Taking a Selfie for Weight Loss

Taking a Selfie for Weight Loss

A new study published in the journal Peer J from research at the University of Alicante in Spain has found that taking selfies can help with your weight loss efforts.

What research was undertaken?

During the study the researchers conducted an experiment that looked at how taking photographs of their weight loss progress could help to motivate them further.

The research was conducted on 271 obese and overweight participants, with their weekly exercise regimes and food intake, as well as their body measurements recorded.

What were the results of the study?

Of those tested, 71.3% of the participants achieved their target weight.

How will selfies help with weight loss?

Taking a selfie can help with your weight loss efforts as it can serve as a visual tool that will confirm the hard work and dedication that you have put into your journey.

This can then help motivate you to work just as hard to continue to lose weight.

Co-author Mercedes Rizo Baeza had this to say about the findings:

“After all, it is very gratifying to literally see yourself get slimmer over time.”

“What patients want is a photo, rather than cold numbers.”

Take a Selfie for Weight LossFinal thoughts

Perhaps the next time you are feeling down after weighing yourself and having not lost any weight, perhaps you should take a look at an old photograph to see just how far you have progressed.

Remember sometimes the numbers on the scale are not an accurate reflection of how your body has changed.

Some days you will weigh more, but this can be because of a number of different reasons. For example, what you have eaten or drunk can affect it, as can your hormones on that particular day.

Also, if you have gained muscle you may see the numbers change on the weighing scales but you will look slimmer. Therefore keep those progress pictures safe.

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