Raspberry Ketone Blast scam

Raspberry Ketone Blast scam

After Raspberry Ketones were featured on the Dr Oz Show there has been an ever increasing number of products all using this ingredient in their formula.

Unfortunately many of these products use a negligible amount of Raspberry Ketone with many using the common auto-ship scam in order to take innocent peoples money.

One of the latest products to use this technique is Raspberry Ketone Blast (made by Beach Ready Inc), with many people complaining online about their hard earned money being taken without even realising what they had signed up for.

What are the claimed benefits of Raspberry Ketone Blast?

Using Raspberry Ketone Blast is said to offer the following benefits:

  • Lose your cravings
  • Burn stored fat
  • Retain muscle mass

What is Raspberry Ketone Blast made from?

Obviously Raspberry Ketone Blast contains Raspberry Ketone, unfortunately there is no mention of how much of this ingredient is used in the formula.

There are other ingredients used too, such as Acai Berry, Pure Green Coffee, Garcinia Cambogia, Bilberry and African Mango. Yet without knowing how much of each ingredient is used it is impossible to know whether it would be an effective slimming aid.

How much does Raspberry Ketone Blast cost?

This is where the real issue lies, as Raspberry Ketone Blast is offered as a 14-day trial you are going to get lots of interest in the product. Unfortunately this leads to people signing up without even reading any small print or disclaimers.

The ‘trial’ itself will cost £4.95 for postage and packaging and then a further £95 every month if you do not cancel your subscription within the 14 days.

Not only is this a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a product that may not even work, but many people have obviously not even realised they have signed up for such an offer and will not realise until they have paid out until they receive their bank statement.

In our humble opinion the old saying should be used when considering any auto-ship program, if it is too good to believe then it probably is.

The manufacturer of Raspberry Ketone Blast can be contacted on (0)20 3356 6290 or customerservice@raspberry-ketoneblast.com

With their address being:

Beach Ready Inc.
P-O-Box 13511 Linlithgow,
West Lothian,
EH49 7YH

If you have bought Raspberry Ketone Blast and have lost money by signing up to this notorious auto-ship program then we would love to hear from you.

Please leave your comments below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Raspberry Ketone Blast on BBC Watchdog

It seems that Anne Robinson and her team of investigators are going to be talking about this supplement on the July 2nd 2014 episode of BBC Watchdog. If you miss the episode you can catch up using BBC iPlayer.

Is there an alternative to Raspberry Ketone Blast?

There are plenty of legitimate alternatives to Raspberry Ketone Blast, one of the most highly recommended however is Raspberry Ketone Plus.

This product is not afraid to list its ingredients (the recommended daily amount of 200mg of Raspberry Ketone), nor does it use auto-shipping to dupe people out of their money.

Raspberry Ketone Plus you will be pleased to learn is also considerably cheaper than the ridiculous price that Raspberry Ketone Blast is offered at. A months supply will cost you just £19.95.

Please click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

255 comments on "Raspberry Ketone Blast scam"
  1. I also stupidly got scammed. I thought I was paying £5.50 and got desired £157.

    I contacted the number quoted in the dr entry in my bank account and contacted a number went to USA and advised me the discount offer is only if u live in USA and gave me a reference number to return the package to a po box 13511.

    I phoned again and told them about the scam which they denied and I told them I need the money to buy food for my children and they agreed to refund me 50% which I did get after a few days and the rest will be refunded once I have returned the package which I will do on Monday.

    Not sure if I will get rest of the refund.

    • Hi, I am another victim of the Raspberry Ketone scam. Only just discovered today 10/1/14 after seeing my bank statements.

      I initially thought I was just signing up for a 14 day trial period where I received 1 bottle free and was just charged for P+P and also for cleanse extreme capsule P+P charge but today discovered that they took €110 for Raspberry and another €110 for cleanse extreme for both Dec and again in Jan, that’s a total of over 400 euro.

      I feel like such an idiot. And to make matters worse I never received the product apart from the first trial bottles. Please advise.

      • Hi, give them a call on this number. 02033566290. i signed up for there stupid trial and after seeing negative comments about them. i called them immediately and cancelled. The lady i spoke with wanted to know why am cancelling despite the fact that i have not recieve there product. just told her i wasnt interested again. i called my bank and cancelled my card to should in case of any stupid act from them. Although they sent me a cancellation email.

        • I tried this number and was put on hold for 10 minutes at a time to finally get a dialling tone and be hung up on immediately. Rung my bank and Natwest put a block on the payments so thankfully it is sorted out before any of the £95 were taken. A warning to anyone who has recently received a free trial- CALL YOUR BANK!

          • Also just realised I was scammed when I checked my credit card statement & have put a block on it, £184.00 in total !. I phoned 02030145444 & spoke to someone in California (was assured it was a toll free number but will check my phone bill!!!) & also got the speel about 14 day trial etc. Can’t believe how stupid I’ve been.

        • Did they call you and add on a whole bunch of other offers that you have to pay for? My daughter agreed to them and I want to cancel it before I have to pay for anything else! Im so upset!

          • We too today have fell foul to this scam having phoned them they have promised me a refund of £120 having taken £184 out of our bank account.

            We too thought we were getting a free sample at a cost of only £2.95 delivery charge for the Raspberry ketoneblast and the Cleansextrem.

            This needes to be halted now before any other people fall foul of this scam.

            I will add further e-mails if i do recieve any refund which i doubt i have also contacted the bbc watchdog programme.

            I will also pursue this matter til the full refund is recieved and keep everyone posted.

        • Thank you guys. I ordred both products and after receiving it, I was checking about the side effect where i saw negeative comments.
          I immediately called them and cancel the subscription saying I am not intrested.
          but I just want to know that even after sending me cancelaton mail, they will not charge me no??should i call my bank as well??and canell my card??

          • call your bank immediately i have read so many complaints about money being taken even though cancelled not worth the risk. I just called my bank as well.

        • Hi not at all happy with this I got scammed £200 !! For this shitty diet pills , I have a family to look after . They said they cost around £3.00 and the cleansing one free . I will call police if I don’t get a refund I’m very unhappy about this

      • Hi i to have just realised i have been had by the people offering this product. i thought i was safe as it was advertised with a article in the womenshealth magazine. Unfortunately i am now £95 less in pocket so to those doing this dispicable thing may god bless you.

        • Thus is exactly what I have done apparently if you return them the packaging with the rma number they will give your when you call they will give you a refund. But call your bank too!

      • I too have had the same experience, This is outrageous! I only realised that £95 per month was being taken from my bank account. I can’t see a way to cancel. Please advise.

        • I am the same, totalling just over £400….taken since 07th April. I have contacted my bank and started a ‘fraudulent Claim’ against them. The bank have reimbursed me and are dealing with it. I suggest you do the same.

          • Hi
            I have lost £300 as well.what grounds did the bank reimburse you.

          • Hi Sadie

            I have just realised that I have been scammed for £600.00 but the fraud dept of my bank said there was nothing they could do other than stop the payments. Did u pay by credit card as I paid by switch and I amk probably not be covered,

            Please advise


        • ring your bank and they will cancel also ring customerservice on
          02031293765 speak to them .I have also been had

        • Hi, I ordered the free trial and was told it would come within 4 days so after a week of nothing I started looking up reviews and saw that it was a scam. Call your bank straight away and you can ask them to block all payments from that company. If any more money is taken from that company, you’ll be reimbursed by the bank within 72 hours. I thought this would be easier than calling the company up as their number costs such an extortionate amount. Turns out I still got one of the products but no more money is able to be taken from my account.

      • On checking my bank statements I found I have had 4 payments totalling almost £400 taken . I received the trial but did not sign up or receive further products. My bank is monitoring further payments and I am in the process of getting help from the ombudsman.

      • Do not beat yourself up about it. I thought I was just signing up for a month’s trial and recently checked my bank statement and over a 3 month period I have lost £600.00. With all the stress I lost weight!


    • I was charged £400… and only reimbursed £69, despite returning 2 jars…

    • I too have been scammed and am trying to get my money back. £400 had been taken out of my account and when I called the company they were rude and cocky. When I said that I would take this further they laughed and said they looked forward to it and that I would not get anywhere! I didn’t lose any weight and I have another shipment of pills is didn’t want or as far as i am concerned, didn’t order. I asked them to send me proof of the ageement and they said they couldn’t and wouldn’t

    • I really feel sad that why you people fall into these scams of free trial bottles . No such things are free at all ..Raspberry ketones are good but due to some scam artist ,the honest and real supplier also get victim for gradually decrease in demand of that product .

  2. I have fallen for this scam I can’t believe it, I have literally just got my bank statements and have noticed they took 6 euro for the free trial then they took 107.00 but did not recieve any more pills and now this month they have taken 117.00 and still no more pills have arrived, I am from Ireland and am finding it hard to contact them but if you could help me in anyway to trying to contact them from here that would be great, I have emailed a furious letter so I’m just waiting now to see if I hear back, I’m absolutely fuming especially with it being so close to Christmas 🙁

    • Sorry to hear you have lost such a large amount of money. If you have tried the methods above but had no luck cancelling or getting a refund then the next course of action would be to contact your bank and get them to cancel the payments.

      I would love to hear back from you with a happy conclusion. 🙂

      • I have just purchased this product .I would really appreciate it if you could tell me the name of the company ,that comes up in your bank statement as i want to put a block on this transaction .I ordered the product last Wednesday and have not received it yet.

        Many thanks


        • Hi
          I suggest you do not take delivery of it, refuse it at the door, take a note of the tracking numbers, and they will have to refund you, they may take out a handling charge (£20 if unopened) but that is better than paying the whole bill, you also usually have 14 days to cancel the trial (Which is hidden in the Terms and Conditions) if you are under the 14 days then do that first.

          If you accept the first delivery do not open it, or you will be charged, unless you have caught that 14 days sign out.

          I have been hit buy them for nearly £400 but I refused the second delivery and they will refund it minus £20 handling charge, but I am still nearly £200 down so angry with this company my bank said they are getting about 14 calls a day, just in the one branch.

          By the way the same company ship out the CLEANSE Xtream with the same scam

          Their Tel No is 020 3356 6290

          Good Luck

          • hi
            I have been caught out by the automatic payment from my cap1 card £95 and £89. like you say hidden in terms and conditions. Cap1 are disputing it for me.

        • pure rasp ultra and pure cleanse xtra

    • Sorry to hear that Lynnann, can I ask where you got the email address from and if I could have it please, as I too am from Ireland and have just discovered that money was taken from my account yesterday and despite having spend the past half hour in the bank, they say they cannot stop any further payments being taken from my account as I willingly gave my details to this supplier.

      They suggested I keep trying the phone numbers and try to get a contact address or email, in order to send a written request, which is the only way of stopping these payments.

      The bank cannot put a block on my account preventing them from taking my money, and I dont have any contact details, in order to send a written request to “stop the subscription” that I “unknowingly signed up for”

      • Have you tried the following details:

        Phone: (0)20 3356 6290
        Email: customerservice@raspberry-ketoneblast.com

        With their address being:

        Beach Ready Inc.
        P-O-Box 13511 Linlithgow,
        West Lothian,
        EH49 7YH

        I hope you get a good result. 🙂

        • Thanks for that information, I have been scammed by this company and am in the process of trying to stop them from taking anymore money from my building society account. This month alone they have taken £194-50.
          This has made me feel really ill as I am a pensioner on a very low income, with their address I can now persue them for my money back.
          Many thanks again. Hazel.

          • hi hazel
            please can you tell me if you have your money back
            like you i am a pensioner
            thank you colin

        • here is another who has fallen for this scam its a total rip off and needs to be sorted I am a pensioner and had my bank account virtually cleaned out.
          .have got email address off of your message also address thank you hope these will help me

        • Thank you Jac Jenkins for above information re e-mail address. I sent for the 1 month trial and my bank telephoned me today to inform me that £95 and £89 has been taken out of my account without me knowing anything about it. Like everyone else I was taken in by there sales talk. I cannot afford to lose this money I am a pensioner. I shall be e-mailing them immediately to ask for my money be returned and putting a stop on all further transactions.
          Thanks once again.

      • I too got scammed but luckily for me I just saw it as pending on my card. I rang my bank and they put a block on my card and stopped the payment. Now them bastard can go swing for anything from me. Thank god I looked at my online statement and saw it. They were looking for €117. P&P my ass

        • I am really freaking now. I have just purchased this product for like £2.95. How long after you were able to see that your transaction is pending? I need to contact my bank. This is terrible…

          • I too got scammed for £95.00 & was unable to do anything about it. The bank could not help & the Ketone company did not want to know. I went to the bank, but they said they could not stop any further withdrawals as they had my card details. The only way of getting it back is if you paid by credit card, & then they will help you!

        • I too ordered the raspberry ketone at a knock down price of £2.95..when it arrived something didn’t ring right so I looked the company up…found that it was a scam and contacted my bank immediately. .

          They were brilliant and have stopped any money going to them before they even ask for any.

          Also sent me a letter with all the details on so that if they do try.

          They are not getting any of my money..thieving ba@#$@da

      • I was scammed by this company as well and as soon as my gas and electricity bills were payed I took all my money out of the bank to prevent and further money going out.

      • close your account and open another ..its worth it..i bank with Halifax they have put a stop on any further transactions but it happened once before years ago and they couldnt for some reason so i closed the account

  3. There are many people that wish to try the product to see if the product works. But they do not wish to be billed an excessive amount after their trial period. In this case I would recoment that the customer use a prepaid credit card. They are easy to get and can be topped up from any pay point location. Only load the prepaid card with enough money for the trial. This way the company will be unable to charge more money when the trial ends since there will be insufficient balance on the prepaid card. Hope this helps.

  4. I paid the £4.95 for the free trial and have just notice that they have take £95 from my bank account 🙁 I am absolutely fuming as I do not have this kind if money to just disappear like that!! I’m so upset and I dunno what to do 🙁 sooooo annoyed!!!!

