-term success? Time to get real and take advice from the professionals to lose weight for good.

Here are a few quick tips for weight loss that are not always easy, but definitely effective.

Stop weighing your food

Weight loss isn’t about taking out the food scale with every meal. It’s about making the smart food choices, keeping portion sizes in mind and eating healthier on a consistent basis.

So stop living by the scale and focus on what matters.

Always keep fruit handy

Fruit will help you to snack healthier and keep hunger pangs at bay. Take them to work, put them in your gym bag and even give them to your kids to school.

Fruit is healthy for you, it’s an affordable snack choice and it will keep you from gulping down a chocolate when you feel like eating something sweet.

Keep the powder ready

A great tip is to carry a shaker with chocolate flavoured protein shake in it.

When you feel like eating a block of chocolate or snacking on something sweet, add water, shake and enjoy.

It’s a much healthier choice, will help you get your quota of protein in, and avoid those indulgent moments.

Check portion sizes

Try taking a smaller plate at the cafeteria or even dishing up using a side plate at home.

You will prevent over eating and you will think twice about a second helping. It will also give your body time to adjust to the food you’ve eaten and realise that you are feeling full.

Stay accountable

A good idea is to take a photo of yourself when you start with your healthy eating plan.

Use this to keep yourself motivated and reminded why you are doing this. There’s nothing more motivational than seeing a body image that you are not proud of, knowing that you can make a difference.

You can also take photos every few weeks to see how far you have come during your journey.

Reduce liquid calories

Try to avoid alcoholic drinks, fruit juices and cold drinks where possible.

This will just be adding liquid calories to your diet and before you know it, you’ll spoil your healthy eating habits and hinder your fat loss efforts.

Even fruit juice can be high in calories so remember to count this toward your total daily intake.

Close your kitchen

Close your kitchen for 12 hours every day and see what a difference it makes. If your last meal is at 7 pm, then your kitchen should be closed until 7am the next morning.

This should be the amount of time that you need to be without food before you start your next meal.

It may sound difficult, but if you do it a few times it will quickly become a habit.

Ask two questions

Every time you reach for food, ask yourself “Am I hungry?” and “What am I really hungry for”.

Most of the times, you are just reaching for food out of boredom, depression or simply just procrastinating.

Give yourself a 10 minute buffer time and think about whether or not you really need this meal.

Eat an appetiser

Start your dinner with a broth-based soup or a salad. It will fill you up and stretch out the meal, which prevents you from scoffing down your food.

Weight LossMake it a rule to eat a small appetiser before your main meal and you’ll quickly find that it’s filling you up more than you thought possible.

Change your portions

Shrink your portion sizes when it comes to meals, with one exception: supersize your fruits and veggies.

People generally don’t eat enough fruit and veggies and rather overeat on other foods.

Be sure to eat enough protein, and don’t forget your carbs, and then eat a lot of veggies, every day.

Set a time for treats

If you know that there is an event coming up where you will be eating sweet treats or not-so-healthy food options, plan in advance.

Do not treat yourself with anything until then, and work towards this as a day of rewarding or relaxation.

But don’t overeat either. Enjoy what you must, and then get back to your healthy lifestyle immediately.

Keep a journal

You will make better food choices when you keep a food journal.

Not only will you see what you are eating every day but you will also have the ability to track your progress.

It’s especially helpful if you are still working out the kinks in your diet, as you will be able to see what you’ve eaten and when, so that you can make the changes needed to make your diet even more effective.

These are just some of the tips that you can follow to achieve the weight loss you need. Staying healthy on a permanent basis is always the best choice and weight loss will follow naturally, if you do it right.

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