10 Shocking reasons why you overeat

10 Shocking reasons why you overeat

You know that overeating is likely to ruin your diet, yet you simply cannot stop eating that extra mouthful.

Perhaps it is time for you to tackle the reasons behind your overeating habits and finally get a healthy relationship back with your food.

This should then in turn aid your weight loss journey.

Reason #1: You skip breakfast

You may think that skipping breakfast is a great way to save those important calories, well unfortunately you may end up consuming more calories during your next meal to fill the hole where your breakfast should have gone.

Those who skip breakfast are more likely to snack mid morning, which will often be something unhealthy.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast full of protein to avoid those cravings and give you the energy you need to last the whole day through.

Reason #2: You eat in front of a screen

Whether it is a TV or computer screen, eating in front of a screen often results in overeating.

The reason is that you will not be concentrating on the food, but rather the TV show or whatever else is going on in front of you.

Mealtimes should be about the food. Move away or better still switch off the screen until after you finish eating.

Reason #3: No portion control

Most of us will force ourselves to eat every last morsel left on our plates, whether we are full of not.

Instead of filling your plate to the brim, lay out a reasonable size portion to begin. Therefore you will not have to face the temptation to eat too much.

Reason #4: Mistaking thirst for hunger

People will often mistake thirst for hunger, which will mean that you will eat more even when in reality you are simply thirsty.

By drinking more water throughout the day you will not get as many of these cravings and as a bonus the water will help to flush away those toxins that prevent weight loss.

Reason #5: Eating for your partner

Reasons why we overeatWe are all different with different nutritional needs and cravings.

Therefore would it not make sense that we should each have our own portion sizes and food options?

Your slim partner may be able to eat what they want without gaining a pound, whereas you unfortunately gain weight just thinking about food.

Eat for yourself and not your partner.

Reason #6: Your plates and bowls are too big

If your plates and bowls are too big a health portion size will look small on it, which will lead to you overfilling.

Rather than allowing yourself to overfill your plates reach for a smaller one.

It may also be helpful to invest in a few measuring cups and spoons to ensure the correct portion sizes are given out.

Reason #7: You feel guilty

We all make mistakes when dieting, but allowing guilt to take hold off you can lead to further bouts of comfort eating.

If you do make a mistake, simply move on and don’t let it affect the good work you had done up to that point, and the good work you are going to do in the future.

Reason #8: You never snack

If you feel that snacking is wrong for you then you may be mistaken.

A healthy snack between meals can ward off hunger and ensure you eat less during your next meal, which could aid your weight loss efforts.

Reason #9: Overindulging after a workout

Just because you feel as though you had a good workout does not mean you can overindulge afterwords with your favourite dessert.

Some desserts can contain hundreds of calories, which will take hours to burn in the gym.

Reason #10: Getting emotional

If you tend to comfort eat when you are feeling stressed or down you will likely struggle to lose weight.

Perhaps eating a healthier alternative would be a better idea?

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