Is the Radiant Detox Colon Cleanse a scam?

Is the Radiant Detox Colon Cleanse a scam?

The Radiant Detox Colon Cleanse trial offer claims to help “flush pounds and detoxify your body”, which is a claim we have read countless times before.

What if anything sets this product apart from all the other supplements available online?

Lets look at the supplement in more detail to see exactly what it is we are signing up for and whether it will be good value for money.

Benefits of Radiant Detox Colon Cleanse

This supplement claims to offer the following benefits to its users:

  • Naturally increase energy
  • Natural metabolism booster
  • Enhance weight management

To be honest we have seen similar claims on other supplements, whether it can do what it claims though remains to be seen.

What we do know is that you should probably ignore claims such as this, and should instead focus on looking for proof that it works.

One of the easiest ways to do this would be to look at what ingredients are found in this colon cleanser.

Ingredients of Radiant Detox Colon Cleanse

The ingredients of Radiant Detox Colon Cleanse include Aloe Ferox, White Oak, Slippery Elm Bark, Blue Vervain, Gentian Root, Rhubarb Extract and Goldenseal.

These ingredients are commonly used in colon cleansers so I can certainly see this supplement offering similar detox benefits.

Cost of Radiant Detox Colon Cleanse

Usually you would find the true cost of a trial offer by looking in the terms and conditions, however this is not the case with Radiant Detox Colon Cleanse.

While the £1 shipping and handling price has been mentioned, the price you will be charged once the 14 day trial has ended has been left blank.

I highly doubt that this trial is free, and I would be wary about giving away my billing information without knowing the full price. Especially when there are numerous mentions of further payments for future delivery (auto-shipping).

Is this offer recommended?

While there is likely some benefit to be experienced through its use, there are certainly doubts surrounding the cost of this supplement.

I would not personally chance it, as previous trial offers similar to this one have been overpriced.

How to cancel the trial

You can contact Radiant Detox Colon Cleanse either by phone using: 0800 298 0389 or email: info@radiant-detox.com

Please leave a comment below if you have signed up for this trial offer.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Radiant Detox Colon Cleanse

Our recommended alternative colon cleanser is a supplement known as Detox Plus.

This supplement also contains proven detox ingredients but we know that this supplement is cost effective with a months supply costing just £19.95 from Evolution Slimming.

As it is not a trial offer there are no hidden or repeat charges.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus

52 comments on "Is the Radiant Detox Colon Cleanse a scam?"
  1. Went for a free trial of Garcinia GCB and Radiant Detox Cleanse which on the britonfatloss.com is allegedly endorsed by Women’s Health magazine. I am now concerned that this may be a scam!
    Should I cancel ?

    • if you go onto this site and scroll right down to end of page you will see in very small blue print Privacy then Terms and Conditions and if you don’t cancel within a given time you will be charged £80 per month (actually (£79.95) – so yes it is a scam


    • allegedly endorsed by Kate Middleton, Cheryl Cole, and no doubt many others, my sister was taken in by this scam a year ago, by this company!
      The PRODUCT is probably legitimate but this company is selling it on a recurring charge of £79.95 that you don’t realise until the END OFF signing up for a free trial!
      You finish your deal, then you REALISE oops, have to cancel.

    • CANCEL do not sign up!

  2. I too signed upto this 14 day FREE trail. I realised my error as soon as I received the confirmation e mail advising me I had auto enrolled in the ongoing programme at £79.95 per month!!. I sent an e mail that day telling them not to send the goods nor to auto enrol me in this programme and was ignored and the goods arrived anyway. I have today sent a further e mail to the designated e mail address and will pursue it by phone if I do not receive a response in the next couple of days.

    Shouldn’t be allowed to legitimately advertise in electronic newspapers such as The Mirror when its clearly a scam.

    I am most annoyed that this is allowed to continue and will be doing something about it.

    • Update from August 12.

