X Factor Winner Sam Bailey Weight Loss Revealed

X Factor Winner Sam Bailey Weight Loss Revealed

Sam Bailey the former winner of X Factor back in 2013 has recently revealed her two and a half stone weight loss, where she also went down 3 dress sizes.

The 38 year old singer went from a size 18 who weighed 13st 1lb to a size 12 weighing just 10st 10lb.

Why did she decide to lose weight?

After giving birth to her daughter Miley last year Sam had admitted to feel self-conscious about her weight, especially when faced by trolls on Twitter who would criticise her appearance.

“I have always been thin but piled weight on after having children. When I was pregnant with Miley I ate like a horse. I’m a great believer in eating what you want when pregnant as if you are craving something, that means your body wants it. But you have to accept you will have to work hard afterwards to get it off.”

She also stated that if it were not for her being in the public eye and a celebrity she would not have felt as much as a need to lose the weight.

“You don’t see many size 18 women on TV, in fashion shows and in magazines and people are quick to judge when you’re fat.”

“If I had a normal job I would have plodded along and accepted the fact I was overweight but there are certain expectations in my job and I felt I needed to look good to represent myself in a more positive way.”

This was not the only reason for her weight loss though, she also wanted to become fitter and healthier.

“I feel much better in terms of my health and fitness now. Being overweight is not good for you as it can cause heart problems and clog the arteries. Being slimmer has helped with my asthma, I’m not getting as wheezy, I used to get out of breath just walking around.”

“Now my body is fit and strong, particularly my legs and I was so proud to complete a 100-mile bike ride last week.”

“I won’t be doing lots of energetic dance routines at gigs now as a lot of the songs I perform are slow ballads but it will be nice to move around the stage and not feel knackered.”

What did she do to lose weight?

Sam Bailey Weight Loss SuccessThe first thing Sam Bailey had to do to achieve her weight loss goal was to try and overcome her love of fattening carbohydrates:

“It was like taking a dummy from a baby.”

Before her weight loss she would also skip breakfast, instead choosing to eat snack food such as biscuits and chocolate.

“I didn’t have a healthy diet. If I had a cup of tea, I’d always have it with biscuits. I would cook for kids at lunch but I was always eating on the go. I never had set meal times of my own.”

“I’d just grab food like crisps, chocolate bars, a cheese sandwich. I was a cereal fiend and would have bowls at 11 o’clock at night. I always had to have chocolate bar in my bag, it was a comfort blanket, I had to know I had it in an emergency.”

To help her with her discipline and portion control, Sam discovered the Exante Diet; a diet plan that offers low-calorie food and replacement meal shakes and bars.

As well as this Sam has also become a keen cyclist, and has recently completed a 100-mile charity bike ride from London to Surrey.

“I took up cycling for the charity bike ride and I really enjoy it. It makes me feel free, it’s my thinking time. There’s no-one to talk to, it’s just you and the open road. I’m going to keep doing a 14-mile bike ride every other day.”

She also regularly walks 5 miles while doing the school run with her children.

How does Sam feel about her new look?

Sam has stated the following about her weight loss:

“I feel more confident now, my weight has always been an insecurity of mine. Now I am able to walk round in clothes that look nice on me and get I get compliments from people about my weight loss.”

“I wore a bikini on holiday as I felt comfortable in my own skin. Getting into a size 12 was the best feeling in the world, I can wear clothes that haven’t fit for ages again.”

If you wish to lose weight, take inspiration from Sam Bailey. She has managed to achieve her weight loss goal. With a few changes you can achieve your goal too.

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