Raspberry Trim & Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse SCAM warning

Raspberry Trim & Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse SCAM warning

Over the past year or so there have been a number of dietary supplements advertised on Facebook and other popular websites claiming to be the latest weight loss miracle.

Often they will use fake celebrity endorsements to entice you into signing up for a trial of their product.

Unfortunately once you do this you have given the company behind this product to not only charge you an unbelievably high price, but also to continue sending further packages to your address.

The latest advert I have seen is for a combination of 2 products; Raspberry Trim & Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse. Let me explain why I believe that these products are a scam and should be avoided.

What issues were found in the ‘advertorial’?

For a start the advertorial is made out to be written by none other than True Blood star Joe Manganiello, but this is certainly not the only issue.

There is the claim that Celebrity Pawn Star Corey Harrison lost 17 kg in just 28 days using the suggested combination of pills, which is blatantly false advertising.

Further to this is the apparently fake testimonials and comments from users.

All in all this advertorial is designed to entice the gullible and the desperate into clicking through to the product pages, which also have a number of issues that we will go through shortly.

Corey Harrison weight loss

Claims made by Raspberry Trim & Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse

Both products make some pretty big claims, which I will show below:

Raspberry Trim benefits

  • Burn stored fat
  • Lose your cravings
  • Retain muscle mass

Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse benefits

  • Flush out fat
  • Optimise your body
  • Cleanse toxins

Now these claims may sound impressive, however we would need to look at the ingredients before we can verify their accuracy.

Ingredients found in Raspberry Trim & Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse

Neither Raspberry Trim nor Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse have listed their ingredients or their dosages. Therefore making it impossible to verify their claims.

For all we know no effect will be experienced.

Cost of Raspberry Trim & Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse

Both products cost £3.95 for delivery of the trial, which unfortunately only covers a period of 14 days.

Once this trial period has concluded you will be charged the full purchase prices; £87.21 for Raspberry Trim and £72.17 for Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse.

As previously mentioned signing up for this trial also allows the company behind these products to continue charging you each month until your account is cancelled.

In conclusion

Fake celeb endorsementsBoth Raspberry Trim and Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse should be avoided along with any other trial offer. They may seem tempting but almost always end up costing you more than you thought.

These two seem particularly bad due to their advertising methods and seemingly fake celebrity endorsements from celebs such as Daniel Craig and Channing Tatum amongst others.

Contact details for Raspberry Trim & Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse

You can contact these companies using the following contact details:

Raspberry Trim

Phone: 0-808-189-3150
Email: support@myraspberrytrim.com

Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse

Phone: 0-808-189-3151
Email: support@puregreencoffeesupreme.com

If you have signed up for either of these trial offers then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Raspberry Trim & Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse

If you want to buy a better and more cost effective alternative to these products then I would recommend that you look at the Raspberry Ketone Plus Colon Cleanse Combo pack available from Evolution Slimming.

This combo pack contains both Raspberry Ketone Plus and Detox Plus for just £38.95, which is considerably cheaper than just one of the trial products reviewed above.

Best of all you can buy this combo pack without every having to sign up for an auto ship program, meaning you can relax in the knowledge that you are not going to find unwanted charged being made to your account every month.

Click to buy the Raspberry Ketone Plus Colon Cleanse Combo

23 comments on "Raspberry Trim & Green Coffee Supreme Cleanse SCAM warning"
  1. i just purchased the green coffee supreme cleanse,scared to just find out about scandle.

  2. I have baught the raspberry trim .. They were a night mare to get intouch with .. They wouldn’t cancel the product and were telling me i had to wait for the second package … I ended up getting in touch who my bank who luckily stopped any payments going to them and also the fraud team got on there case … They did send me the pills .. No side affects but no weight loss either do not buy

  3. I ordered a free sample of both, they came to my house all was fine, except a few of weeks later a sum of money was taken out of my bank. I later found out it was them and they had charged me for actually buying the product as well as the free trial which I hadn’t done. I am only 17 and going away so they took my holiday money, I haven’t been refunded and still trying to get in touch.

  4. I ordered a free sample and agreed to pay for p&p and they without my knowledge took 86£ from my account. I feel like I was crooked and robbed. I contacted my bank to stop this scam.

  5. I ordered a free sample and agreed to the £3.99 shipping fee and nothing else, then a few weeks later the charges hit my account £86 and £74, i tried to contact them immediately but no luck. I then contacted my bank who are currently in the middle of trying to help me out. This is an absolute nightmare and I feel cheated and robbed, more annoyingly it is my own fault for not reading it thoroughly!!! so annoyed, do not buy this product!