    • First contact them on (0)20 3356 6290, explain your circumstances and maybe they will offer you a refund. Make sure to cancel any further orders as you wont want to be billed every month.

      You may want to contact your bank too, they should be able to cancel future payments.

      I wish you luck. 🙂

      • i to have been scammed put a block through my bank but as its 14 days today hopein i can put a stop on this. they are refunding me 60 pounds from the 180 not alot but its all cancelled really annoying just glad i saw this in time feel very mugged off

    • It is incredulous how they can get away with it. I have been scammed for a massive £600.00. I called the fraud department of my bank and told me there was nothing they could do as it would be in small print in the terms and conditionns. My husband contacted them on 0203 1298197 and they have agreed to give a refund of only £180.00 – I am not holding my breath.

      Good luck

  5. I have ordered that raspberry ketone blast last friday week, havent received it yet, but have noticed that they have taken 18 euro already, after reading comments on this and what its done to people, what should i do, should i contact my bank tomorrow and get them to cancel future payments for raspberry ketone blast, im from ireland and dont know how i can contacct them. im really worried please help 🙁

    • If you are not able to contact them using the information provided then it will probably be best to speak to your bank.

      I hope you will be able to get this issue sorted. 🙂

  6. I am completely disgusted. On November 4th I ordered the free trial of Cleanse Xtrem and Raspberry Ketone Blast on the understanding that I would pay £4.99 per product for postage and packing.

    Following a bit of googling, I realised that it was a potential scam and that you had to cancel your ‘home delivery program’ within 14 days of the order date or further charges would automatically be put through.

    So on November 5th, I sent emails to both Cleanse Xtrem and Raspberry Ketone Blast (and I have copies), cancelling both home delivery programs. I was very clear that no charges over and above the £4.99 should be put through.

    Today, two charges (one for each product) for £89 and £95 have hit my Visa card.

    I have called the bank, but there is nothing they can do apart from stopping all future charges from these companies.

    I have called the company twice (was on hold for over 35 minutes both times) today, and after explaining my situation they told me that they never received any emails from me and both times I was then “cut off”. I have now resent the original emails (multiple times), plus I also have copies of the items in my sent items folder.

    Where do you go from here? Of course they are going to deny they ever got the cancellation emails, but I have proof. At this point I’m just not sure what I can do next apart from calling a solicitor, and then you get into big cost….

  7. As a follow up, I have made a few calls to various agencies and anyone in this position should contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service (http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/consumer_e.htm) and make a complaint.
    For UK citizens call 08454040506
    For EU citizens call +44 8456040503

  8. I found out today that I have been taken for almost £300. I have contacted my bank and have just found this website.

    I have tried calling the company, but keep getting cut off whilst on hold.

    It was supposed to be free trial and with a husband out of work and a 4 month old baby, this is my nightmare come true.

  9. Yep I got scammed too. Paid the trial fee and had £95 come out! I didnt even know about this as its hidden in the terms and the phone number is not working either! I paid on my paypal card and although they refused to help me at first now I cant contact the company I am hoping they will be able to retrieve some costs! What a joke!

  10. How long after you paying the trial price of £4.95 did the company take the £85?? Was it immediate or was it after 14 days as they say?

    • I too fell for this scam. I hunted and researched before I bought anything and didnt find anything until after they took £95 and £89 from my account for two products. The bank said they couldn’t cancel any payments and I have to contact the company. I did call and they are refunding £60 each against the two products. I have had emails saying they have cancelled and a confirmation that the two refunds have been processed.

      Its now a waiting game to see if the money goes back in. I feel so stupid.

      I cant believe I’d miss something like this but to find this information you have to click on a tiny terms and conditions link. I will be contacting Trading Standards today.

  11. Is the scam a rip off or an opportunity to take monies after you have provided details for the trial?

    Has anyone just been charged for the trial and nothing else because they contacted ketone blast before 14 days…

    • Yes I called them seven days before it cancel and all I paid is the shipping but spend ages on the phone trying to sort it out

  12. They are such scammers!!! I very nearly pressed the send my free trial button this morning but for some reason I read the terms and conditions, which I never do!! When I saw they automatically take the money later I was dumbfounded. My heart goes out to anyone who got caught and I hope all will be resolved for them xx for the girl in Ireland go to the bank and cancel it from there. Safest bet xx

  13. I too have been scammed. DO NOT ORDER THESE. I too have just checked my statement and £185 has been taken from my account. The website claims it is a 14 day free trial which you only pay postage for but then they send you 30 days worth of tablets. What they don’t make clear is that you have to return the product as well as sending an email. I sent the email (which luckily I have copies of) and still they have deducted the money automatically from my account.

    I am totally at a loss. I suffered from anorexia and feel that these companies pray on vulnerable women. I put this to them in my email but they have no compassion whatsoever and will not agree to refund me. The bank can not do anything to stop these payments either and said that they are seeing this scam on many occasions. Any body any ideas how we can sort this company and stop them from stealing peoples money? I am broke and if I had known how much they were, I would never have applied for their SUPPOSEDLY FREE TRIAL!!

    Any advices would be much appreciated.

  14. I have been scammed today I saw that £95 + another £89 have been taken exactly 2 weeks after my original order.

    It has been pending for days but I never knew what it was. I cant believe it. Xmas round the corner and 3kids. Bank have stopped any further payments (Barclays) but I have to fill in a form and wait for a response from the company before I get any money back thats if they agree I can have my money back.

    Im usually clued up on this type of thing as its happened before. But I didn’t see any terms or conditions. They are ripping people off. Ive cried my eyes out today. They are scum.

  15. I have been scammed and after receiving the bottles I went online to do a little research and I found lots of bad comments I rushed to find their number and call them. A man picked up and he knew from the beginning why I am calling. He offered me to pay for the bottles 29 pounds every month. When I said that I don’t want that and I didn’t open the bottles he said that he can’t do anything else then this I said ok and hang up after couple minutes I call him again but another man picked up offering me the same thing I said I don’t want this and I ask to delete all my personal information and If they try to take my money I will contact my lawyer. The man send me two emails saying that my account is being cancelled and they will not take any money. I am really glad that I have realised seven days after I ordered it.

    • I did the same. i cancelled it after 7 days and they send me two email saying that no money will be taken out anymore.
      i am so happy i saw this site. no money other than free trial.

  16. This has happened to me I ordered the free trial on the 15th November only receiving it yesterday the 29th and another 117 euro has been deducted from my account. Also I got the extreme cleanse and that has only been taken which all together it is 242 euro, it has on the website 30 day money back guarantee when I mention this they say it doesn’t apply to the 1st month

    How is this ?

    And I rang and they were really rude and kept hanging up on me.

  17. I have received an email from the companies today, after contacting them last week.

    Thank you for contacting us.In reference to your concern, as per our terms and condition you had to call or email us in order to cancel before your 14 days trial could expire . The best we can do for you, as soon you received your last shipment send it back to us and depending on its condition you will be reimbursed. However, there is $20.00 of restocking fee which will be deducted once we receive your item.

    Returning Address: Beach Ready Inc. P-O-Box 13511 Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 7YH UK.Moreover, your account has been cancelled. There will be no future shipments or any additional charge. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support Team.

    Thank You,Customer Support Department UK 0-20-335-6 62901-877-880-7726
    Pioneer Labs

    I have asked them to confirm the amount I will recieve in my most recent email. As ive lost nearly £300, im hoping to get atleast half of that back. Fingers crossed.
    Has anyone else had a similar response???


  18. I just got caught by these people, rang customer support and was told there is no way I can get my money back.

    I am so upset.. in total I have lost €129.

    Apparently the trial is for 14 days and the bottles contain a months supply…. that’s why they take the extra money.

    They will not take returns as the bottles have been opened.

    Can’t believe this has happened, I’m devastated ..


  19. Hello, and thank you for reporting this scam company. We are the original Raspberry Ketone Blast and can prove this if you look up the website whois information and look at the creation date. Our name is being tainted by this scam of a company and it’s not fair. I get emails from people all the time who have been ripped off and I feel bad that I cannot help them more. Our site does not fool people into getting a recurring charge.

  20. I too have been scammed by this company.

    I thought I was just ordering a months trial and that would be it until I received my statement last Friday and realised they had taken just over £99 and this morning I have received another bottle of these stupid tablets.

    I hope I can get some of this money back as I to am on a limited budget send can’t afford this sort of money to go out of my account so unhappy.

  21. I have just been on the phone to this awful company they have said that their policy is they do not give refunds even if the product is sent back to them.

    I am so mortified by this I did tell them they are nothing more than thieves robbing people of their hard earned money and I would take it further but Henderson on the phone said you can do what ever you like it won’t change anything.

    This company needs to be reported to someone but who do you take it to? Would trading standards be able to do anything? It is awful that they can be allowed to get away with this. They must be taking thousands of pounds out of hard working ordinary people.

    I am disgusted!!

  22. Hey, I too have signed up for this “scam”. I realised it was a scam about two minutes after I signed up when I happened upon the terms and conditions. I emailed and cancelled straight away. Emailing both email addresses. I got a swift reply assuring me that they would not send any more shipments and all of my account details were deleted and they would not use them again.

    The products arrived in the post about a week later and I didn’t open them. I presumed I was safe until I read a post here saying that after getting an email from them they still took money out.

    I’ve gone to my bank and they informed me that they can’t block these people from taking money but they cut up my bank card and are issuing me a new one. They said that once I only gave my card details then the scammers cannot access my account if I am issued a new one. I still have a predicament, I can’t remember if I did give my bank account number to them.

    Could you all please help me, could someone reply and tell me if they did give their bank acc number or was it just their card??? I hope this post helps some people out. I’m never buying online again ..

    • I also did fell in the trap only that i did not receive any trial or no trial bottle. I had a hint that something was wrong but I calm myself because I did not continue to the process because the “verified by visa” page did not appear.

      Even so.. they did took my money from my account for the trial and also 14 days later took 115 euro from bank account…. So… they took the money but never send me back anything.

      If you do order then they do not ask for bank account number so you are safe. Wish they would of ask for it because if so I wouldn’t have given them the details because I would of known it was a scam.

      I did send them an email and asked for the refund because I did not approve them to do that.. Now I wait and see what is the answer they will give to me. Pity is that they haven’t even emailed me yet so I have no order number. 🙁

  23. My fiancée has also been had by this site for over £300 as she didn’t realise what she had signed up to. She too has been told that she can send it back but with a £20 stocking charge. They claim everything is clear in the T&C’s so no full refund can be given.

    What I don’t understand is that they don’t set up a direct debit on your account so you can’t cancel it yourself, they take manual payments from your account using the card details that you originally provided without your authorisation.

    The bank have blocked any future payments being taken and have advised us to contact them back if we don’t get result within 15 days and they will investigate further.

    Has anyone had any experience of getting money back from this underhanded company?

    • I have only just sent the tablets back to the company in hope that I will receive some of my £300 back. Just be careful when sending the tablets back, as in another email I received from the company mentions that.. The restocking fee will be deducted and a refund given DEPENDING on the condition of the package. I have taken photos of the unopened tablet bottles and how they have been packaged and had this notarised by an independent party, who works for the ministry of justice. I don’t trust these people whatsoever, so im taking precautions.

  24. Has anyone given them their bank account number? Or is it just their card number?

    If it’s just the card number then go to your bank. Cancel the card and get a new one. They now won’t have access to take anything from your account. Hope this helps!

    Can anyone answer me a question?

    During sign up for the offer did you give your bank ac number? I can’t remember if I did or not. Did they ask for it ?

  25. I too fell for this scam, the website popped up whilst I was looking at something else on the web.

    As I had been on a diet I thought I would take advantage of the trial offer for Ketone Raspberry & cleanse rite at the special price of £2.95 and £4.95. When I received my statement these two sums of money had been taken I then noticed I had been charged £89.00 & £95.00 14 days later.

    Fortunately I paid by credit card, I phoned the bank straight away and they managed to reverse these two later transactions and block any future attempts to take money. The bank informed me that they are receiving thousands of complaints about these type of scams. I hope that you all manage to get some or all of your money returned

  26. I have also been scammed as well. Please people if you read this report to watch dog as i have been charged for raspberry keytones a sum of £94.97 and green coffee cleanse £17.97 but I not got my money back.

    Please report them don’t let them get away with it.

    • Hello.

      Thank you for your comment. Just to make you aware that it is not us who you should be getting angry with. We are in no way associated with Raspberry Ketone Blast and this article is just highlighting how many people just like you have been ripped off after signing up to their trial. 🙂

      • I also got scammed. Really felt so sick for days. The customer service the UK # agents were absolutely rude and of no help. They keep repeating the same thing when on the phone.

        No one replied to the emails. I’ll never order on line again. My bank blocked them they said but i feel unsure about it now.

        I’m sending a letter to the disputes dept to see if they can help. I could cry. Also the 0800 number I called just to try a different number didn’t have me on the system? Its like there’s two companies. One scamming of the other!

  27. Like all these other people. I signed up for the free trial of raspberry ketone and cleanse xtreme. I noticed today two amounts were taken from my account £89 and £95.

    I am furious and only emailed both these companies today although there probs the same company. My bank will be notified in the morning to cancel further payments. I am disgusted !!

  28. I notified my bank today and they are issuing a visa dispute. They are sending me a new bank card as the card number will be different. Lucky for me; my bank fefunded the £184 and are themselves makin the dispute against these companies. Get a new card people just incase and I can honestly say I will never buy anything like that again !!

  29. I too have fallen for the scam without realising just what it was.

    I thought I was ordering one months supply and would be billed if I wanted more. Instead of which I have paid the initial £4.95 then they have taken £95 on the 12th November and a further £99.95 on 26th November. Received my monthly bank statement today and saw it.

    This has made my account overdrawn for which I have been charged a further amount.

    Written to Bank cancelling any further payments and have tried to ring phone number given on statement but left holding on listening to music and no human. Then cuts off after awhile.

    Since reading your article and all the other letters are going to write direct and email and HOPE I can get a refund. Have received a total of 2 bottles of the Ketone.

