Raspberry Ultra Drops scam

Raspberry Ultra Drops scam

Since its appearance on The Dr Oz Show there have been endless products being manufactured all using this one ingredient hoping to cash in on its popularity.

One of the latest products is Raspberry Ultra Drops, which despite using the proven ingredient has so far not made a good name for itself.

Raspberry Ultra DropsUnrealistic weight loss claims

First claims of weight losses of as much as 3lbs a day is not only unrealistic but also dangerous. To lose weight safely you really should not be losing more than 2lbs a week as any further weight is likely to be muscle mass.

There is also no mention of any ingredient dosages nor pictures of the label so thee is no way of knowing how much Raspberry Ketone is present.

This trick is commonly used when there is very little of the beneficial ingredient actually in the formula.

False advertising is rife

The manufacturer of Raspberry Ultra Drops used to sell another product called iHCG Pro Drops, which has now been banned by the FDA.

However the same fake testimonials have appeared on both product websites.

Reports of fraud

A quick look at Scambook, Facecrooks or ComplaintsBoard (popular scam and consumer advocate sites) will show the sheer number of complaints there have been against this product.

You would expect to read a few as no company is perfect yet these are not small claims as some complaints run into the thousands.

What is most worrying is the claim that the manufacturer of Raspberry Ultra Drops have been illegally hacking into their customers emails in order to send out advertisements to the friends on their address book.

Raspberry Ultra Drops scam

Raspberry Ultra Drops scam

Expensive product

For $69 you would expect a little more than a 2oz bottle, however this is all you will be getting for your money. No wonder so many people are annoyed.

In conclusion

Despite the popularity of Raspberry Ketones and its undoubted ability to aid with your weight loss efforts you still need to be wary of which product you choose to buy.

There are always going to be dubious companies looking to make a fast buck regardless of who they hurt.

For this reason you should always check to see what dosage of the beneficial ingredient has been used. Try to avoid products that use the term ‘proprietary blend’ as this is a known method of saying there is some of the ingredient without having to mention how much.

Raspberry Ketones can help you to lose weight but I would not recommend the use of Raspberry Ultra Drops. I would however recommend the use of Raspberry Ketone Plus, which contains the recommended daily allowance of 200mg of Raspberry Ketone.

Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise you will be that one step closer to your ideal weight.

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7 comments on "Raspberry Ultra Drops scam"
  1. I ordered my supply of 2 bottles a couple days ago. I am yet to receive a receipt via email but they took the money out meaning the order had to be processed. I emailed this company a few days ago also (since there is no number) and still havent received a reply even though the time said 24-48 hours.

    The online support is also never available. I expected a more professional customer service given how much I spent on 4 ounces but I guess not. I feel scammed.

  2. How do we stop this and how do we get our money back

  3. I purchased 2 bottles that cost me $129 On 30 mar 2015! (Using the foxdrops.com wbsite). After a couple of days, no email msg to confirm my order. Yes money was taken out when order was made. There was no number to contact so I emailed twice and no one respnded. then I emailed a couple of days ago and finally someone Got back to me. I gave her my order number and she said, she couldnt find my order, but she ask me to send more details. I emailed her back with everything she asked. So i sent it through yesterday.

    today I notice in my spam msgs, a confirmation email was sent 3 days ago from today, confirming my purchase and delivery details for the raspberry ultra drops. Strange? Delay? So now I am waiting for samantha to email me back and hopefully its with good news. I sent through the email I found in my spam msgs hoping to get more answers to my order or i was in fact scammed.

  4. I’m so mad right now… I had ordered them on 4-20-15 they have already taken $160 out of my bank. The bank said it was out of china. I emailed them 4 times.. not 1 time I have I received an email that they received my payment and that they shipped my product out. Now I go to send I another email. And I can’t pull up there site! God please calm me down… I need you today.. If anyone knows what I can do please help.. Thank you

  5. I ordered 2 bottles in March and money deducted immediately from my account, after a number of reminders finally received them on Friday. Have just taken my first dose & I swear I have just purchased the most expensive 2x60ml of water!!!! Don’t even feel safe to take it!!! Not sure what to do now!!!!! Really feel I’ve been ripped off.

  6. I ordered 2 bottles on April 12 2015 I never got my order and today is July 28 2015 I send a comment ..can someone please tell me the e-mail so I can get hold of someone I order twice before that and I got my orders …..but this time I have no idea what happen

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