Is Your Diet Sabotaging Your Metabolism?

Is Your Diet Sabotaging Your Metabolism?

Your metabolism is what controls how many calories you burn. So if you want to lose weight you need to avoid certain things that can negatively affect your metabolic rate.

Here are some things that you do that could be sabotaging your metabolism.

#1: You are not eating enough

Of course if you want to lose weight then cutting the number of calories you consume is a good idea.

However, this does not mean that you should be starving yourself.

Firstly you need calories to function properly, and without them you will struggle to complete those everyday tasks.

Secondly, cutting your calorie intake by too much will cause your metabolism to slow and therefore hold onto its fat reserves.

When this occurs your body will turn to your muscle mass for energy, which will slow your metabolism down even further as your muscle is broken down.

#2: You do not eat enough protein

The amount of muscle you have can have an impact on your metabolic rate. With the more muscle mass the higher your metabolism.

To build muscle you need exercise, preferably weight training, and as your muscle fibres are torn during the exercise you will need protein to repair and to grow.

If you are not consuming enough protein your body will instead break down muscle during a process called catabolism, which is not something that you would want to occur.

#3: You don’t drink coffee

Coffee is an acquired taste but it can boost your metabolic rate, with one study showing that just 1 cup could boost your metabolism by 10%.

The reason for this metabolic boost is that coffee contains caffeine, which is a natural stimulant.

Just make sure to avoid those added sugars and cream when drinking coffee, as those extra calories consumed will negate any benefits that result from the metabolism boost.

#4: You don’t drink cold water

If you want to lose weight then you need to be drinking water.

WaterYou should opt for water instead of soft drinks as it does not contain any calories, plus can help curb your appetite.

If you drink it when it is ice cold then it can also boost your metabolism too. This is because thermogenesis will occur within your body to warm you up.

#5: You are eating too many processed carbs

Processed carbs are those with very little nutritional value. For example very little fibre so are quickly digested by your body.

When this occurs a blood sugar spike will occur followed by a crash. When this occurs your cravings for more processed carbs will occur, while your metabolism will drop too.

Instead of choosing processed carbs like white bread, white rice and pastries, choose brown rice, whole-wheat bread and fibrous vegetables.

#6: You are not getting enough calcium

While consuming more than the recommended amount of calcium wont cause your metabolism to increase, if you are not getting enough then this could cause your metabolism to slow.

Healthy sources of calcium include milk, yogurt, and cheese. Leafy greens, seafood, legumes, and fruit are also sources you could try.

#7: You do not get enough iron

A lack of iron in your diet can also have a negative effect on your metabolism.

To ensure you are getting enough in your diet, you need to make sure you are eating foods rich in this nutrient. Good sources include beef, tofu, lentils, kidney beans and prune juice.

#8: You drink too much alcohol

If you drink a lot of alcohol then this can affect your metabolism.

As your body is unable to store alcohol your body will instead prioritise trying to metabolise it.

When your body metabolises alcohol it converts it into acetate, which has been shown to prevent the breakdown of fat.

After looking at this list is there anything listed that could be potentially harming your metabolism? If so perhaps you need to make a few changes, you know it will be worth the effort.


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