    I feel a really stupid person but am consoled a little bit by the fact that others have been taken in the same way I was.

    Will let you know how I get on. Fingers (and toes crossed).

    • Further to my report of the 16th December. I contacted my building society and they cancelled the Visa payments for the future and said that “my consent had been withdrawn” and no further payments would be made.

      Numerous phone calls all unanswered until this morning when I spoke to a lady but beware the calls are all on an automatic rerouting line and you get answered (if your lucky) by a person in CALIFORNIA. What the cost will be I hate to think !!

      She informed me that as more than 30 days had lapsed since my last payment I was not entitled to a refund even when I explained it was hardly my fault they were not answering phone calls, letters or e-mails.

      I begged – I pleaded – I only half lost my temper so we will just wait and see. Incidentally I have just sent another e-mail with fingers crossed.

  30. I am from Ireland and want to contact this company to cancel but I cant get through on the phone, can someone give me the number to ring from Ireland as I am getting nowhere with the bank on this.

    From a very distressed woman.

    • Hi Andrea , I cancelled my product through email and they assured me that they would not take any more money or send any product . I wasn’t too sure whether this was the truth so I went to the bank and cancelled my bank card. They issued a new one . The raspberry keytones can’t take any money from my acc as the number of the card has changed and also the cvv. I think this is the safest option to get piece of mind . I hope this helps xx

  31. Total SCAM had 400pounds sterling out of my account from 13th november to 17th december!!!! Didnt know it was auto ship its not made clear at all!!! No name of the company made available or on any delivery note what so ever!!! Ghost company in america, when you finally do get through they hold no responsability at all and talk to you like crap!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!!

  32. Hi all, without a doubt a scam. When I agreed to the trial I was very unsure of this and read through everything before agreeing to it. I would never have agreed to the trial if I had been told the actually cost and what would happen next.

    What happens is they don’t send out just the 14 day trial but more – I did not realise this and therefore they take the money after 14 of receiving the product. I have jut phoned them, they said that as I ticked the box I agreed to the terms and can only offer me 50% of this months prescription which I haven’t received yet. I will get this in 3-5 working days.

    If I return the product they will have to pay for the postage and packaging and a fee of £20. When I receive this I am still returning as this is unacceptable and I will take this further.

    My bank has put a stop to any further payments but they did say that some scams change their name so all be careful, if they do change their name after I’ve cancelled this with the bank, they can refund it in full.

    I feel really silly as I was extremely careful and don’t usually sign up to things like this. IT DOESN’T EVEN WORK!

  33. I tried this because of the hype ATM…… so I ordered the 14 day trial to see. Unfortunately it arrived during a weekend when I had family staying for a wedding and I ignored the package for a few days…

    Next thing I am getting messages from my banks fraud department, when I spoke to them they asked me if I recognised certain transactions EG one for 89 and 95. I confirmed I didn’t know what they were at all and they explained I may have been charged for my trial so I called the raspberry people who were American on a terrible line to speak to.

    I had to call back a few times to get through. She told me she could give me a discount which I couldn’t give a hoot about as I in had just been charged over £180 for nothing…. as I could not find any results from the products.

    They have no sympathy and refuse to acknowledge that they charge ridiculous amounts for what is supposed to be a natural product.

    These websites have no inclination of what the ACTUAL cost is after the trial….why hasn’t anyone intervened and told them to make sure people know what they are getting into for definite…. we all know, no one reads the t&c’s on anything…… dah!!!!

    I was fuming with them but I hope others don’t get ripped off too because we have shared our stories. It has to be a scheme to get money out of people. It happened to be my payday that I got charged as well which I thought was very convenient.

    Sue xxxxx

  34. Having read the above mails there is not one thing I disagree with. I admit I did not read the small print and kept no record of the original online purchase.

    Delivery was quick and I had the product and threw away the packaging and delivery note if there was one.. Although not wealthy For 2x £4.95 and 1x £9.50 and 1x £8.90 approx £25 as a trial and bearing in mind they might or might not work was a risk I was prepared to take but not the £184 I got hit with exactly 14 days later. Not even time to try it out.

    Bank was helpful and have agreed to stop any further transactions but could not help with refund on debit card where you do not have to give bank account No. They gave me two nos to call 0203 0144002 and 014000.

    Thanks for email address but I suspect the genie is out of the bottle and they will disappear or morph into something else and no one is going to get much out of them. Trading Standards and or Citizens Advice or Consumer Programmes may stop them for a while but that does not help those that have been hurt.

    I hope the New Year will be a better one for those now older and wiser. M

    • yes they have morphed into something else .Popped up on facebook today now called nutriberry slim. on checking this out a lot of the details are the same.return address and phone numbers . be careful.

  35. I fell for it as well. I haven’t received anything from them and it has cost me £200.

    The bank has blocked them from taking any more money and I have to wait 15 days and if I still haven’t received the goods to ring them back and they will try to get my money back.

    I’m not holding my breath so angry with myself for being stupid.

    Eve xxx

  36. I’ve been scammed too, I’m a 14 year old girl who has been recently bullied for my weight, I saw that there was a free trail and I automatically put my parents bank account details in thinking that it was only a £5 deal, I did this behind my parents back, it wasn’t until the other day when we had realised they had taken £200 pounds off us.

    My parents are still contacting them trying to get a refund, they first offered us to pay 30 pound instead of the 200 pounds a month which I declined so it’s also proof that they aren’t even worth this much.

  37. Another victim of their scam. Contact your bank quickly and put a stop to them withdrawing any more money. Tom

  38. I ordered a trial pack cost eight pounds got the goods ok. The following month 80 pounds went from my account when I rang they said I had signed for a full course. What a scam.

  39. Yet another payment has come out of my account.

    I contacted them last month and they said my account is now cancelled.

    I rang them today after receiving another package and checked my bank, low and behold another £95 has been taken.

    Rang the number above and they told me to contact my bank to find out who took the money and then call that company!!! But I told him it is his company!!!

    What the hell should I do to stop this now £300 gone!!

  40. I have been scammed by these people. I have also emailed the company that is in the postcode provided on the bottle that makes us think this product is genuine and manufactured in the UK, they said they do not provide this company with any product. So it is majorly overpriced and bogus!

  41. I also sent away for the trial pack which eventually arrived then they later took £95 from my account.

    I have asked my bank to stop any future attempts at any more transfers. Also checked post code on bottle plus phoned them but they do not, as expected, supply the scammers.

    Phoned numbers on various messages posted on this website and was put through to Florida as others have indicated.

    Suggest contacting the Serious Fraud Squad and also the likes of Tony Hetherington in the Mail on Sunday who seems to get results. Hope we can get the scum.

  42. Just found it being advertised on Facebook they are calling it Raspberry Ketone Advance now. Going to write to FB and complain.

    • I as above have been scammed from ultra ketone and green coffee clean that are the same company. There was no small print stating a supcraption. I paid £4.95 and £3.48. Received two bottles free sample in a brown envelope bottles had cotton wool in them no paper work. Or email containing any customer number company name or address.

      Contacted the number on the bottle who advised me they do not manufactur for these people.

      What are we taking?

      Then two weeks later they have taken further £164.94 I haven’t received anything. Have no contact numbers or email I didn’t sign into a supcription. Yet they are taking money willy nily contacted the bank canceled my card. The number the bank had as reference has been disconnected. Cannot believe this is still happening. Despite what the bank say contact the police it is I fact fraud I have a cad no and have opened a dispute visa dispute team.

      Finical obmusbun gave me complaint reference number going to wait for banks dispute team then go from there.

      Defently not fare if it’s this easy to scam no wonder why there are so many. Hope this stops it happening to anyone else 🙁

  43. I got scammed too, I sent them an e-mail to cancel but spelt raspberry wrongly and the e-mail bounced back but I missed the failure of delivery notice. Lost £199.00 unbelievable how a bottle of that stuff can cost £99.00.

    I asked for my money back but they would not entertain it even after threatening them with the police etc.

    I think we should jointly contact the Fraud Squad or somebody who can put a stop to this.

  44. I did not sign up for the trial offer. Instead, I ordered the product (Buy 3, free 3).

    After waiting for a month, the product did not arrive. I contacted the following link, support@myaccountsupport.net. They assured me that the products have been sent and are currently being held by the Australian customs.

    When I contacted the customs, they informed me that if the products are held by the customs, I would have been informed.

    When I asked for a refund, the following is their reply:


    Thank you for contacting customer care. We assure you that your Raspberry Ketone account has been canceled, and there will be no further charges to your account. However, we are unable to process your refund request online you may contact our customer support anytime at the number below to see if you are eligible for a refund. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    I called the Sydney number given but the call was rerouted back to US and again, I was told that the products have been shipped, now held by customs blah, blah, blah …

    Can anyone advise what I should do to recover my money?

  45. Since I last wrote I have recieved another debit against my account for two more bottles which arrived on the 8th Jan. My Bank said they would stop further payments after I first contacted them and although they paid out, my account was immediately recredited. Phone the bank it does work and if they don’t get their money then they will stop. In sympathy. How to get the rest ? I am still trying ! M

    • II found that contacting the credit card company worked, they are trying to get the money back on the basis that it is a scam and are stopping any further payments to the company.

  46. I fell for this scam in December, I was horrified when I realised that 230 euro had been taken from my account, I immediately cancelled with my bank and emailed the company to cancel, nothing more has been taken so far, but Im just wondering has anyone had any experience yet of getting their money back for these ridiculously expensive tablets?

    Im not getting anywhere with my bank, anyone any advice on what to do or do I just put it down to a bad experience?

  47. I also stupidly thought this was a “free trial” although for me I found this before the 14 day trial ended so sent an email to the company saying I was unaware of the hidden charges and that they may not under any circumstances take any money from my account – I also spoke to my bank and let them know that any payments taken out by them isn’t authorised. To let you all know they use several names to withdraw money – Raspberry Ketone Blast and Pioneer Labs.

    Make sure you let your bank know that all of these are to be unauthorised.

  48. I actually can not believe all the comments I have found on here. I also got scammed 190 today, am so angry at the fact companies actually do this to innocent people.

    I have 3 young children to support and a house to run as a single parent and now am 190 down. If am honest I could actually cry its like throwing the money away. The best part is though I don’t remember seeing anything about the charges you would get n I haven’t received another product so what actually was the 190 quid paying for.

    Feel like such an idiot. Il make sure this isn’t the last of it though as I need that money. Its disgusting!!

    • I feel a complete fool – I normally spot these scams a mile away but couldn’t resist trying a product that sounded so good and for only a £5! Where was my head! I am already in trouble financially and now with £195 taken out of my account I want to cry! To add insult to injury – my bank took the money out of my account when I had no money there! They stated they had honoured the request from the company and given me a temp. overdraft (without asking me!) and I will be charged for the overdraft and interest while its overdrawn!!!! I’m not sure who the bigger scammer is?

  49. Fucking bastards took nearly £200 from my account. I went fuming at the guy on the phone, apparently its my fault because i didn’t read the small print which i replied “I bet you say that to a lot of people”.

    Its pure scandal! I cancelled the payments through ringing them up and telling them that if i had more money removed from my bank, id go shove my fist up him.

    Cant believe it.

    • i ordered aloe ferox and super keytone plus threw the free trial unnawhere that
      this morning this company where i dont even know the telephone number but they were sent from nutra labs milton keynes took £160 from my natwest account. natwest has put a stop to it im so worried that they will not refund me my money im really angry as soon as the capsules arrive i will send them back as i av not ordered anymore

  50. My Daughter was also scammed by these people for a total of €460. I have looked into the background of the company and the people. Have a look at e-trade.ie

    I called them first requesting a refund as their selling techniques and format are against the Distance Selling Regulations and pointed out that complaints against them have been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority, however I got nowhere by talking so since then I have been sending them a lot of emails demanding a full refund. I mean thousands to all their addresses!

    I will put all of their email addresses and my message on the above site so you can do the same thing! I did get an offer of 50% but I want a full refund!

    I hope this is of help to some others and I would ask you to share it with all your friends to save them the same grief and theft as we have suffered!


  51. I cant believe at the age of 54 I have been taken in by these bastards. How many times have I warned my family to watch it when they are ordering on line.

    I’d read up on Raspberry Ketone and made a concerted effort to join the gym and lose weight so ordered the raspberry ketone blast and cleanse extreme, exactly as everybody else did.

    My nightmare began last saturday when I checked my account online and saw 2 amnts of £89 and £95 pending. I rang the company and they said I hadnt cancelled as per the T&C. I cancelled any further order but she said they cldnt refund me it had gone past the 14 days.

    In a panic I contacted the bank and they said they cldnt do anything till the money had left the acct. I sent two angry emails to no avail. When the money came out on monday, I rang the dispute line and they said they cldnt do anything as I hadnt cancelled the suppy within the 14 days.

    Tbh I am disappointed with the bank as I paid with a visa debit card and thought that wld guarantee me being able to stop the payment.

    I rang the company again telling them they were in breach of their contract coz they shldnt have taken any money until the 30th day not the 15th and got some snotty little shit from the other aide of the world talking over me with a load of crap and then started laughing at me. I wanted to scream and rip his head off.

    I then rang citizens advice bureau who told me to rng the bank again and write a letter to the company saying they were in breach of contract. I emailed them again and they sent 2 emails back saying everything was cancelled but no mention of a refund. I havent received any further tablets for my money so so far the free trial tablets have cost me £194.

    Why cant anything be done? How can the law let them do this. Oh and to rub salt in wound in Costco they are selling 2 bottles of raspberry ketone for £19.99 aaaagggghhh!

  52. I ordered these tablets two weeks ago on a month free trial with just postage to pay BIG MISTAKE !!

    Just checked my bank account and they have took a £95. And a £89 on the same day on the 31 of last month 2014 so was in complete shock !

    I am a widowed pensioner and have emailed them and told them exactly what I thought about there scam and demanded full refund for the amount , have also informed my bank who has put a stop to my card , so no card and no money !