      Well the goods arrived anyway. I immediately called them and they told me I could not cancel until fourteen days had passed.

      I called them back yesterday to formally cancel and spoke to a very rude young man who called me an ” idiot ” when I queried why I would have to pay to return the goods to them when I had specifically told them not to ship. He said I had wasted my money and I was an idiot. Very rude and would like to know who to complain to about this very shoddy company practice.

      • Well after signing up for a free sample, and charged before the fourteenth day for the amount of 79.95 for each product. I tried unsuccessfully to cancel and return my un opened products. I also was called “silly “by a very rude and unprofessional woman who could barely speak the English language, and was told I Could not send the products back or was I able to get my money refunded. SO PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM 👎. I feel very foolish for letting myself be taken by unscrupulous people and businesses like these. I would also like to know who you can complain to about this very unethical business practice. I would greatly appreciate any address or phone number I could call to report this business to and stop other people from being SCAMED.

      • I must have spoken to the same Mr Nasty, anyway waited the 14 days and cancelled, but I have to say it was like touch and go, “problems with the computer, oh I will get back to you,
        oh I am having difficulty getting an approved number (RMA) just a minute,,,, hold on….”
        and so it went on, I did eventually cancel, and got two numbers to return the UNOPENED capsules, both numbers 17 digits long! If I had not cancelled I was going to be billed for £79.95 per month!! I also contacted my BANK who were aware of SCAMS like this, because it is a SCAM! The old saying is true, if it looks to good to be true, it isn’t!

  3. This is defo a scam . Ordered trial and within 24 hours realised this as you will have to pay after one month . Cancelled my order after waiting 6 minutes to be answered on a 0800 number which then continued for a further six m8nutes. The lady on the other end was very abrupt . The phone call itself cost me at least 9 pound :((

  4. I went against my better judgement and ordered the ‘Free Trial’ online last week. Payed for shipping only ( all the way from Milton Keynes) It was not until I had sent my details that the terms and conditions appeared on the FOLLOWING page. If they had have been available to read BEFORE I was duped – then I certainly would NOT HAVE ORDERED. It states that you will automatically be enrolled in a membership and billed EVERY 30 DAYS for 79.95.. !!!! I tried to call both customer service numbers.. On the 5th attempt I got through and said I wanted to cancel. The man I spoke to was extremely rude and said I had to phone them back on the 14th day of the trial and I would be given a 17 digit number to send my capsules ( opened may I add) So some other poor soul would potentially be taking contaminated pills.. ?? HEALTH AND SAFETY.. ???? HE would not listen when I told him I was cancelling NOW. And said that I would be charged. I rang my bank shortly after and raised a dispute. They will NOT honour any more payments to this SCAM COMPANY. I advise all you other unsuspecting people to do the same – they were sympathetic.

    • After reading your comments about radiant detox I will be contacting my bank 1st thing tomorrow to also stop any further payments to this company I feel so stupid to think it was a free trial cause let’s face it nothing in life is free !!

    • What happened to to ” this call may be recorded for training purposes” I am very angry that the same hooligan keeps popping up, how is he still employed there?
      I also experienced this person, who was very abrupt, and eventually hung up on me!
      I was so gobsmacked I sat with the phone in my hand for ages! (not all day!)
      Anyway fight back, and more important lesson learned!

    • My name is Emma Peacey and I have never heard of radient cleanse ever but on my bank statement came up as radient cleanse and took 79.95 out of my account making me over drawn so I want my money back and compensation for the stress I had to deal with I am a single parent and I am not happy that this SCAM took money out of my bank when I never signed up for anything

  5. I reported my debit card as lost, so I got a new card. So they couldn’t get anything from it. I have been taking these pills for three weeks now and no weight loss, nothing!!

  6. Hi Jeanette,

    I hope you managed to get any further payments stopped by your bank. My bank were so helpful and said it was aware of others with same problem. Like you I felt stupid and a bit embarrassed for falling for this.. lets just say lesson learned..

