Reduce Asthma Attacks by Losing Weight

Reduce Asthma Attacks by Losing Weight

In a news study published in the journal Allergy and Clinical Immunology, researchers have concluded that patients who underwent weight loss surgery were able to reduce the risk of suffering an asthma attack.

What did the study involve?

Researchers looked at data from 2,300 obese patients from California, Nebraska and Florida who suffered from asthma between the ages of 18 and 54 who had undergone weight loss surgery between 2007 and 2009.

They discovered that before the surgery the number of patients who had to attend an emergency visit to the hospital was 22%, which dropped to just 11% after surgery, with risk of experiencing an asthma attack remaining low even after 2 years.

Final thoughts

While the researchers were able to determine that weight loss could reduce the risk of suffering an asthma attack, it was not clear how much weight loss is necessary for the best results.

Regardless, if you are overweight or obese then weight loss is recommended not only to help with asthma, but also for a variety of other reasons too.

Carrying around too much excess weight is not good for your health and will increase your risk of developing numerous health conditions including heart disease and diabetes.

Of course weight loss surgery is an option, but for some (most) it is not the best option. Surgery always carries risks, with infections a real problem.

Cost is also an issue, and unless the NHS picks up the bill you would expect to pay a few thousand to go under the knife.

This is why before you consider weight loss surgery you try the more traditional method of losing weight, namely diet and exercise.

It maybe difficult and you often feel like quitting, but given time you will be able to see some big changes to your body and your health.

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