Secret Weight Loss Tip

Secret Weight Loss Tip

There are always news stories regarding the latest diet or weight loss idea, often this information can become a little overwhelming so can be disregarded.

However sometimes there is valuable information available if you take the time to take it in.

Psychology for example is particularly valuable as when attempting to lose weight you will want to change your behaviors.

Recently a study from the Journal of Applied Cognitive Psychology has shown how just a small change in your behavior could help you with your weight loss efforts.

What did the study show?

You may already know that you are more likely to pick food from your fridge if it is placed at the front, with those foods at the back remaining largely untouched.

This new research however seems to believe there is more to this as food placed in the middle of a shelf are more likely to be picked than those at the side.

However strange this may sound, this team of researchers from the UK have discovered that people are more likely to choose items (not just food) from the middle than the ends.

During 3 different experiments the researchers tested the preferred location of items on a group of people.

The results of the first two experiments were that half of all the participants chose to look at pictures located in the middle of a row. While in the third experiment the majority of participants chose the middle pair of socks in a row.

How can this help with weight loss?

Well, if you do a little rearranging of your fridge and cupboards. With your healthiest food choices not only at the front but also in the centre.

Doing this will ensure you make the healthiest choices with those unhealthier options hidden away at the back or sides.

Its amazing to think that such a small change could make such a big impact to your weight. Your behaviors are unconscious habits so take advantage of them and finally achieve your goal weight.

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