  7. The biggest scam phoned up and they talk to you like a idiot you can’t get your money bk .They don’t have anyone in authority to speak be warned read yhe terms and conditions

  8. Yes it’s a definite SCAM!!I I also went for the ‘free trial’ and got both the Garcinia GCB & the colon cleanse, on offer for about £6 Inc. Delivery. Only after the 14 day trial had expired (whilst on holiday) and 2 x £79.95 had left my account did I contact them. After waiting for them to answer for 10 minutes one of their customer service team say that I could get 2x £19.95 refund, as soon as I get a confirmation email from them cancelling my subscription…….i’m still waiting! Going to bank tomorrow morning to cancel direct debits. Lesson learned.

  9. Also fell for this scam, requested same day to cancel but instaed item arrived then shock 14 days later £160 out the bank. Now cancelled through the bank but a loss of money. waiting to hear from them but police should be involved with people like them.

    • Oh I wish you had phoned your bank as soon as, because they are aware of scammers like this,and they would have stopped any payments leaving your account.
      You are not alone many are being duped by this method of selling hopefully the Trades and Standards will intervene!

  10. I ordered this on 18th August 2015, I’ve still not received any products and when I call the telephone numbers I can not get an answer at any time. Money taken from bank account. Don’t know what to do?

  11. I too fell for this scam, as said above, the T & C’s were only shown AFTER placing the order! I called immediately, got through, and was told to ring back in 7 days, to get a returns number. I have tried both numbers this morning, neither are being answered.
    I have sent them an email, asking them to cancel any membership they have raised, and that I do not authorise any further payments.
    I have also cancelled my credit card to be on the safe side.
    Lesson learned for sure!

  12. I iai also understood this to be a free sample and I’ve had a large sum of money taken from my my account without my permission I did nother sign up for anything and I wish to be taken of your mailing list and my money refunded or I shall inform trading standards

    • Ann, this website has no association with the above trial offer, it is simply a review.

    • Ann – contact trading standards – they will advise. A refund is unlikely but contact your bank to ensure no further deductions are made from your account. It is a reoccurring billing scheme.

  13. My mother fell for this – £80.00 lost – tried top get in touch with the company and not getting through.

    We have contacted her bank and they will prevent any further requests for money. I have contacted trading standards who have advised me to write to the company saying that they are in breach of contract as they didnt supply full information on what my mother was buying into and therefore require a refund. Send the letter recorded delivery and go back to them if I don’t have any joy.

    Anyone conned by this or anything similar(gardinia was another one my mom bought) call trading standards and report these.

  14. Can anyone give me the numbers you used to cancel your trial of both radiant detox and garcinia gcb? Feeling like a fool on this one, and want to cancel but numbers given just ring out.. thanks

    • The 08002889520 gives ring out. Try 08002980389

      • A very nice lady should answer, and be very helpful slowly, but be patient and nice
        and you may get a result! TO CANCEL!

        0800 298 0389

        0800 288 9520

        get your 17 digit numbers there, OH and don’t forget to put them on the front of your
        parcel, and address them to

        Radiant Detox
        PO Box 7580
        Milton Keynes
        MK11 9GX

      • That second number is good. spoke to the operator and my order cancelled. no problem. this is only a scam as far as the way they do there trading. if the conditions of sale were known to the byer before they purchased I don’t think there would be a problem, and make many people unhappy.

  15. The Garcinia GCB and Radiant Detox Cleanse is a scam. I entered for the trial and found later that i have been automatically entered in for monthly shipment. I called them to cancel the monthly subscription and was told the trial products are no longer mine and I have to return them. Why give out trial products without giving customers the choice to decide whether to subsequently buy or not? Don’t be hoodwinked.