    How dispicable can these people get ?? And by reading the other peoples email it seems it will be a struggle to have a chance to see our money again . I hope they can live with themselves ?? Or sleep which will be a struggle for me

    • I am still so cross with myself for being taken in by these scammers who seem to be getting away with it . They offered me £44 to be returned me out of £180 WHERE oh WHERE do they get there sums from or there pricing , these tablets can’t be worth more than £10 for a months supply , and to add insult to injury my card has been stopped so they have nowhere to return there megar amount ! But it would have been something ! How can these people get away with it ???

  53. Yes, I too join the ranks of the gullible and totally ripped off!!!
    I emailed these Robbers after reading that it is a scam ( thanks for the tip by the way), and it was within the 14 days trial period . I felt relieved that I was not going to be conned in this way! HOWEVER…..GUESS WHAT…? YEP, THEY TOOK £95 OUT OF MY ACCOUNT TODAY!

    I rang them immediatley and got nowhere fast, as they said that they didnt receive my email and could only refund me partially as they would make an exception for me because I was unwell and claimed that I did not realise the Terms and Conditions. I eventually and reluctantly agreed to a £50 refund and felt very anxious and stressed.

    I then rang my bank who have stopped the debit card transaction somehow and are going to watch my account for me, blocking any further transactions.

    My advice? PHONE YOUR BANK ASAP if you find yourself in my position, OR better still, DO NOT BE TAKEN IN by these ‘too good to be true’ offers!!

    But hey, we live and learn don’t we!!!

    Spread the warning and DON’T LET THESE CHEATS WIN!

    Keep Smiling everyone. x

    • i too have been taken for a mug by this despicable company beach ready & arc labs both now trading at dales manor bus park sawston. contacting bank results in no further payments will be made to either companys but am awaiting refund for the money they have already taken. i have sent both products back recorded delivery so they wont be able to deny receipt & also photographed products to have proof unopened> i have contacted trading standards & suggest that other dissatisfied clients also do the same.

      they are unethical scum & richly deserve as much bad press as can be generated to ensure other people not duped into parting with their money!

  54. They can take our money,…. but they cannot take our Smiles!! x

  55. Don’t use your experience to say “I’ll never buy online again”. Any reputable company web site will ask you to tick a box to indicate you have accepted their terms and conditions. This bunch of fraudsters didn’t – they just put a little text link at the bottom of a very long page – and we all know why.

    Yes, I’m very annoyed with myself for placing a quick order on behalf of my wife for what seemed a reasonable trial offer – from an advert in a newspaper – and ended up nearly £200 out of pocket. A warning to me not to be so blase in future.

  56. Hi all,

    I was scammed twice by these types of companies, if you contact your bank then they will block all further transactions from them and if you call threatening a lawsuit they refund the full amount. Be utterly ruthless with them ladies. It works.

  57. I am 70 yrs old and consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to scams but this one takes the biscuit! Like everyone else I sent for the special £4.95 offers on Raspberry burst and Cleanse extreme on Jan 6th after reading about it on the web and saw that it had been investigated by Channel 4. It sounded good.

    I received the two bottles about 4 days later with no instructions and assumed, as the bottle contained 60 tabs that the dose must be two tabs twice a day. It is useless so I decided not to continue .

    Last night I checked my credit card statement to find that I had had two payments of approximately £90 taken on 20th January. I nearly died of shock, rang Halifax immediately and put a stop on it. I was then told that another £200 was pending to leave my account early this month.

    I had saved the web page and rechecked and then realised I hadn’t seen the terms and conditions which as we all know to our cost is one of these opt out , negative contracts and unless they know within 14 days that you want to cancel, they charge you for the whole month. Where is the 14 day free, absolute guaranteed satisfaction I wonder?. Incidentally, the 14 days starts from the day you order which means that actually, the trial period is only 9-10 days!

    At 9am this morning after a completely sleepless night I rang the company

    The woman I spoke to, Sarah Coates, said there was nothing she could do except accept back the tablets which have not yet arrived for this month and give me a refund of the cost minus £20 handling charge on each bottle. The first month’s costs have to be paid. End of story!

    I told her I would be reporting the company to the Trades description people and take it to the small claims court as the company were totally unethical and probably illegal as they do not display the cost of their product anywhere on the site except in terms and conditions.

    I am just hoping Halifax will follow it up for me although I guess the terms and conditions make that unlikely!!

    I think I will also ring Channel 4 and ask them to announce that this is a scam and that people should be very careful or get caught for £100s for a product which probably costs pence to produce!

    The moral of this story, as ever, is always read the terms and conditions however small and well hidden they are!

  58. I found out yesterday that I too was scammed for £184 ( £95 for raspberry ketone and £89 for Clease Extreme ) when I checked my statement. I immediately contacted my bank who have raised it as a dispute although there are no guarantees that I will get a full refund. I also contacted the company who agreed to refund £40 for each product. However i know I have a fight on my hands to get the other £104 back.

    I only sent off for the free trial as it was endorsed by an investigator at Channel 4 so assumed it was legitimate. The website crashed when i ordered the free trail but i do not recall any mention of paying £95 and £89 for these products. I would never had ordered them if I had. It seems that many of us were duped as I doubt many people would pay this amount of money for a few tablets. this company needs investigating and closed down, It should not be allowed to trade.


    • Likewise, Ellen. I thought as Channel 4 had endorsed the product it would be legitmate. Further to my message above yours, Having cancelled my “membership” yesterday morning at 9am, a further £99.95 and £95.95 were taken from my credit card yesterday despite being in dispute at the Halifax and to cap it all, two more lots of pills were actually dispatched from the company at 5.20pm. Why were the dispatchers not told to cancel the shipment? There was plenty of time. I have received one lot this morning but have to wait for the others which I will then return by recorded delivery, at more cost to me, because I wouldn’t trust the company to admit they had received them.

      The more I read about this despicable company the more disgusted I am.

      I did save the original website with the offer and you are quite right there is absolutely no mention of the absurd price except in the small print terms at the bottom which, probably, like me you didn’t even see as the form I filled in was at the top of the site. Had I read the terms there is no way on this earth that I would even have considered getting involved.

      Like you, I await the response of the credit card dispute but don’t hold out much hope of getting any of the first month’s money back. I was told by “customer Services” ( and I use the term lightly) that policy was completely inflexible and they could not return any of my money as per their terms and conditions so you are lucky to have got £50 back. Well done.

  59. I didn’t even have to order it. I had just returned to port from being underway on a US Navy ship when I discovered that it had been ordered in my name a day before I got back. How does that even happen?

  60. An update from my message of 29th Jan; I tried the bank one last time in desperate hope today and managed to speak to a very nice sympathetic English person who took all the details etc etc and was going to pass it through to his dispute team. But alas no luck; because I had received an email from the company cancelling my order on the day the money was pending from my account there is nothing they can do. If the money came out days later after the cancellation email I would have been entitled to a refund. I feel sick to my stomach that I was such a fool to be taken in.

  61. I also fell for this Facebook ad the middle of January and received ketone and coffee cleanse, received them both & never used them as I’m doing juice plus.

    Discovered on Friday they took out two transactions last week one of £94.95 and the other £79.97. I rang my bank but they said as I gave my bank details it wasn’t fraud and to ring them back after a week if I can’t get my money back.

    They have cancelled any further debits they try & take from me and will call me if they do. They gave me two numbers to ring one was closed and the other number he asked my name & put me on hold an American guy so after 5 minutes I hung up.

    I then found my invoice they sent with the pills & rang that number a lady answered & wasn’t very helpful she said I had to send the pills back in order to get a refund but the address she gave me was different to what was on the invoice & it’s a Po box address so it would just be going back to a distribution centre so they wouldn’t track this. I was getting really frustrated so my partner took over & she said she would pass it onto someone else to deal with & someone would call me back that day.

    A few hours had passed & no call so me & my partner were reading up online about how this was a scam & no one was getting there money back. So my partner rang back the number a guy answered my partner went mad at him & demanded a full refund & explained the situation we was in & how this was a scam & it’s not on ripping people off like this.

    The guy who answered was based in Florida & agreed how bad the company was & how the company is based in India & in Florida they take the overflow of calls as they have so many. My partner said he was not getting off the phone until we got a refund which he then agreed to do.

    So he said how come you can do that but the other person we spoke to couldn’t she just wanted to fob us off. He said I can see it’s problem & he will refund it as he had the power to do so.

    He said it would take 3-5 business days so we didn’t hold our breathe. Until today when I’ve checked my bank & had a full refund

    • Hi there, do you have an address that you could give to me? I can’t find my invoice and have just discovered that they’ve been taking monthly payments which is not what I signed up for, totaling to the amount of £400. I would appreciate it greatly if you could get back to me. Thanks, Emma

  62. This is Laura’s partner here. bit of advice to you all on getting your money back go absolute mental on the phone to them. I think I scared the guy on the other end of the phone but oh well I couldn’t care and it got us our money back. Good luck and I hope you get your money back.

    • Thanks jac also found this very interesting

      Sample Email

      Subject: Return All Unauthorised Debits from My Account Immediately

      Thank you for confirmation that all accounts are closed and no further shipments will be made nor unauthorised monies taken.
      So now there is just the unauthorised debits that you made from her account to be refunded.
      I have read your comments in the email below and now here in this email why any contract was made null and void by your “sales techniques” and I am, therefore, entitled to a full refund of all monies you have taken.

      I have to disagree with you on four points that each make our contract null and void and are clearly outside the Laws covering Distance Selling Regulations (DSR) for Europe.
      You use a PO Box in your address – this is totally against regulations, virtual addresses are not permissible.
      You did not send an email to the customer with the Terms and Conditions – Regulations state you must do this!
      The tick box stated “I am over 18 and agree with the terms of the site” – The customer is not presented with the terms at any stage of the transaction – completely against regulation.
      You must make it clear in at least two forms the full terms and conditions with the customer signs up to and this is BEFORE the transaction is authorised.

      This is the signup page and as far as the customer is concerned there are no charges other than the shipping, but underhandedly you hide “your” terms inside a page that you know most people do not read, and then shrug your shoulders and say “that’s not my problem!” Sorry but it is very much your problem!
      As I stated earlier, out contract is null and void as you have trashed it in many ways so I demand a full refund including shipping for all the monies you have taken from her account without authorisation. Believe me, one way or another I will get my full refund! I will pursue this money by all means available including the Banks, the ASA, the Legal System and I will continually send emails to you as reminders that I am still waiting.

      This is a screenshot of your order form and clearly it does not state your words “By submitting my information, I represent and warrant that I am 18 years of age or older, and have read and agreed to the terms & conditions and Privacy Policy of this site.” as you quoted to me on the 6th of Jan in your email copied below! – I know that is what you would like it to say but this is what is said and what it looked like:


      You are clearly outside the EU and UK Consumer Regulations.

      Up to date I have only ever received TWO packages from you and these have been returned by recorded delivery.
      You have taken monies for 4 packages and all were unauthorised. Please return all these funds immediately.
      The two “Trials” were not returned sooner because your CANCEL_EMAIL link on your “terms” page had some error and would not work correctly, i.e. the email would not send. This is clearly your issue and not the fault of any customer and is still not working as it should (As of 24th Jan 2014)!

    • Hi Laura

      I have been scammed to the toal of £600.00. We threatened taking legal action but was only offered £180.00. Please help.


  63. I today 10th Feb 2014 have just looked at my bank statement on line, and guess what I have been scammed along with the rest of you.

    First thing in the morning I will be contacting Trading Standards and the Fraud squad.

    Fortunately, as I am in the line of work I will be able to get things moving quickly.

    Watch this space.

    • Hi Lynn was wondering how you got on with contacting Trading Standards & the Fraud Squad
      because I might go down that line I’m not letting them take my money and get away with it would be grateful for any news joanne

    • Hi Lynne,

      Well, it’s something of a comfort to see that someone who works in the anti-fraud etc sector can also get caught with this thing – make me feel slightly less of an idiot!!

      Can you please let us all know what you’ve found out or managed to do? I am at a bit of a crisis point in life, apart from the weight issue (!), and losing £180 odd will just add that last straw.

      Many thanks

    • Please let me know how u get on as I have been scammed the grand total of £600.00.

      kindest regards

  64. i nearly got caught out but only ended up paying the £4.95 for both bottles.. and i have blocked my credit card so they cant take anymore money anyway. but do these things actually work? i’ve got them now so shall i just take them or throw them in the bin??

  65. I am in SA All I can say an ABSOLUTE SCAM, I WAS CAUGHT.

    Had no contact numbers etc so hit my head against a brick wall. They will meet “their Moses” one day.

  66. I fell for this scam too. I feel so stupid and it couldn’t have come at a worst financial time for me.

    I searched the website for small print at the time of ordering the free trial but didn’t see any.
    I had a payment of £95.00 for the Ketone and another payment of £89.00 for the Cleanse.
    at no time did I receive an email advising me that I had 14 days to cancel a subscription and as the website claimed it was a “NO RISK” purchase I bought into the scam.

    I called the number above “02033566290” and spoke to a woman who could barely speak English and cancelled my subscriptions and any future payments.


    She tried to just cancel the one without telling me about the other, but thankfully I picked up on it and got them both cancelled.

    I asked about a refund to which she said once I receive them, if I return them unopen I will receive a refund after re-stocking fees, but she was unable to tell me how much a re-stocking fee is. I will not hold my breath for that money back and will learn from this lesson to not be so stupid in future. “If something sounds too good, it probably is.”

    I called my bank, but being as helpful as ever they claim they cannot do anything as the payment has already been made (it was made today)

    I received 2 cancellation emails from the following email addresses:

    I wish everyone luck in getting their money back!


    • I still cannot find the T&C’s on the website.

    • Hi Lee

      I fell for it to and didn’t realise I had been charged a total of £184 for both products until I received my credit card statement.

      I contacted my credit card company and they said they had been inundated with calls over this scam.

      The guy I spoke to said the product wasn’t free and the initial payments of £4.95 were for P+P and if you didn’t cancel or return the product within 14 days then they would bill you.

