Why do you Reach For Sweets in the Afternoon?

Why do you Reach For Sweets in the Afternoon?

So you have decided that you want to lose weight, yet despite your best efforts for some reason by mid-afternoon you are unable to resist those cravings for sugary sweets.

If this sounds like you then there could be a reason why. With a new study (published in the Elsevier Food Quality and Preference journal) showing that women tend to look at unhealthy foods in a more positive light in the afternoon.

Dr Ashleigh Haynes, a Flinders University psychology researcher had this to say about the findings:

“Our findings showed a tendency to automatically think of unhealthy snack foods in a more positive manner as the day progressed, which previous research has shown to contribute to greater craving, desire, and ultimately, consumption of those foods.”

“This highlights that it might be especially important to implement strategies that replenish our capacity to control automatic responses, or limit the availability of unhealthy snack foods later in the day, when we tend to evaluate those foods more positively.”

What can you do to reduce these sugary cravings?

There are various things that you can do to reduce these sugary cravings, for example:

#1: Cut out processed foods

Processed foods are full of sugars and artificial sweeteners, and as you know these are addictive, which means that eating them only leads to cravings for more sugary foods.

#2: Drink plenty of water

Cravings for SweetsSometimes those cravings you experience are actually your bodies way of telling you that you are dehydrated and in need of a drink.

Next time you suffer a sugar craving, have a drink and see if the craving remains.

#3: Cut out stress

Stress can lead to an increase in the production of the hormone cortisol that can cause sugar cravings to occur.

Meditation and yoga are good at relieving stress levels.

#4: Go for a walk

To take your mind off your sugar cravings, go for a walk or do something energetic.

#5: Eat more often

When you eat large meals your blood sugar levels will rise, but as they fall you will experience those sugar cravings.

By eating smaller meals but at more regular intervals your blood sugar levels will remain at a more constant level so fewer cravings will be experienced.

#6: Cut out sugar

This may seem obvious, but to cut back on sugar cravings, simply cut out sugar.

You will need to read food labels to ensure they contain as little sugar as possible, you most certainly do not want to be adding sugar to your drinks either.

Sugar cravings can be a big problem when it comes to weight loss, if you suffer from them there are certainly things that you can do. There are some suggestions above, but if the cravings remain a little indulgence wont harm.

Remember if your diet is too boring you will be unlikely to stick to it. Just make sure to use a little moderation, as too many treats can ruin your previous good efforts.

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