    • Exactly the same happened to me I thought I was signing up to a free trial for £3.99 each. The pills took 2 weeks to arrive and then a couple of weeks later they debited my credit card with £86 and £74. I have been well and truly done. DEFINITELY DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT I am currently liaising with my credit card company who have put a stop on the debits. I doubt I will get my money back.

  6. I too fell for this scam. But my bank stopped the payment and called me about it. So I emailed both companies, and mentioned that I did not sign up to pay the £86/£75 charges, and that my bank stopped payment of said.
    They got back in touch a few hours later saying that they cancelled my account, won’t attempt any more charges and that they’re “sorry to see me go” and offered me a 50% off voucher! gotta love their effort!

    • hi guys, I got caught by this- called my bank who told me to contact the companies directly to sort it out so emailed them (yesterday) using the addresses give in the article and have just received emails today from both saying my account has been cancelled… Was just wondering has anyone actually managed to get a refund from them at all??

  7. I agree with the description of a scam.
    I ordered the trial Raspberry Trim offer and, as others said, agreed to £3.99 postage.

    I had no confirmation of the order nor of despatch but the consignment did not arrive until 21 days. I then noticed that they had billed me for the full amount of £86

    I complained by email only to receive a reply telling me to ring them as “they do not deal with cancellations or refunds by email”

    I then rang them telling them that I had been wrongly billed but they said that the trial was for 14 days and that ran from the date of order and not the date of receipt. I then pointed out that their conditions showed a price of $87.21 but they used a price of $140 to calculate the sterling price. They could not care less.
    In then wrote again asking the complaint to be taken by the Manager but all I received was another stock email telling me to ring them!

    If this was a UK firm then we can get onto Trading Standards, but they are in the Land of the Free.

    Does anyone know what their procedures for dealing with the scammer in the US?

  8. I just found out that i was scamed by this free trial offer. My checking account was charge for the bottle at full price and would have continued to be charged every month if I had not found out that buying the free sample allows this company to charge me for a bottle every month.

  9. I just bought these then saw the small print now I can’t get it to cancel and am really worried. Help?! Anyone?!

  10. I just bought this trial then read the small print and your website phoned bank straight away and they have advised cancelling my card to stop further debits. Nightmare!

  11. I also ordered this crap, took out £86 and £74. I have contacted the bank and they’ve told me to try and get in touch with the company. I’ve sent them 3 emails saying that i am more than willing to send them the product back, as I have not opened it, but I have received no reply. Now the bank said they would go after them on their own. I have tried calling these numbers, but it seems as if they dont even exist. Does anybody have any advice on how I could reach these bastards!!!?

    • So glad I read these reviews! I phoned my credit card company yesterday and got my card canceled, before the scammers could take money of my card. I then looked on the company’s web site at the terms and conditions……..Sneaky scamming T*@ts!

  12. I ordered a free trial for raspberry and aloevera cleans. They took 4.95 and 4.13 from my account and few days later they took 79 and 49ponds from my account.
    Iam so mad. I only used 6 table from the bottles. I called them and ask to refund the tablets. But they say they cant refund my money. The bank can only stop future payments but cant refund the money either.
    Thieves. They know 80 percent of the ppl wont read the condition. Why will i agree to pay 80ponds for a bottle when i can buy one on amazo for 15ponds??? This ppl are thieves and the bank of someone dhould do something about this.

  13. I to fell for this scam thinking I was just getting the 14 day trial price and then get hit with $253.61 debited from my checking account. They should not be allowed to get away with this especially for crappy products that done work.

  14. I just found out that I also have been scammed…I cancelled my account after I found out they charged me $114 for the Garcinia and then sent me Raspberry Trim which I didn’t ever order. They have taken a total of $475 from my bank account and are denying touching it. They are the only people I gave my info to so they are taking my money!! to top it off, I have no other product to show for this>>>just the initial Garcinia and the 2 bottles of Raspberry Trim. These people are scam artists and if anyone knows how we could stop them/get our money back your ideas would be greatly appreciated. I’m reporting them to the BBB here in Canada as well as the States. I’ve told the police and I’m taking it to our local newspaper. I had to go the bank and change my info and that’s how they will no longer steal any more money from us. Anyone thinking of buying this product or others like it, don’t do it. Go to your local health food store, its so much cheaper in the long run 🙁

  15. Does the weight loss pills actually work? I ordered mine and it came within 3-5 business days! I’ve been taking the raspberry trim and green coffee pills for a few days now and I’m just curious to know if I will be getting my money worth!

  16. You people suck!!!! I have tried every way possible to cancel my order and can’t get in touch with anybody!!! I want this stuff stopped being sent to my house!!!!! And I want my money back also now!!!!!!! You say no problem just go to our email & CANCEL EVERY TIME I TRY TO CANCEL THE EMAIL WILL NOT WORK!!

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