      However, the credit card company will endeavour to reclaim the money off these scammers and they have also cancelled all future transactions with them.

      Thanks for the email addresses, maybe after the credit card company gets my dosh back, I’ll email them and try and scam them to.


  67. I too got scammed by this. I immediately rang the bank and got them to stop any further payments. However once I got through to Beach Ready or whoever they are I was told they would cancel my account but there was no refund policy, even if I send the pills back. They have ripped me off for nearly £200.00.

    Make sure your bank has stopped any payments to Beach Body, Raspberry Ketones or Cleanse Xtreme. Most banks are aware of this scam now, but powerless to get refunds because of the small print. They will help to prevent any further payments leaving your account. This has also hit me at a bad time. No food for us for a month!!

    I am amazed that Pauline Quirk and Linda Robson allow their names to be used in association with this.

  68. I literally just googled this after ordering, SO GLAD I DID, spoke to someone down the phone and they were trying to persuade me not to cancel it, but I did, I can’t afford 95£ a month, more worthwhile to get an extended gym membership. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! 🙂 I cancelled my order literally two days after I made it, but if they try taking out more than 70£ from my account, they’re going to be very disappointed as it is my old account thank god!

    I’m also praying these arent dangerous to take, because I took one of each and now im panicking!

  69. I too have just had to ring my bank to try and put a block on these scamming bastards but the lass on the phone said they had already taken £99.95 and there was a pending transaction for the same amount waiting to go out this month!!!

    She has opened a visa dispute so I don’t know if I will get any of my money back as I apparantly gave them my card details she has put a block on any further charges but I have to wait now to see what visa say.

    I have also sent them several furious e mails telling them to cancel this ludicrous scam and refund my money so I am waiting anxiuosly for their response fingers crossed, SOOOO ANGRY!!!!!!!

  70. luckily i am one of these people that always read the terms and conditions after being scammed once years ago. i have been posting that its a scam everywhere i see them advertised but the comments get deleted. its not fair to pry on womens insecurities like this.


  72. I sent for the free trial with £4.95 postage and packaging and have been charged £95 and £89 for further shipments which I do not want. Surely there must be something to be done as it is a total scam and rip off.

  73. I blindly signed up for both of the offers, and luckily by searching through google madly to find real reviews on the money aspect of the trial, I was lucky to be able to cancel my account the very same day! They will try and persuade you to not cancel your account but you just have to be firm and assert that you no longer have any interest in this product.

    Although I received the cancellation e-mails, I then called my bank to put a block on any payments that could be taken from my account as I do not trust this website.

    Hopefully more and more women and men will find websites like these and avoid being scammed.

    Although I have know been left feeling foolish as I should really have seen that it was a scam, and I hope no one else falls into this trap.

  74. I stupidly fell for this bloody scam today. Got home from work, thought I would browse facebook and came across the raspberry ketone and cleanser free trial. I put my details in, expecting to get a verified by visa, and to my shock, a payment went through and nothing was verified! That’s when I realised it was a scam.

    I immediatly phoned the number on the website and spoke to an american woman, who transferred me to an asian woman I could barely understand. Told her I wanted to cancel that order straight away and I want nothing more to do with them. She said £10 had already been taken from me for postage and packaging, and that I signed up for the £95 per bottle a month.

    I told her I wanted them cancelled, she said they were, but that I had to ring back in two days and re cancel it again!

  75. I to have been scammed as all the above I feel so stupid can’t do anything about it

  76. i have as well fell for this i have told the bank and i have tried to email them with no answer just post not recognized i feel so ill and im not well as it is and to put me in so much debt with my bank
    im so overdrawn now how i can be so stupid facebook needs to do something now

  77. OMG I’m another victim of this scam, I could poke my own eyes out I feel so stupid.

    They have taken £379.90 all together that was two payments one on the 27th Jan & the other 11th Feb, I only realised on the 14th Feb and went to bank to stop them taking anymore money i have spend all day yesterday speaking to horrible snotty people and getting the phone put down on me,and the sad thing about it all is I only got the tablets on 11th Feb after placing my order on 10th Jan.

    I’m in touch with royal mail and they are making a formal investigation as to were my packages have gone cos that scumbag firm said they have sent them, but lets face it we know there lying scum!!!! And I also have spoken to a manager at the shipping company they use and she has assured me there has only ever been one request from them to my address.

    I am not letting this go I am going to fight them for my hard earned money. Wish me luck and I hope you all fight them too.

    • Hi I have just realised I am been scammed for £600.00. We really should all get together and try and do something.


  78. Hi again, I called my bank dispute department to stop any further payments but the bank informed be to call the company and asked to cancelled the order but no one is picking up the phone.
    I have not even received any goods and I have over 150pound already taken from my account. I don’t know what to do next.
    Has anyone got their money back. Please let me know

    • Go to your bank asap and cancel your card as this is the only way of doing it. I have beenscammed for £600.00. They have said they will give a refund of £180 but I am not holding my breath.


  79. Another update from me. After the banks saying there was nothing they cld do, I rang the company again. I had read from other scammed custmers that some of them had got a partial refund so I thght that wld be better than nothing. I was almost begging them to refund me the whole or at least some of my money. It seems if you keep on at them they will refund £40 per item and keep the rest for shipping and restocking. (Bullshit I know!) Anyway I managed to get £80 from the £184 that they took. This has been one hell of a learning curve that has embarrassed me for being so stupid and naive.

    Bharati, keep ringing they will give you a cancellation number and send you an email to confirm but your bank shld stop any future payment to them. They put an alert on your acct and if any money does go out they will claim it back. Good luck! Try this number 02033566290, I got through on this.

    • As you know you are not the only one. I have been scammed to the tune of £600.00. The have offered me a partial refund of £180 but I am not holding my breath.

      kindest regards

  80. I also fell for this. £97.00 taken from my account. I did not receive any terms or conditions or email confirmation at the time of booking. I have spoken to them numerous times and emailed. They refunded me £40.00 but that’s not good enough. I feel so silly that I feel for this. Do not sign up to any free trials. It is not a reputable company!

    • Please do not feel silly. I habe stupidly just checked my bank statement after 3 months and realised I have been dupled for the grand total of £600.00.

      kind regards

  81. I bought a trail of Raspberry Ketone Blast food supplement in January 2014. The advert was on Facebook advertised by British Celebrity and the advert assured that no more money would be taken without permission. This also happened with Cleanse xtreme again a trial of product with assurances that no more payment without permission. The only Payment that was required was 2 lots of £2.49 for P&P. I received the trial samples which did nothing!!

    A few weeks later I received some more through the post I rang them and said that I did not want as I had found that I could not take them due to a thyroid condition. Later I found that they had taken 4 payments out of my account (£95 and £89 on 27/1/14, £99.95 and £95.95 on 11/2/14). I rang them back again and stressed my problems but all they would refund me was £100. So all in all this scam has cost me £384.88 minus the £100 refund so £284.88.


    • As it is not a direct debit the bank cancel cannot put a stop to it. Go to your bank asap and close the account and open a new one. I have just been ripped off for £600.00. I have called them and they are not interested and said they would only refund me a £180.00. I have spoken to the fraud department of my bank who said they cannot do anything because it is in the small print of the terms of conditions.

      Good luck

    • They are scam artits. It is dreadful but thank yourself lucky as I have just been ripped off to the tune of £600.00 and the bank has said they can do nothing about it other than by closing my account.

  82. Like everyone else on this site I too have fallen for the con these scumbags are perpetrating . they recently took £95 & £89 from my bank The Halifax.

    My story is exactly the same as everybody else – when you phone them Beach Ready Inc 020 33566290 you eventually get a lacky who barely speaks english repeating the samething over and over that they do not give refunds and you should have found and read the hidden small print.

    If you get very aggressive with them as I did they might offer you a 50% refund but you will still be out over £100 even if you ever see it.

    I have contacted my Bank , their fraud dept and Trading standards and other than stopping them taking anymore money didn’t get much joy. The bottom line is we have all been stuffed but the Banks have known about these people for a long time and at the very least should have flagged these payments for our attention before handing our money over.

    Also bang the drum, dont let these smartarse con men get away with it. Phone the newspapers, tv stations.your MPs ,Trading Standards to highlight what they are up to.

  83. Ketone ultra and green coffee

    This is a scam the police are aware. After reading about this I decided to order through a link on face book. Free trial just pay p & p one £4.95 one £3.95 there was no small print about subscription. Tablets arrived the trial ones in brown envelope with no paperwork unsealed bottles with cotton wool in the top.

    I never took them as they didn’t look like they could be trusted contacted numbers on the back of the bottle who say there have never heard of keyone ultra as a company do not manufacture for them worrying. What are people taking more worryingly.

    Thought paid £7.95 ain’t lost much as I couldn’t contact anyone as the page has disappeared off Facebook there’s suprise. No paper work with tablets so couldn’t contact them. I received my statement this month on the 6 and 11th feb further £167.50 was taken from my bank. No more dodgy pills have arrived I found a link on yahoo relates back to Facebook and this scam. Basically no where in the small print on the page I sure just like the other peoples was there any mention of subscription I tripled checked. Not even email confirmation when ordered the trial dodgy. That’s when by what I have read the terms conditions appear which where not there no pills arrive after trial.

    It’s a scam because

    1 There’s no correspondences customer number confirmation email paperwork

    2 No mention of subscription at all with the fact no contact details of paperwork lack of cooperation never be able to cancel scammed either way

    3 These tablets can be bought in holland and Barrett for under £20.00 other bottle for 1p yet they expect £167 a month REALLY

    4 When contacted the bank the are visa dispute team to look into it because gave details for the trial not looking good. Yet all the evidence and case no prove I have been scammed.

    5 The company number bank had as reference on payment is disconnected other number is engaged constantly or answered once in 40 calls then put down.

    6 Contacted the police who are well aware of this scam which is what it is they gave me case no advised me to ring obmusbun which I did have case no with him too and give cad no to the bank.

    This is theft and fraud praying on people that already have insecurities. Cannot believe people get away with stealing these large amounts from each individual atleast 40% me included checked all the print available on that page there was nothing.

    Seems like thousands of people without getting caught or very least returning money. If police banks ect are aware why aren’t they doing more? Why are we not made aware? Explain to me why we all work to scrap to get by. Yet there’s been numerous complaints there still out robbing people it’s disgusting. So not happy going to be taking this further if needed


    • Hello Paula.

      Thank you for your message, it does seem that no one is taking real notice of this and other similar scams. I would recommend that you share this page on your own Facebook page with your story.

      You should also try to contact your local paper.

      I hope you and all those who have lost money manage to get their money back. 🙂

  84. Hi All
    Re my post 10th February 14

    I have e mailed BBC Watchdog with my complaint, If everyone would do the same with their individual complaint it would help our mutual scam regarding the scum involved.

    I have spoken to Fraud squad, and I am limited to what I can divulge. however, if anyone would like to do the same the same – http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/contact-us

    Are you still steaming mad I AM
    Regard to all who have been scammed IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT

  85. HI, It is my job to inform others of this type of scam. I tell everyone not to do this, and I go and full for this I feel such an idiot. idiot I thought it would never ever happen to me, But it has and Im on my way to bring this company to its knees

  86. OMG I have done the same as everyone else. I wish I had seen this web page before I ordered the ‘free trial’!!!!!!!!!!!!! As the old adage says ‘if it looks too good…….’.

    I also spoke to someone with limited English, very frustrating, these companies should be shot at dawn. Someone must know how to close them down and how we can get our hard earned money back. I can’t believe it’s been allowed to go on for so long.

    I also never saw anything regarding signing up for future monthly deliveries and it was only when I had a delivery today that I called and spoke to a guy with limited English.

    I will send my complaints on to BBC watchdog etc as Lynnn did and see what we get, it needs to go viral. Does anyone know if we can legally post on You Tube etc?

  87. I ordered via Facebook and on the back of an ad with actress Pauline Quirke apparently endorsing it with her picture, an article supposedly by a respected women’s magazine which says they ran a trial on the products and several hundred favourable comments by users.

    The ad only said the cost was £4.95 postage per product – actually I thought if there was a scam, that was it…the postage cost is high for such a small package and I thought that probably covered all their costs!

    The stuff arrived 2 days later which I thought quite impressive and I was quite happy until checking my bank yesterday, to find a total of £184 had been taken. I then contacted the bank and stopped any further payments going out.

    I phoned the company immediately and was told it was my fault for not reading the fine print. He stated that the TOC says that a refund is only possible up to 14 days after ORDERING. I complained strongly, was told to wait while the operator consulted elsewhere. He came back and offered me a ‘goodwill refund’ of £40, which I refused.

    Then I read the bottom of the delivery note to him, which clearly states that the 14 day period is from the date of DELIVERY. I received the items on the 15th and the date of cancellation was the 27th – only 12 days. He then said the company had made the mistake and I was to email copies of the delivery notes to them. I did this and had replies this morning reiterating that the cancellation period starts from ordering.

    They are obviously not going to give in easily over this, so am about to contact Trading Standards and see where I am with them. I know this is a foreign company, so the options are limited, but I’m hoping getting TS involved and possibly threatening the company with court action if they don’t abide by their own paperwork might get them to back down.

    Not holding my breath though…

  88. I to have been scammed to the tune of £378 same as most of the others did,nt know until got bank statement money taken twice in a month GOB SMACKED. recived 2nd lot of pills sent them right back but made mistake of putting ketones and extreme cl in same packet as return address was the same. Had email from extreme cl. to say had recived and refunded £69. when i phoned them to say had returned both in one package said i need to email proof of posting which i did. lots of emails to them since but no reply. feel sick .

  89. It looks like I was very lucky to bank with Nationwide. I was scammed for £95 but after contacting Nationwide debit card fraud department they refunded the £95 and re issued the card. They have also promised to refund any possible further scammed debits. Its nice to be able to praise a bank for a change. My request to the suppliers for a refund have been met with the same response as everyone else.

