Sarah Ferguson weight loss revealed

Sarah Ferguson weight loss revealed

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York has recently revealed during an interview with Dr Mehmet Oz on the Dr Oz Show how she achieved her 55 pound weight loss.

Why had she gained weight?

Having been abandoned by her mother at a young age, and her subsequent death later, Sarah Ferguson developed a deep depression, coupled with low self-esteem.

She has stated that to cope with her feelings of loneliness and self-hatred she would overeat.

Things did not change even when married to Prince Andrew, with the press calling her names such as the ‘Duchess of Pork’.

No wonder she once topped the scales at 190 pounds.

“Had I not just chosen food as my friend, I would have chosen something else.”

“A lot of people turn to shopping, alcohol, smoking, any other addiction. My addiction was food. I used it to suppress my feelings and therefore every time I went through something, I ate to compensate.”

“I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes. I was just drowning in eating, drowning in food.”

How did she lose weight?

With her weight making her unhappy she made the decision to lose the weight before it killed her.

“I couldn’t bear looking at myself any minute longer.”

“In fact, the size of my *ss probably saved my life. I got to a point where I just couldn’t bare looking at myself any minute longer. I was 190 pounds a year ago and I was miserable.”

Over the past 12 months she has lost an astonishing 55 pounds. She has achieved this goal through a sugar-free diet, alongside hiking and various running workouts.

Now that she is thinner she has decided to help fight the global obesity crisis. Her own daughter, Princess Beatrice has also lost 30 pounds using a low-calorie diet and by running, so her mothers advice must be working.

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