6 Secrets to Flat Abs

6 Secrets to Flat Abs

With summer almost upon us once again you maybe starting to worry about that extra inch or two of fat that has accumulated around your waist.

It was inevitable really following the excess of Christmas and the New Year that you had gained weight, but there is no need to panic as the following tips will reveal to you the secret to flat abs.

Read on and put into practice these tips and you will have those abs you desire ready to show off on those trips to the beach.

#1: Start your day with a protein-rich meal

Research from the University of Connecticut has shown that certain foods can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels (usually processed carbs as they are full of sugar).

Once your blood sugar levels fall you will inevitably experience further cravings.

In basic terms you need to be aware that certain foods (for example a biscuit) will only result in further cravings for more biscuits.

To cut these cravings and to ensure you feel fuller for longer throughout the day it is suggested that you start your day with a meal full of good quality protein.

#2: Eat more whole grains

While protein is important for your weight loss efforts, there are other foods you should try not to neglect too, such as whole grains for example.

In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those who ate a diet rich in whole grains were able to lose more fat from their waistline than those who did not.

#3: You should diet and exercise

You cannot out-exercise a bad diet, and neither will you see the best results from diet alone. For best results you should diet and exercise.

A study by the University of Connecticut showed that those who cut their carb intake alongside exercise lost more body fat than those who cut their fat intake.

They also gained more lean muscle overall too.

#4: Eat more vegetables

There are a number of reasons why adding more vegetables to your diet is a good idea if you are trying to lose a few inches from your waistline.

Female absFirstly, vegetables are low in calories so are ideal for bulking out your meals without adding unnecessary calories.

Secondly, they are full of nutrients so will help to improve your overall health.

Make sure that you include some vegetables in every meal.

#5: Snack healthily

We all experience food cravings from time to time, and to ensure you do not ruin your other healthy habits by reaching for an unhealthy snack I would suggest having a piece of fruit to hand, just in case.

Another good option would be nuts, but you should try to avoid those covered in salt. And to make sure you eat them in moderation. Even healthy foods eaten in excess can cause weight gain.

#6: Perform high intensity exercise

Our final words of advise that will help you get those flat abs to die for, is to exercise with 100% intensity.

If you want to lose a few inches then it is not the length of time you workout, but rather the effort you put into it.

A study by the University of Arkansas showed that those who perform shorter, but more intense exercise were able to lose 20% of their visceral fat (the fat around their organs). While those who exercised at a moderate pace showed no losses.

Anyway, these days who has time to workout for an hour or so?

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