  90. I too was scammed. Ordered 19/02 and initally £3.70 taken from my card. looked today and a further £94.97 had come (or pending) on my card 03/03. Just spoke with creditcard company who are reversing the transaction and will allow no furtther purchases . Very bad scam now just been reading everything on google horrendous. Complete fraud I am lucky paid by credit card please beware some people have lost many 100’s of pounds and not been refunded . As soon as I called my credit card company she asked re any free trials and told me they have 100’s calls a day on this .

    If on a bank or debit card call your bank immediatley tell thej the situation (you signed only for free trials) and they should cancel future orders.

  91. Hi all
    Please e mail or call the fraud squad with your complaint they are on the case
    BBC watchdog ready to get case together, yet again
    Fern Britain thinking about a lawsuit against the company as are many other celebrities
    Please please lets stop this company from trading, even if you have got your money back with the kind help of your bank or credit card company. We need to bring this company to its knees
    and knead them in the b—s

    I have to say 100% thank you to Barclays Bank who were superb today with reimbursing me with £179 without any further investigation, took it on face value after reporting 10 day ago the fraud.
    Very impressed with their service can’t thank them enough.
    Its time like this when banks DO come in to their own
    I hope you all get your money back via credit/debit cards

    It also looks like the company is trying to remove the negative reviews,

    • Hi Lynn
      I was interested to read this as I also bank with Barclays and they said they can’t refund my initial payment, only any further withdrawals from the account. Was your refund your initial payment, or a later one please?

      I’m emailing the Fraud Squad tomorrow and also Watchdog. I’m not giving this up without a good fight!
      Kind regards,

  92. I have just been scammed for nearly £200. Thought I was ordering a free trial BOTTLE, as that’s what the website said. Paid £4.95 postage. Didn’t use it as it turns out as it say’s to consult your doctor if you have heart problems, so I just left it in my cupboard & thought nothing more about it. I noticed 3rd March that £99 had been taken. Not only that but they’d taken £95 two weeks earlier which I stupidly hadn’t noticed! I went to bank to stop any more going out & rang the company. I got an indian chap who wouldn’t let me speak to his manager. I demanded my money back but he just said that I couldn’t get a refund & that I’d agreed to let them take the money! I had no idea I was signing up for this when I ordered my ‘free trial’. I threatened the man with Trading Standards & plastering it all over facebook ‘cos I think that’s where I saw it, but he didn’t care a toss! I actually sat down & cried. I’m not wealthy by any means & now I’m left short to pay the rest of my bills. How on earth do I get my money back? Any ideas?

  93. These pills can be bought at chemist`s for a third of the price these people are charging and they
    don`t work so are not fit for purpose, trading standards could insist on refunds for the people
    who have been scammed. Today they are still advertising on face book with photographs of
    Pauline Quirk and Linda Robson who both lost a lot of weight they must have had other help
    as these pills dont work with out a change of diet and life style. Do these celebrity`s know the
    the hardship being caused to people less wealthy through this advertising. I lost money on these I
    didn`t see the terms and they came with no invoice to be able to contact them it was over the 14
    day`s when I got my bank statement and saw they had taken a full payment for both pills, i rang
    the bank to ask for advise and to stop any further payments they told me to phone the no on my statement the man I spoke to said 2 more payments had been taken that morning, after some
    arguing and threats to report them for fraud they offered me the 2nd payments refunded less shipping and cancelation charges

  94. I see I’m only one of many, many people who have been scammed by this despicable company! I have just discovered that £95 on top of the postage has been taken out of my bank account. There was no mention at all of further monies becoming due. I was under the impression it was a free trial, paying only the postage.

    My a battle now commences.

  95. Oh, I am another one who can’t believe I was so very stupid falling for this. Saw the celebrity endorsement and thought it was worth a trial. Did not even realise that after the initial ‘trial’ sum was taken, that another £95.00 and £89 were taken within 30 days of my initial order (not after the 14 days trial) AND 17 days later another sum of £99.95 and £95.85 were taken.
    My credit card company says they are seeing a lot of this and there is nothing they can do except stop future payments.
    I will never ever apply for anything again without reading the full T&C.
    The celebrities endorsing this should be advised that this is going on (if they do not realise it) as it reflects so very badly on them and their credibility

  96. I also fell for the scam…have contacted my bank and they have put a stop to it. They were also well aware of the company which is crazy! I have no idea why they authorised the payment knowing it was a scam.
    I’ve phoned the company twice, the first time a guy tried to get me to stay and to reduce the subscription. The second time I spoke to a woman who was a lot more understanding and issued a £40 refund, I’m still £55 out of pocket but that’s a lot better than £95. Whether the money goes in or not is a different story.

  97. I emailed these sharks again a few days ago and got this somewhat garbled reply –

    “Thank you for reaching us,

    After reviewing your case, we have come to this conclusion, Firstly we do not provide any reimbursements on this charge as per company policy.
    Secondly you were not provided with the RMA which means you were not authorized to send the product back.
    Third, We apologize for the inconvenience but we cannot provide you with a full refund.
    And Last, Making you a one time exception the most that we can offer is to provide you with a 40% reimbursement on the last charged amount.

    Allowing you for a 40% reimbursement nothing more which doesn’t include shipping and handling. If you agree to it let us know via email or call on the number mentioned below.

    For further questions please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support Team.

    Thank you,

    Customer Support
    UK 0-20-335-6 6290
    US 1-877-862-9835

    Pioneer Labs”

    I haven’t asked for an RMA (returned merchandise authorisation), as I only ordered a FREE SAMPLE (!), and wasn’t thinking of returning it, so what that has to with anything, I don’t know.

    Has anyone tried phoning the USA number? It’s totally useless phoning the other one, as it’s an Indian or similar call centre and they can only read their script to you endlessly. Is the USA number also re-routed to India? I read on a post above that someone had managed to get a full refund by screaming at someone in the USA … I can scream!

  98. I have been scammed myself without realising you had to cancel, I do not know how to cancel my subscription as I can’t remember the website how do I go about is??? And will I get my money back??


  99. The offer from this company is a complete scam!!!. There is NO free trial just a delayed taking of the payment. You have 14 days from the date of ordering to cancel and there is no allowance made for delivery time. When placing an order these instructions are very unclear. No confirmation e-mail is sent so there is no record of how to contact the company to cancel. The amount charged is out of all proportion – £95 for the Raspberry keytone and £89 for Cleanse active. The product is useless and may be dangerous. After 1 week my system was completely blocked. The first I knew of the charges was from my statement and when I phoned I have been unable to obtain a refund. DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS OFFER-YOU ARE BEING CONNED

    • Thank god I found this site. yes ive been conned too, they took £89 out of my account and when I paid for the free trial it was only £15 or something like that for Raspberry ketone and for the clense. No where did it say that I would be charged a total of £89 !!!!! I rang the company today and cancelled it, first I knew of the money being taken was when I rang today and spoke to a indian woman, who kept putting me on hold. She then told me id ordered the trial and paid £89 , I told her this was not the price on the web site ( which has now closed surprise surprise !!! ) , she told me it was apparently in the terms and conditions. I asked for a refund , and she said they don’t do them !! Im fuming at how stupid I have been conned good and proper. £89 a month for just some pills that don’t work any way rip off!!!! My bank has been informed and all cancelled now. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

  100. Stupidly signed up for this ‘free trial’, luckily have read this before any extra money has been taken from the account. I have received email confirmation of my account cancellation but don’t trust that no more money is going to be taken! Has anyone successfully had no more money taken apart from p&p after cancelling within the trail period?

  101. Stupidly signed up for this ‘free trial’, luckily have read this before any extra money has been taken from the account. I have received email confirmation of my cancellation and have also set up a cancellation request from my bank (barclays) where by the bank refunds any money that is taken out from this moment on. Hopefully this will help some of you! Thankfully I realised before any large payments were taken out of my account. Good luck with refunds!

  102. Scammed…to the tune of £95 & £ 89. I have emailed them asking them to stop stealing from me, hopefully they will. I have asked my bank for help. Barclays are useless. I will be changing banks. And kicking myself forever at being so utterly stupid for falling for it.

  103. I to have been conned. They have taken about £195 from my bank account. I applied for the trial capsules. I have just phoned my bank after receiving a bank statement and discovering they had taken £95 out two weeks ago, to be told they have taken a further £95 on the 2nd of this month. There is nothing the bank can do about the money that has been taken out already, but they are going to stop any future payments. I telephoned their number and they offered me a free months supply. I told them what they could do with them and they are supposedly sending me a months supply free plus £30 refund. Please don’t be conned. I have limited income and can’t believe I have fallen for this. Please, please don’t buy

  104. I. Ordered Free Trial with £4.95 postage which is where you have no option but to give your card no. I only knew when my bank statement arrived that they had stolen 2 amounts in 1 month! 1 of £95 and 1 of £99.95.total£194.95. As I am on state pension of £75 per week this is a disgrace and as I am unwell was unable to take them under Drs orders.sent both pks back unopened. After speaking with my bank they have sent only £75 refund. I am still writing. to Beach Ready and TSB CARD DISPUTES as requested by my account bank. dealing with all of this at 76 yrs. is not helping my health problems.. An addage here is that their invoices have no dates or amounts to pay so thought mistake by them sending 2 FREE packs.Just a con they should be locked up.

  105. Thank god I found this site just hours after falling for the free trial!!!!!!

    After sending 6/7 emails to the company I didn’t get a single reply. I cancelled via email and stated that as from now they have no authorization or consent to take any more payments. Luckily my “order” hasn’t yet been shipped so I told them to keep it aswell as the 4.95.!! I finally got through to them on the phone. Tried to ask me to not cancel and then offered discount. He then agreed to cancel with no further payments or shipments. Time will tell!!

    I do advise to ring your bank straight away to cancel your card and out a block to the company if they can. They have the details of the company so can do so!

    This company needs to be shot down so no more victims are caught up in this SCAM.

    I’ve learnt my lesson. Nothing in life is ever free!

  106. just like the rest ordered free sample £3.45 del charges, arrived 1 week later then I found this web page and realised it was a scam got in touch with credit card co but told £95 had already debited from my account tried phoning and emailing them a waste of time I agree that this company needs to be shut down or even better burnt down.

  107. I too have been caught by this, I looked at my bank statement online and nearly fell off my chair, they have taken nearly £200.00 from my bank account. I phoned them and went ballistic. They offered me a partial refund of £80.00 and basically told me to get lost. I’m going to phone my bank and see if they can help me. It just goes to show that a ‘free trial’ is never free, I did glance at the terms and conditions but clearly should have read them thoroughly. I will also be contacting BBC Watchdog and anyone else I can think of.

  108. Like all the others above, I, today have had 10p short of £200 taken from my a/c. without my specific instruction to do so.
    I have just emailed Rogue Traders to inform them of this scam, although I’m sure I won”t be the 1st to do so.
    I contacted my bank who have taken steps to ensure the scammers will get no more money from me. I’m phoning them again tomorrow to find out if its possible to stop the existing payment.
    It’s this this sort of scandalous behavior that takes away trust in using online shopping.
    Naturally I”m furious, frustrated and ashamed that I fell for this scam.

  109. I too fell for the above scam. I have had £200 taken from my account for 1 free trial and a second box of tablets which arrived today. I never saw any Terms and Conditions so had no idea that I had signed up for future shipments. It was only today when I received the tablets in the post that I checked my bank account. I have cancelled any future payments from my bank. I have also contacted Raspberry Blast on their 02033566290 number and cancelled any future shipments. They told me if I send this shipment back I will receive 80% refund for this shipment into my bank. They have given me a returns number and I am posting it off to them today. I will wait to see if the money is returned to my bank account. I have found this whole experience very upsetting and can’t believe that I have been such a fool. Now I am going to take 2 paracetamol, kick myself, and never again apply for anything that says it is free! I have learnt an expensive lesson today. It is such a shame that these things are allowed to happen.

  110. I ordered what I thought was a free trial with a £4.95 shipping cost and have had £95 taken out of my account 15 days later. I phoned my bank, the Halifax who have agreed to fill in a form to block any further payments and was then transferred to the department who deals with unauthorised payments. They very quickly googled the terms and conditions for this company and basically said there was nothing they could do as the information was there for me to see. I have just been in touch with the company using the Uk 020 number and have been told if I return the unopened trial item (which I will have to pay for registered post) they will refund £75! That means it will have cost me around £30 to have nothing? Apparently this charge is a restocking fee?? I have looked again at the website and it has a stamp saying 100% 30 day money back guarantee – I have again rung them to query this and they just referred me to their cancellation policy. I thought it was necessary to tick a box on the internet to acknowledge you had read the terms and conditions?? I feel very let down by this company and cannot believe that they have any positive feedback – no one would happily commit to paying this astronomical amount each month surely? I too have learnt a very expensive lesson!

    • I cant believe nothing has been done about this company. ..they have left me overdrawn today. ..no one in their right mind wouldn’t pay £200 pounds for two weeks worth of these pills which they are charging without your knowledge. ..T&Cs should be clear and not hidden from site. ..what can we do about this….utterly immoral the robbing gets! !

  111. I have been scammed today. Bought raspberry ketone and detox. ..was advertised half price at £4.95…Two payments of this came out of my bank end of April as expected but yesterday they have taken £89..I called my bank immediately but all they could do was stop any further payments. I called this number 0203 041 4000 (which i managed to find from a review of this company on moneysupermarket site) I got through to customer services which are based in the USA..they found my account and told me they had tried to take another £95 from my bank today. …thank god I called my bank only half an hour before. They would not offer me a refund as they said id signed up to a subscription! No I didn’t! !! After arguing they have agreed to refund me £30! I’ve reported this company to trading standard who needed the address for this company. I called the US again to be a given the po box address in Midlothian! They have given me a complaints email address of customerservice@raspberry-ketoneblast.com. They are unwilling to provide you with any of this information until you’ve screamed at them for ten minutes. …disgusting! After doing a little research at present it seems they are illegal as they should send you s confirmation of purchase via email which I did not receive so it makes it difficult to track them down and they are not allowed to provide po box addresses which they have done…I need to look into this further for any ammunition I can send them to get a full refund. …these people are thieves and should br shut down and sent to court! !!!! KELLIE

    • Sorry their telephone number is 0203 014 4000 (not 041 as previously stated) if this helps anyone

    • There should be an address on the back of the pill box I have

      Beach ready inc, conference house, 152 Morrison street, the exchange, Edinburgh, eh3 8eb.

