Quit Drinking and Lose Weight

Quit Drinking and Lose Weight

You may not realise it, but alcohol can hinder weight loss. That’s right, the more alcohol you consume, the less chance you have of showing off that six pack.

Of course alcohol in moderation can be acceptable, but make sure that your take on ‘moderation’ is accurate.

Unlike other nutrients, alcohol provides your body with what is called empty calories. Unfortunately this is also the first source of fuel that will be used when combined with carbs and proteins, which will delay the fat burning process even further and can lead to more fat gain.

That fact alone should have any dieter putting the bottle away for good.

Still not convinced? Here are a few good reasons why you should cut down on alcohol:

Alcohol Provides a Lot of Calories

Alcohol provides seven calories a gram, almost twice that of carbs and protein.

Keep in mind that alcohol provides no real nutrients so it’s not actually beneficial for your metabolism at all.

This simply means that fat burning will be much less likely to occur, thus leaving you with more fat storage.

Alcoholic drinks provides quite a concentrated amount of calories when compared with many other foods, so this means you will very likely consume more calories than eating food.

You are taking in more calories and this will hinder your fat loss efforts, leaving you with no results.

Alcohol also passes through the system quite fast, so you won’t always realise just how much you’ve been drinking at a time.

Beer contains a higher number of calories than wine, but less alcohol, but it is still seen as being more fattening since it contains such as high amount of energy.

Alcohol can Damage Your Liver, Kidneys and Stomach

It’s a widely known fact that alcohol can be very damaging to the stomach, especially to the lining of the stomach.

It also negatively influences the liver and kidneys, weakening these organs and resulting in serious health issues, sometimes even death.

If your stomach is weakened it will have a negative effect on the way your food is processed and this can interfere with your metabolism and energy levels. It’s just not a healthy option if you are trying to lose weight and stay healthy.

Having a healthy liver is crucial if you want to feel good and have a healthy body. However, alcohol is very destructive as it has to go through the detoxification process of the liver, which is why it has the potential to cause so much damage.

An interesting aspect about drinking that you should remember is that avoiding alcohol can reduce your liver fat — something that can cause liver damage.

Studies have shown that liver fat can reduce by as much as 20% when individuals stopped drinking.

Alcohol Lowers Testosterone

Testosterone can be quite powerful in terms of fat loss, but unfortunately your testosterone levels are reduced with alcohol.

Lose WeightThis means your body won’t burn nearly as much fat as it should, which can hinder your fat loss goals.

Since testosterone also acts as an anabolic hormone, it will help with muscle gains, so a lower testosterone level will lead to fewer muscle gains and thus a reduced metabolic rate.

So, if your muscle gains are important to you, it best that you avoid alcohol.

Alcohol Increases Your Appetite

Alcohol will increase your appetite, making it a bad combination to drink with a fattening meal.

Studies have shown that when you consume alcohol before a meal, you will in fact consume much more calories.

What are the Alternatives?

If you really want a dink, what should you do? Some drinks that are available offer better alternatives, but it’s still wise to avoid alcohol where possible.

For example, a glass of wine can provide you with around 125 calories, and it contains more alcohol compared to the same amount of beer, but it has less calories, so if you can choose between the two, choose a glass of wine.

Some of the bad alcohol choices people make is those that contain cream bases, like eggnog for example. Cocktails are also high in calories, especially those containing liqueurs.

It would be better for you to choose to drink a smaller amount of alcohol, or go for smarter alcohol choices like those with a healthier base.

Although alcohol is enjoyed around the world every day, at almost every celebration or special event, it’s quite common for people to feel tempted to drink with friends or colleagues.

Keep in mind the health risks involved, along with the reduced ability to lose weight, and you’ll quickly see why alcohol has more disadvantages than advantages. Keep this in mind and make healthier lifestyle choices.

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