Semtex Review – Extreme fat burning

Semtex Review – Extreme fat burning

Jodie Marsh once upon a time was better known for her appearances in various Lads Mags, these days however is known more for her dramatic body transformation thanks to her new bodybuilding career.

Following all the media attention for her new found career it only makes sense that she started her own range of sports supplements, which include the popular Semtex fat burner.

Semtex is claimed to be one of the most powerful fat burners available to buy, one that is not only effective at burning fat but can also help improve your workouts thanks to its energy boosting ingredients.

Lets have a closer look at the Semtex fat burner:

How does Semtex work?

Semtex is made from ingredients proven to boost your metabolism through a process called thermogenesis, which is the process where your internal temperature increases.

As you already know it is important to burn off extra calories when attempting to lose weight, otherwise you will not see any results.

The ingredients found in Semtex can also help to boost your energy levels too, ideal if you find yourself struggling with intense workouts after a hard day in work.

Semtex ingredients

Semtex is made from the following ingredients:

Caffeine – 328mg
Brazilian Cocoa Extract – 240mg
Capsicum – 190mg
Green Tea Extract – 40mg
Guarana Extract – 24mg
L-Carnitine – 20mg

How to take Semtex?

For best results it is recommended that you consume 2 capsules daily. Though if you are not planning on working out then you should allow a 4-6 hour gap between doses.

If you want to experience the extra energy during your workout then you need to consume the capsules 45 minutes before you exercise.

Semtex side effects

Jodie Marsh endorses SemtexDue to the high quantity of caffeine found in Semtex you may be unfortunate to suffer numerous side effects.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that although will boost your metabolic rate has also been linked to issues including insomnia, irritability, the jitters, headaches and occasionally a rapid heartbeat.

There have even been reports from users that Semtex had caused a rash, although these reports seem to be quite rare.

If you suffer from any type of heart condition then it is advised that you give Semtex a miss.

Semtex conclusion

Although Semtex uses proven metabolism boosters there is nothing new or extraordinary about its ingredients. It is simply one of the most powerful fat burners due to the sheer amount of caffeine present.

There are plenty of people who love this fat burner, while others have met with numerous side effects.

If you are not used to the effects of caffeine then Semtex is not recommended. If you are not planning on working out either then there are better alternatives that wont cause any harm.

Finally at £30.49 for 30 servings Semtex is particularly expensive for what it is. There are other cheaper options available that may not have the celebrity endorsement but can offer similar results.

Semtex alternative

A proven alternative to Semtex is Phen375, which is another powerful fat burner yet does not seem to cause any side effects. It is manufactured in an FDA regulated laboratory using only the highest quality ingredients so you know that your safety is paramount.

It may not have the celebrity endorsement of Jodie Marsh but it is particularly effective at helping people just like you to reach their goal weight.

Phen375 vs SemtexSemtex and Phen375 compared

Both Semtex and Phen375 will boost your metabolic rate and therefore will burn extra calories. However the ingredients found within Phen375 can also break down stored body fat and then burn it.

It can also prevent future fat build up too.

Semtex and Phen375 price comparison

Semtex is the cheaper option of the two at £30.49 for a months supply, compared to £46.02 for a months supply of Phen375.

When thinking about buying a fat burner it is not the price you should focus on, instead you should look at what results can be achieved.

These two fat burners are undoubtedly effective but the lack of side effects is a big selling point of Phen375. It also has a much longer money back guarantee, so if you do not see the results you would expect then you can always claim your money back.

In our opinion there is no real comparison between the two.

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