The “New” Secret Weight Loss Method

The “New” Secret Weight Loss Method

In the past you have likely heard that calorie counting was the best way to achieve your weight loss goals.

However, a new secret weight loss method has been found that perhaps could be even more effective.

So what is this method? Well, research has shown that the key to weight loss is timing your meals and fasting.

How does this method work?

Dr Jason Fung, who endorses this method says that:

“Stubborn, diet-resistant weight gain isn’t about eating too much or exercising too little; it’s not about excess calories or saturated fat. It is, in fact, a complex hormonal issue.”

Basically, your nightly meals should correspond with your bodies own natural hormone fluctuations.

By fasting for 2 non-sequential 24 hour sessions every week, you will be able to burn fat with less effort, while also increasing your energy levels.

“Your basal metabolic rate goes up [while fasting]. In the caveman days, as soon as you had nothing to eat, the body would give us more energy. The body revs up metabolically.”

How to succeed at this method?

Dr Jason Fung, has written his own book on fasting, it is called “The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss” and it offers a few tips to help you succeed at fasting.

As few of these tips can be found below:

#1: Fast twice a week

For some fasting can be difficult to get into as you are used to eating everyday.

What I would suggest would be to have a meal in the evening, then skip breakfast and lunch the following day.

Doing so will still ensure you are eating something every day, but are still able to fast for the required 24 hours.

#2: While fasting, drink green tea, water and coffee

This can help detox and give you the energy you need to continue.

#3: Have some broth

Weight Loss Through FastingWhile fasting you are also permitted to have bone broth.

The reason for this is so that the broth can replenish the lost salt from your body.

#4: Stay busy

No doubt you will occasionally experience hunger cravings while fasting, this is normal.

You can curb these cravings by drinking water, or you can try taking your mind off the cravings by trying to stay as busy as possible.

#5: Keep the fasting to yourself

This tip is recommended by Dr Fung as he believes that others may try to discourage you from this method of weight loss.

My personal advice would be that you should avoid people like this in the first place. When losing weight you need positive support from loved ones, not negativity.

#6: Eat sensibly between fasts

It maybe tempting to try to make up those missed calories by eating an overly large meal, or one full of unhealthy foods.

If you are trying to lose weight then this is certainly not a good idea as it will undo all the good work you achieved while fasting.

Final thoughts

If you have never tried fasting before this new weight loss method maybe tough to begin, however as your body adapts it will get easier.

By the third week of this fasting approach your body would have adapted and you will be well on your way to losing a few of those excess pounds.

Please leave a comment below if you have tried fasting yourself.

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