5 Tips to Help Reduce Hunger Cravings

5 Tips to Help Reduce Hunger Cravings

If you are unable to control your hunger then chances are you are never going to reach your weight loss goals.

Luckily for you though there are a few tips that you can use to reduce hunger cravings.

Please read on to discover what you can do to help beat those cravings and ensure you get those weighing scales moving in the right direction.

#1: Have a glass of water before a meal

Research has shown that drinking a glass of water before a meal can significantly reduce the amount you will eat.

Sometimes you will suffer hunger cravings during the day too, which may actually be dehydration.

If you experience these cravings perhaps have a sip of water before you reach for those snacks.

#2: Use smaller plates

Diet SuccessYou can trick your brain into thinking you have eaten a large portion simply by using smaller plates.

#3: Brush your teeth after a meal

After every meal you should take a moment to brush your teeth.

The reason for this is so that your brain realises that you have finished and satisfied. So you wont need any second helpings.

#4: Knock off those distractions

To avoid mindless eating it is recommended that you knock off anything that will distract you from the food in front of you.

That means, no TV, laptops, or smart phones.

When you learn to appreciate your food you will enjoy it more. This will leave you more satisfied and less likely to experience those pesky hunger cravings.

#5: Distract yourself

This is the opposite of the last tip, but the next time you experience a food cravings between meals you should do something to distract yourself from those cravings.

Perhaps going for a walk or a workout would be a good idea, as you are actively working towards your weight loss goals with these activities.


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