5 Reasons Why Americans Are Obese

5 Reasons Why Americans Are Obese

Did you know that currently 40% of all American adults are obese (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey)?

Just 10 years ago this percentage was only 32%, so what has caused this rise in obesity levels?

Of course the diet of the average American is a big concern, with many choosing to eat large portions of junk food on a daily basis.

The sugar found in their soft drinks also has a bearing on their weight.

These are not the only issues though, read on to discover a few other reasons why Americans are obese.

#1: They do not get enough exercise

The truth is that many Americans are more sedentary than in previous years, with many sat in their office day after day, before jumping into their car to drive home to sit in front of the TV.

If this scenario sounds a lot like your life then weight gain is likely an issue, but how are you going to burn off calories if you do not move?

In a study less than half of all American adults met the federal guidelines for physical activity. With black and Hispanic adults faring even worse than their white counterparts.

Even children these days are not as active as they once were, with many choosing to sit in front of a screen rather than going out to play with friends.

#2: They have a low income

It is a fact that on the whole junk food is a lot cheaper to buy than healthier foods.

Another issue could be a lack of time, as they are working all hours to bring in the money they need.

This leaves very little time to prepare healthy meals to eat. Instead it is more convenient to buy food out.

A lack of money can also leave people feeling depressed, which can also be a cause of weight gain.

#3: They are stressed

We are all that much more stressed than we should be, perhaps our longer work hours are to blame.

Exercise for Weight LossWhatever the reason, high stress levels can cause weight gain.

For one your body will tend to store more fat when it is stressed, while you will also find that people will tend to comfort eat too. This is a dangerous combination.

#4: They are sleep deprived

While stress and those long working hours can affect the amount of sleep you get, there is another reason why you are not sleeping as much as you should.

These days we all carry around smartphones and tablets, and are unable to leave them for a second. Many of us even take them to bed with us.

Unfortunately the constant updates can disrupt your sleep.

If you get less than the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night then you will find that the hormones that control your hunger can become disrupted, leading you to eat more than you should.

A lack of sleep can also leave you feeling tired and unable to exercise, which is another factor that you need to factor in.

#5: They may have an illness

While this is not going to be the reason why most are obese, for some it could be additional factor.

Certain medications can cause weight gain, so if you suspect this to be the case then I would suggest that you speak to your doctor to see if there is an alternative available to you.

While this particular medication could solve one problem, if it is causing weight gain then it could cause other issues instead.

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