  16. THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM and I want to know how this web page can be closed down to ensure other people don’t get caught. I thought I was pretty computer savvy but I have lost at least £160, maybe even £320 if I can’t get a refund on the new lot that just arrived. The original “free trial” batch arrived with no paperwork, no indication of associated costs, and when I complained this morning it was only after I was told where to find the terms and conditions which detailed the con that I actually found them. I feel very aggrieved and extremely stupid to have been conned like this. We need to make sure it can’t happen to anyone else.

    • Hi join the club of the scammed!
      I was the same , read back my posts, I am hellbent on exposing this and making other peeps aware.
      So feel free to get in touch with me,
      Kind regards
      Ilene x

    • hi sandy i have wrote a report on the bottom of this page i was just wondering if you got your money back hun


  18. hi ilene yes i was drawn in by these people i ordered these products on 14-9-15 i phoned them to ask the price to buy this product when they said £79-95 for each 1 i told them i could’nt afford that i was only on my pension this was around the 25/26 september.i tryed to get money out of my bank on the 4 oct. i could’nt get anything out i tryed 4 cash machines, i went to my bank on the monday morning and to my horror they had taken 2 lots of £79-95 this has left me with not a penny to live on, i phoned them again and they said i had to cancel within 14 days, well when i phoned them on the 25/26 i thought they would have taken it as a cacelation. so ilene is there anyway i can get my money back thanks for reading.

  19. People! who can help us get our money back? They stole from me, £79.95 twice. Plus the product gave me bad reaction on my skin. I didn’t lose weight and I still have 50% of the so call product left with me. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How quickly did the money come out of your account? Dont know if i’ve fallen for it and all. It seems good i did my research hard but only found this once i bought it. My account doesnt even have £79 for them to take so…

  20. Hi.. I also got taken in with this one.. can I cancel by writing an email? And what chances do I have of a refund ? X

  21. I thought I was receiving a trial which cost £1.95 each for Radiant Detox and Garcinia GCB, it wasnt until I recieved the second lot of tablets and said I had not ordered them, that I then got told I had agreed to them sending the tablets monthly and had agreed to the charge. I have got my money back for the second lot of tablets but not for the first lot as I was out of time with the 14 days for the first lot and should have read the terms and conditions.
    This is a rip off which I have told the girl on the telephone this company should have a sign on the website RIP OFF MERCHANTS.
    Wouldnt mind if the rubbish worked but it didnt which makes it even worse ripped of and goods a load of rubbish.

  22. Thank you all very much for putting this companies name in disrepute. I order from this company a couple of days ago and thought it was strange to offer a free trial and then take monies after 14 days. Where is the time too try and test the product for results! No where. I have cancelled any further payments, I wasn’t going to pay X amount if money unless it was proven to be working! I also like a lot of people were going to cancel the agreement before the two weeks were up. I have read how a lot of people were spoken rudely too. This is so discussing it’s more or less unbelievable…..SCAM throughout and how sad people lie. Anyway thank goodness I found this site and have stopped any further payments without the hassle on the phone when trying too cancel. Hope people who lost money went too trading standards and stop this from happening again. I will be phoning them tomorrow and do hope that people who have lost monies get it back… Thanks again

  23. I done the same thing ordered the pills on a trial realised they were going to charge me a stupid amount a month then emailed them to say cancel the order. I got an email back with the returns numbers to post them back. I had done it through my credit card so cancelled that and got a new one sent out then sent the goods back! Looking back now wondered if I should have kept the pills but upon reading this they probably would not have worked! It’s a complete scam and more should be done to stop this

  24. Enormous scam, rude people, email them and copy in trading standard, the police, watchdog, other consumer programmes Tec. They cancel quickly…

  25. Fell foul to this scam rang them today got a horrible man on phone which I argued with couldn’t make his mind up to refund me until I told him the bank is investigating and I’ve reported them to trading standards with proof they are not providing the right info,then told me he can’t refund as he has no authority to do so called me a idiot and started laughing until I told him the conversation was being recorded soon changed his tone. Bank was great and are getting all monies returned to me within 7-10 days and blocked any future payments they try and get. Rogue company without a doubt

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