      Hope this is of some help

  112. I just got scammed too,via Facebook advertising. I agreed to pay the postage only on a sample pack of Rasberry Keytone Slim and Cleanse XtremPower. There was certainly no mention of any terms & conditions or future purchases. I got no email confirmation and no product. After around a month, I got the sample trial supposedly ‘free’ 30 tablets, nothing else in the jiffy bag, no marketing material, no phone number (incase you wanted to actually buy some) or address, no terms and conditions or anything to suggest further charges would apply. I got my credit card bill this morning and have been charged £379.90 for 2 ‘free’ trials (60 tablets in total). I couldn’t’ have cancelled within the 14 days, because didn’t even receive within 14 days. I since found out that in order to not be charged for your ‘free sample’ you have to return package unopened within 14 days. How’s that legal with no phone number, no address, no email confirmation, no nothing. How can you trial a tablet without opening the packet? How is that a ‘trial’?
    Shame on Facebook for allowing this scam and the all celebrity endorsements (Holly Willoughby, Dawn French, even Kate Middleton! I have reported to Facebook, Trading Standards, Watchdog and Fraud dept of my credit card. MBNA Europe were brilliant and have blocked this company from claiming anything else and can reverse some of the charges. I managed to get through to the company (phone no was on my credit card bill) and they agreed to cancel but can only credit a small percentage of the charge. It’s very handy of them to have a Customer Service dept (in West Lothian) where the staff only know how to ‘sell’ in pigeon English! She didn’t really understand the word ‘cancel’. However, she did give out the names of her company directors etc. so at least a little more information for the Police to go on. Watch this space. I suspect that this is a call centre abroad, not Scotland.

  113. Hi Guys who even are this company ? i have just reported them as fraud to my bank and never heard of them!!! I rang a number after searching the companies name on the internet that appeared on my bank statement spoke to someone in America gave them my address etc and they have never heard of me either! very worrying that i have never heard of them and they have my details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  114. I have also found out today that almost £200 has been taken out of my account by this scam I did some research just after receiving the pills because they didn’t look professional after doing that I rang the company and cancelled my trial before the 14 days was up not thinking anything else of it carried on with my week to then get ripped off. I have been on the phone to 3 people All saying I didn’t do this and that I won’t get my money back they also told me to send the pills back to them so they can then send them on to someone else which to my knowledge is illegal I finally got 120 back from them but I have now got a Case open with my bank to get the rest I’m hoping that it works and hope nobody else has to go through this aswell.

  115. I have been at the bank to cancell any more payments, they will stop any more payments to them now they have been notified, while I was at the bank the manager rang their number and I asked to cancell the subscription, got a 4 min lecture on how to eat properly no alcohol, exercise half an hour each day, eat fresh produce she went on a bit, couldn’t understand her much as her accent was of Asian/American, when i repeated my self to cancell I was offered the ketones at half price special offer only for today and tomorrow, the bank manager heard all of this, when I said I was not satisfied with the service or product, I was told I’m not doing it right if I don’t have a balanced diet and exercise, glad bank is aware but sad I won’t get money back, but will keep on trying.

  116. I too have fallen to this scam. Cannot believe how stupid I have been!
    I cannot get my money back but have cancelled further payments. This is not assured by visa as They can still take payment out which will be returned but is beside the point.

  117. I cannot believe how stupid I have been.
    After years of warning others that you get nothing for free, this scam has got me.

    I have written e-mails to both product companies, although I am not expecting much, but can someone please tell me where it says that this is a monthly plan.

    PS the capsules arrived in Jiffy bags with no invoice phone number etc.

  118. Hi all I also got stung by this £400
    I rang up my bank first and cancelled then I rang is por excuse of a customer service team and went garretty they offered me $50!!!
    I shouted a whole bunch more as I paid in pounds just to get offered discounts and more products
    They are offering me £100 back which I’m trying to push for a full refund especially as they are sending me emails for a Mr Grimes which I find just rude!
    I have sent them two emails detailing why I am so unhappy with them and I’m now planning to call again today and speak to a manager I also contacted theCBA and am going to badger these people until I get my money back! 🙂

  119. Fell for this 2, As soon as i ordered both i realised it was a scam. I rang them straight away and some rude man in California tried his best to get me to wait for my “free” trail to try before cancelling. Told me the shipping cost is non refundable so i had nothing to lose in waiting to try them, i said i dont care about that cost cancel, He wasnt happy anyhow i got my cancellation email and tomorrow ill be getting a new bank card. So annoyed right now

  120. I to have been scammed by this company, I sent for a trial pack at £4-95, Got a shock to see on bank statement that I was charged £95 for a second lot on the 5th of july, which have not received, have been to bank this morning only to find that they have taken onother £99-50 from my account.
    These pills are useless and not worth the extortionate price they are charging, my bank is in the process of stopping these people taking more from my account..
    Anyone else considering try these tablets,(DONT) IT IS NOT WORTH THE HASTLE TO GET THEM STOPPED.

  121. I got scammed too. Didn’t realise what I had signed up to until I noticed almost £100 taken from my credit card. I called up the credit card who put a stop on the account for future payments but they took the money using a different company name! Furious and embarrassed I managed to find the phone number online who agreed to stop all future payment, which they did. I was unable to claim any of the money back but I had just relunctantly written it off and I was too embarrassed to even tell my husband what had happened. After all of this, my credit card got scammed. It might of been coincidental but happening straight after…..too much of a coincidence for my liking. The bank were brilliant here and stopped all payments before they received any money and a new credit card was issued.

  122. I bought both the Raspberry Ketone Blast and the cleanse extrem last Thursday and had received them this morning. I have opened the Raspberry ketone but I haven’t opened the Cleanse extrem. After finding about about this scam of a company this afternoon, I sent an email to cancel@raspberry-ketoneblast.com declaring that I wish to Cancel my subscription as I am still in the 14 day trial. No money apart for the postage has been taken out of my bank yet but I have not received an email from them yet. If anyone could tell me if there is another email to send to as well as the one I have stated above would be most helpful. I pad by debit card and I’m afraid that any more money will be taken out PLEASE HELP I cant afford to lose any money as I am starting college next week and I am not yet 17. I feel so stupid. 🙁

  123. Hi all,

    I got caught out by this too. I’m still within my 14days and phoned them to cancel. Told them I was leaving the country and wasn’t returning for 2 years minimum so they had no reason to argue and cancelled my subscription. I received two confirmation emails of cancellation within 10 mins of my call.

    As a precaution I am going to cancel my card and make the bank aware to stop any further charges. Maybe try the same reason I did for getting out of the subscription.

    Hope this helps.

  124. I AM SO ASHAME TO SPEAK…. foolish, I have been scammed its an understatement. I am still in my trial period have 7 days to go … Its not everything that glitter is gold…. I have called them up and have receive a confirmation that they will cancel any further subscription. … I don’t believe them so I am on my way to the bank to stop them from taking any money out my account to which I dont have… how can i be so foolish. Should have seen the signs.

  125. I ordered, then found this page. Called up straight away and cancelled. Made them send me conformation while I was still on the phone. She seemed very friendly. I have also spoken to my bank and provided proof that this was cancelled so if they ever try to take money they are bang out of luck.

  126. I cant believe it. I was looking on itv player, a pop up came up about diet pills on recent programme. i started to order them did,nt see terms and conditions, lost internet connection half way through did,nt know i,d ordered anything. checked my account today and the scamming bastards have taken the original 4.95 raspberry ketone blast, and cleanse extreme 2.95 13 days ago, and £95 today and £89 . apparently i,,m now on a monthly plan. wtf, rang bank and stopped any further payments to these parasites and tomorrow im cancelling my account with bank. i had a similar experience with fitness first , and these company’s make it very hard to get out of the trap they set. why are these people allowed to on stealing money from us like this. who in there right mind would pay £200 a month for a bottle of pillls you can by for £5 in Holland and Barrett somebody please stop these bastards.

  127. I have just been scammed by this devil company, bank cancelled any further deduction but I have to cancel on their websites too, I called and demanded my money back screaming at them,they gave me RAM number to send with the product, they promised to give back my £190 ! Fingers crossed, they spoiled my day I’m so depressed right now.

  128. I took up the free trial offer too. In about 10 minutes of signing up for the trial I got a phone call telling me that if for any reason I did not like the product, I could cancel my order and no further money will be taken. I said that I did not order anything, I only took a free trial offer, but I now do not want the free trial, so don’t send it, cancel it. They hung up on me. Because of that I emailed their customer service and explained what happened, and again said not to send the trial.
    They totally ignored my request and sent it anyway. My Bank is now trying to get a refund, but if they don’t succeed, I will take it to a small claims court.

  129. I need help! Iv had the product for just over 2 weeks. I just looked at my bank statement, shocked. Whats the best plan of action? I need the money to get back to Australia

    • Send the product back by recorded delivery and keep tight hold of the tracking number, you’re going to need it! Make sure you tell your bank not to honour any further requests for payment from this company.
      Chances are they’ve already debited your account. Call them and be really persistent. Insist on speaking to the manager. Tell him you do not want the product and wish to cancel your subscription. I’d put it in writing, too. They should give you an RMA number which you need to include with the product when you return it. So far I’ve had £75 back and been promised a further £69. It still leaves me about £50 out of pocket, but it’s better than nothing.
      Phone numbers to try are 02031298751/ 02031298749/ 02030144015. Keep notes on every phone call including the ‘name’ of the person you speak to. Good luck!

  130. I too stupidly fell for the scam. I paid the few quid p&p and just had £89 taken so rang and cancelled an spoke to bank and cancelled with them. I am sending the empty bottles back as they said I can do that. And I’ve emailed them saying I want my money back
    Can’t believe I was so stupid. If u wanna lose weight do t the old fashioned way that’s what I’m gonna do.

  131. I can’t believe these people are allowed to still advertise their blatant scam on the internet and not been taken off. Surely this has been going on long enough for someone to do something about it? I have looked at all the forums about this subject and am trying to work out where to send these crappy tablets back to as there are conflicting addresses.
    They have sent me an e-mail with the address to say one order has been cancelled but after I phoned to cancel the second I received an e-mail to say my subscription had been restarted!!! No replies to any of my e-mails since!

  132. Just looked at the product on my mobile. I did not purchase anything but i still received the product and money was taken from my account.
    No email of confirmation or anything was received. The contact telephone number does not exist either.

    • If that’s the case and you paid be credit card your card company is obliged to refund your money. Contact them ASAP and return the product be recorded delivery. Keep the tracking number as they’ll ask for it when you phone.

  133. I have been scammed by this company too. I had ordered the first batch approximately a month ago and paid only for the postage. It is an absolutely useless product that has not made an ounce of difference – literally!! I just received a new package of both the Raspberry Ketone and Cleanse today, which made me research on the internet where I found this site, as I was unaware that the product would be automatically delivered to me . I phoned then to cancel the order on the London number. They asked me for my phone number to track my order. Despite providing them with both the landline and mobile numbers, they kept on insisting that they could not find the order on the computer. I provided them with my email account and finally they were able to cancel my order. I asked them about returning the products I had received in the post today and they gave me the RMA number to return the package but only for the Cleanse product. The person then told me that he could only cancel the order for the Cleanse and not the Raspberry Ketone. He provided me with another number to call and it happened to be a number for the same product (So I had to go through the whole process of providing my phone numbers only to be told they could not find the order on the computer. When they finally found it they said it was for the Cleanse that I had already cancelled). They then provided me with still another number (by which I was fuming). After the same routine of them not being able to locate my order on their system initially, they finally cancelled the order for the Raspberry Ketone. The man I spoke told me I could not return the product that I had received in the post today. After a lot of arguments and me insisting that I did not wish to pay for a product that was useless to me and that they had charged me £95 even before I received the product, he put me through to his supervisor who said I could keep the product as a sign of goodwill on their part and that they would refund me the full £95 that they charged me. I asked him to put it in writing and he sent me an email to say that I had agreed to keep the product at a “reduced price” (not mentioning what that “reduced price” was of course!), even though I had agreed to no such thing. I have emailed him back saying that I did not wish to keep the product and that they were the ones who insisted that I keep it and they would refund me the full amount. This whole thing is a total rip-off and should be stopped. Not only that, the cancellation system is made to frustrate you and make you give up as they keep on telling you they cannot locate your order online. At one point I had to tell them that I would even provide them with my address to which they had sent the products as that information might help them locate the order online. You really need to have a lot of mental stamina to deal with these people. I am totally disgusted with them. What happens to those people who are not assertive enough to deal with these utterly unethical lot!

  134. Minor breakthrough this afternoon. I phoned 02030144015 and, after ten minutes of polite (mostly) insisting, I was put through to ‘Daniel’: the manager. Having given him my customer number and the tracking number for my package I was promised that the refund will be in my account in three to four days. Now I’ll have to just wait and see, but I’m not giving up. If I need to go the Small Claims I will.

    Citizens’ Advice have passed my complaint to Trading Standards and have offered lots of advice about how to get the rest of my money back. They’re well worth getting in touch with. I also contacted Action Fraud UK who were very interested and provided me with a crime reference number. They have passed the details to the police. ICAC regulations which came into force in June this year mean that these crooks have not got a leg to stand on. The more of us who put the pressure on the better it will be.

  135. I have foolishly signed up for the free trial via a article on mensfitness.com thought it must be legite as the review was supposedly done by one of their editorial team.. Have only paid for the p&p on the two bottles (£2.95 & £3.95) There are T&C’s…BUT via a small link at the bottom of their landing page. I will be calling NatWest in the morning and cancelling my Debit Card just in case..

