Rebecca Adlington’s weight loss secrets revealed

Rebecca Adlington’s weight loss secrets revealed

You may have noticed following her appearances covering the Commonwealth Games that Rebecca Adlington has recently lost quite a bit of weight since her days of winning medals at the Olympics, but how has she managed to slim down?

Why did Rebecca Adlington need to lose weight?

At the peak of her swimming career Rebecca had to consume 3,500 calories every day to maintain her muscular physique, however after her retirement from the sport the lack of training had led to a few extra pounds being gained.

“I put on a lot of weight when I retired. When I was swimming food was fuel, so when I stopped training the weight went on and I got hips. Every athlete goes through the same thing.”

However, with her upcoming wedding to fellow swimmer Harry Needs just around the corner she new things had to change.

How did Rebecca Adlington lose the weight?

Obviously eating six Weetabix for breakfast, four sandwiches for lunch and a huge spaghetti bolognese in the evenings, as well as snacks in-between had to change as this was once an average meal for the former gold medal winner.

Instead Rebecca embarked on a strict diet of vegetable juices, daily yoga and meditation sessions coupled with long walks in the countryside at a secluded chateau in Provence.

How much weight has Rebecca Adlington lost?

It is believed that her new regime has resulted in a weight loss of 2 stone, which her fiancé has been keen to show off on Twitter.

Rebecca Adlington Twitter

However this is not to say that this new healthier diet has not been without its issues as Rebecca has stated that she found herself feeling “starving” with “hunger pains”.

“You are used to eating a lot and just craving all of the sugary things you are used to, or certainly I am.”

With her new slimmer body ready for her upcoming wedding, Rebecca Adlington seems happy within herself, and so she should.

“I think it is the only holiday I have ever been on and probably will go on where I will actually lose weight and feel really good. I definitely feel the best I have ever felt in my whole entire life.”

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