4 Reasons Why You Regain Lost Weight

4 Reasons Why You Regain Lost Weight

Well done, you have managed to achieve your weight loss goals.

Unfortunately this is not the first time you have achieved them, but for whatever reason you have been unable to keep the weight off in the past.

A recent study of The Biggest Loser contestants found that most of them regained at least some of their lost weight, with some even weighing more than when they first appeared on the show.

So, what are some of the possible reasons why you regain lost weight? Lets read on to discover some of the main causes.

#1: You choose the quickest route

While fast weight loss is desired by many, the methods used to achieve fast weight loss is not designed for your long term goals.

Many diets that promote quick results involve drastic cutting of calories, or the banning of entire food groups.

This may work in the short term but the truth is that once you start eating more normally again, any lost weight will return. Probably with a little extra weight as a bonus for you.

When you drastically cut calories your body will think that you are literally starving so will take steps to reduce the number of calories you burn.

Basically your metabolic rate will reduce drastically, so weight loss may not occur.

Banning entire food groups is also not a good idea either, your body requires all sorts of foods, not only for nutritional purposes but also for your state of mind.

You should never cut out entire food groups, even those unhealthy foods that you lose. What you will find is that you will end up craving them even more, which will undoubtedly lead to a period of overindulgence or bingeing.

Of course you should cut back on these types of foods, but you must try to find a healthy balance.

#2: You see your weight goal as then end of your journey

Many of us think that once we reach our goal weight then that is the end of it. We relax our diet and let our exercise regime fall by the way-side.

Of course when this occurs the weight you have previously lost will slowly start to creep back on.

Weight LossThe truth is that if you wish to keep the weight off long-term then you cannot think of your regime as a “diet” as this is just short term thinking.

Think of it more of a lifestyle change that you will need to stick to for the rest of your life. That is unless you enjoy losing weight and regaining it, only to have to lose it again, which I am sure you do not enjoy.

#3: You diet for the wrong reasons

Losing weight will lead to all sorts of compliments regarding your appearance but is the best way to stay motivated?

After a while these comments will become more scarce, so what will you do when this occurs? Will you relax your efforts and let the weight creep back on?

You need to find what motivates you to keep the weight off, personally I would focus more on the health benefits rather than the compliments, but that is just me.

#4: You aren’t flexible

To keep the weight off long-term you need to be flexible and not allow life’s changes affect your efforts.

Some examples of this include:

  • An everything goes attitude on holiday
  • Skipping exercise because of the weather
  • Grabbing a takeaway when you are busy

If you are willing to remain dedicated and motivated then it is entirely possible to keep the lost weight off. It is up to you how successful you are able to be.

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