  136. I saw the Raspberry Keytone advert on Facebook on 09/09/2014 and so I ordered them but thought it was a trial pack and would only be charged for the shipping.

    I ordered these tablets on 09/09/2014 at 5.00am and then saw a post on Facebook to say this was a scam. On seeing this I cancelled the order straight away.

    On 09/09/2014 I also sent an email to cancel the order and again on 13/09/2014 as had no reply then I got a reply on 15/09/2014 to say nothing would go out, everything was cancelled and my bank account deactivated.

    On 26/09/2014 the sum of £95.00 was taken from my bank account and on 10/10/2014 another sum of £99.95 was taken.

    Last night 14/010/2014 I rung Pioneer Laboratories on 0203 356 6290 as this was not right as to date I had not received anything UNTIL today which is strange. Apart from being patronising, rude and refusing to give me my money back nothing I said made any difference.

    They want me to send the items back that I have received and will charge a £20.00 restocking fee for the 2nd lot that I have just picked up on my post box.

    I have been to the bank today and they have blocked them taking any more money out as once they have your card details it is authority for them to take the money out so please anyone who has found this go to the bank to get this blocked.

    My next step is to ring them again and explain they are rip of merchants and scam artists and that I will be going to Trading Standards but also that everyone I know and their friends and friends of friends will be made aware not to fall for this scam ever again.

    If anyone has managed to get their money back please can they let me know how they did it.

    Many thanks.

  137. Like a lot of other people I too have been scammed by this company.
    I honestly believed that I was receiving a one off trial offer of Raspberry Ketone (nothing else) and only had to pay for the postage. I was not aware I had signed up for anything else.
    To the best of my knowledge no tablets/capsules have been received, as shortly after I placed the order I went abroad and subsequently became hospitalised.in a foreign country.
    It was not until I came out of hospital several weeks later that on examining my Credit Card Statements I noticed that as well as being debited for the trial offer postage (£4.95) I had also been debited for £95.00 and two weeks later for a further £99.95.
    I contacted my Credit Card provider who were well aware of Raspberry Ketone and they managed to block the second debit but because I had not cancelled ‘The Order’ within 14 days I would have to approach Raspberry Ketone regarding cancellation of the first debit.
    This I did but Raspberry Ketone refused to cancel the initial debit of £95 stating that I had not cancelled within 14 days. They did say that they would cancel the second debit but I am not holding my breath.
    If I do not receive a full refund I will contact every organisation I can think of to bring this corrupt company to the notice of the public and relevant authorities. Everybody else should do the same.
    Clearly this company exist only by ‘scamming’ money from vulnerable people and they should be shut down and prosecuted through the courts.

  138. I have had an email from Customer Service to say they are refunding £95.00 and will take 5 working days so we shall see.

    I am now working on the 2nd refund and returns of package received today.

    My bank has just phoned me to say that if you have not had your goods within 8 weeks of your order then you can make a complaint to Trading Standards and if leave another 2 weeks you can phone Barclays Head Office and they will try to get your money back.

    This seems like a big time scam.

    Hope they get what they deserve.

  139. Hello everyone sorry to say I was scammed aswell, thought I was paying only p&p on a free trial but on receipt of our bank statement 89 and 95 pounds respectively. Feel such an idiot dont usualy fall for such things but just shows anyone can be conned.

    what do I do next ?

  140. Further to my previous comments of the 15 October 2014 I would add that I telephoned Raspberry Ketone via a number 02031293923 given to me by my Credit Card provider (VISA) and spoke to a Steve Martin.
    It was like talking to a brick wall and all I really got out of him was that I should have cancelled within 14 days.
    After blowing my top a couple of times he eventually condescended to refer the matter to his supervisor (he wouldn’t let me talk to the supervisor) and suggested I telephone back after three working days (17th)
    However, surprise, surprise I received an email (not signed) later that day from:- customerservice@raspberry-ketoneblast.com stating that they had deactivated my account!!!, all my bank details had been effaced and thereby I will neither be charged nor any further products be shipped to me.
    They also have given me a Customer Number and a Cancellation Number.
    They do not make it clear if they are refunding me the initial debit (£95) and P&P (£4.95) or are not going to pursue the second debit of £99.95 which hopefully my Credit Card provider has blocked anyway but when I contact them tomorrow I shall be asking the question.
    Irrespective of what they say I HAVE CANCELLED MY CREDIT CARD and I recommend anybody else ‘scammed’ by this outfit do the same immediately and before trying to do anything else.
    Having trawled through everybody’s comments on this web page I cannot believe the quantity of different telephone numbers that appear.
    For what it is worth I produce them here in a list:-
    I can only vouch for the first number on the list but clearly does a legitimate company need all these numbers?

  141. I can’t believe what an idiot I have been, 53 years of age! I am absolutely beside myself that I have been ripped off for £99.95 and £95.95. I ordered these through facebook, thinking it was a free trial, apart from the postage. My credit card company won’t refund the money as they say I didn’t read the small print. What small print?? I didnt even see any. What a fool I have been to have been taken in by this.

    I rang the company and was told I should have sent them back straight away, I didnt receive any email or paper work with them. I am absolutely gutted I have lost so much money. Ironically, I haven’t even taken the products either.

  142. Further to my last post, I have now discovered I have been charged in September as well as October for two payments of £95 and £89. The total amount is £386.80. I am besides myself. WHAT A COMPLETE AND UTTER FOOL I HAVE BEEN. These people should be put out of business. I have just rang them again and was spoken to by someone who sounds to be American. He was constantly reading off his screen and telling me I am not entitled to any refund. Thanks to my foolish behaviour, Christmas will be cancelled this year.

  143. They are scammers indeed. I am still wondering why they are allowed to dupe people with a product that is not working. They just deducted 95.5pounds from account and said they can only refund 75pounds because I didn’t call they within 14 days to cancel the products. They deserve to be put out of business.

  144. So Angry it seems like I wasn’t the only one to get done signed up for a free trial and got done for shipping which I didn’t mind…I never received the product and then this month a further 115 and 124 euros taken from my account! I wrote to them several times and they have asked me to return product which I cant as I never received it! I will not let this go even if it costs me hundreds on legal fees they are not getting away with what they did! When you ring the customer service number then which is based in London they pretend there is an issue with the line and they cant hear you! Then their address is in Scotland!! NEVER AGAIN

  145. I agreed to the free trial period and cancelled on the last day as it wasn’t working, the customer care server on the phone, told me you do have to give it more time which makes it stupid to have a two week free trial in the first place. She advised there was nothing more I needed to do and could keep the product as a show of their appreciation. HOWEVER, that same day the full subscription was taken from my account. I immediately called the company and they are completely useless. They advised me to complain by email, to return the rest of the product and I will then receive a refund after 7 days from them receiving the product. After continuously chasing (luckily I sent recorded delivery) I received a refund after 2 months but they charged a handling fee for both products of £20, which is stated in their terms WHEN YOU ARE A FULLY SUBSCRIBED CUSTOMER. I am currently still chasing a full refund from this SCAM company. Now they tell me to call the company to deal with it further.

    So when you call they want you to write to them, when you write to them they want you to call. They have not acknowledged once that they did take my money while I was using their free trial service (less postage and packaging) they just say a handling fee is charged.

    Please DO NOT use this company!!!

  146. I bought Raspberry Ketone Blast and Immediate Cleans for a trial, expecting to pay £6.89 in total but found the company had removed an extra £184 from my account – my wife went crackers. I phoned my card provider who cancelled the payment and gave me a number for Ketone Blast. The thieves promised to send me an email with their return address for me to return my product even though it was emptied. When they receive the empty box they will refund my cash, apparently. I’m still waiting for the email and I’ve re-launched with an email thanks to this page. The same goes for Immediate Cleans. I’ll let you know how it goes but I’m not holding my breath.

  147. Hey

    i ordered the Raspberry Ketone Blast and a mega cleanser plus and paid £4.95, luckily i read all your comments and cancelled straight away before im charged £95 for this foolish membership. I also called my bank to check if any payment came out and luckily nothing. When i spoke to my bank they reassured me that if any money comes out they will refund me straight away and they will also write to the company to warn them not to take any money out of my account and if they do they will sue them.
    Thank God for that

  148. Im embarrassed to admit I too have been conned by these shysters
    what is really galling me is the credit card companies have known about this scam for months
    and are still facilitating them. which in my view makes them part of the scam.
    as they are aware or what’s going on they should hold payment & advise the card holder as most like myself are totally unaware of these extortionate charges being taken from their accounts.
    the banks are profiteering off their clients misery
    they Knowingly are supplying these scammers with the means to debit their victims credit cards
    in my book that makes them an accomplice to the fraud.
    time trading standards or the government put a stop to it, its worse than the ppi scam.

  149. I have just come back from being on holiday for 2 1/2 weeks
    Got the product before i left thinking why not good deal,
    I have only just gone on my online bamk and they have taken £381.95 from me
    They are taking different amounts everytime it isnt the same £95
    the latest one yesterday was for £101
    ives contacted my bank and they are now going to cancel but i have opened the pills and taken like 5 from each.
    will i get any money back? can i cancel over the phone?
    please help!!!

    • hello,

      I bought a trial raspberry ketone blast from you, and cancelled it right away. you refund my monies as I sent this straight back.
      since this happened I have been informed by my bank that you have tried to take the full amount of £89 out. as you know full well I cancelled this order I would like you to STOP taking money out from my bank account. there is at least 1 pending which I want you to STOP before it goes out, and I have to take you to court for fraud. I have been informed by my bank they have all the proper detail should it come to this,
      regards mrs l davies

  150. Aarrgh I am furious, I’ve just realised I’ve fell for this rotten scam. £184 has gone from my credit card today. Like I can afford this every month on top of everything else and Christmas in 4 weeks time??? Thought I was just paying for the initial postage of around a few pounds, it was advertised as a “Free Trial” after all. And I’m not sure the stuff even works anyway, I’m two weeks into the course, running 10 miles every other day and I haven’t lost anything, except for £184… I feel so duped, am really angry and upset about it. Never ever again will I trial anything that is advertised as such, it’s just one big fat scam. Seriously considering speaking to BBC Watchdog too to highlight these thieving b******s.

  151. I to got conned out of £184 (not including postage an packaging), except my pills never arrived. I’ve tried time an time again to get a full refund, after being pushed from pillar to post, ringing royal mail, to be told to ask the company to open an investigation, which they have failed to do so on two occasions, I’ve had to demand to speak to management who will literally just repeat themselves, ask how the product is working for me, which is infuriating when you’ve been on the line arguing your case that it’s never arrived

    • Did you get any joy getting your money back? The same thing has happened to me. The tablets never arrived . Royal Mail will refund the company if the company contacts them about it but they won’t do that. They keep saying Royal Mail must contact them, which they won’t do. I have managed to speak to 2 supervisors but all they keep saying is that they will send an e mail to their higher department to see IF they will give a refund. Surely, by not supplying the tablets but taking my money, they are committing fraud? My bank has sent me some fraud papers to complete. Did you do this?

  152. I have found out today that they took £89 pound out of my account, I phoned the 02033 566290 number and I spoke with a lady , who claims that If I send the remainder of the tablets too them and once they receive them I will be given a full refund, The free trail was for 14 tablets but they sent 60 tablets of both raspberry ketone blast and the cleanser, and that’s where they feel they can get the money out of you because they have sent the extra tablets. Apparently they are sending me the email with the return address and I have to include a Return merchandise number on it that she gave me, So I suppose the phone call went to america and then I’m sending the tablets back recorded delivery as taking no chances but I doubt I will see my money this side of Christmas, Well that will teach me for being bloody stupid eh.

  153. I have just found out they have taken £95.00 thought I was just paying 2.95

    Will be speaking with bank tomorrow.

    Is this legal I didnt realise you had 14 days to cancel it whould be outlawed

    • email them: customerservice@raspberry-ketoneblast.com. And be prepared for a merry dance. the 0203 number is East Lothian, but it’s a call centre in India… It took me 8 weeks to get my refund. of £75 because they take £20 restocking fee? completely robbed. I notified my bank and Citizen’s advice …never again…

  154. I am fuming …………………these people cannot continue to take money from my bank account again.
    I had closed the account and sent back the remainder of the pills by recorded delivery and they have taken another £65.60 from my bank .The bank said that they would stop all transactions but they still managed it. I have contacted the raspberry blast company and they wanted proof of the return by taking a picture and sending paperwork via email to the company. I have phoned them again and they will not refund until they have a spoken to the department that deals with this as it may of not been returned in time???? I am so angry that they have stolen my money for the second time….Grrrr what can i do now and this must stop. HELPPPPPPP

  155. I too have been misled I have contacted my bank and stopped them from taking it again. £95.00 was taken

  156. I fall off too. I just realised after back from my holidays when I checked my bank statement and I found the products which I have not purchased at work….. BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. I regret to inform you that they are still at it even in 2015. Yes I too was fooled when this popped up just at the beginning of December. They are now operating out of Larnaca – I know because I had to send by REGISTERED POST and at my expense these awful tablets back to them and it cost £8.10 for Track and Sign which is what they insisted on. They said they would refund this as well – they wont. Now I have checked today and the parcel has not even been delivered by the post office because they cannot deliver it. Chances are it will come back to me and there will be no refund. I was promised £75.00 refund. I am very disgusted and I hope they get all they deserve and a lot more for good measure.
    These are the details now being used and I have handed to the police
    Tel 02031293923 Address: PO Box 42388 Larnaca 6533 Cyprus.
    Don’t let them fool you.

  158. As the previous comment mentioned, I also used registered post and noted that the parcel had been delivered but not collected. I contacted them yesterday after they took £89 and £95 out of my account and gave them the tracking number. The have told me I will get two full refunds as it is because they haven’t collected the parcel. I will be checking this and following it up.

    So so many of us are reporting the same issue and still it is going on. This cannot be right. Surely something can be done? I’ll let you know if I get my refund – not holding my breath having read other comments, and if I don’t I am going to take this further.

    This just is not right!

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