Set Unrealistic Goals for Weight Loss Success

Set Unrealistic Goals for Weight Loss Success

According to research undertaken at the University of Nottingham, the key to weight loss success is setting unrealistic goals.

Over the course of 1 year, 24,000 obese people were tracked, with some setting achievable goals, while others set goals that seemed unrealistic.

At the conclusion of the trial those who set the more ambitious weight loss goals had lost the most weight.

Currently the NHS recommends that those who wish to lose weight aim to start at a more achievable 5-10% loss of body weight. This is to avoid any potential disappointment, however this new research suggests otherwise.

Of course, while this study is promising there is a lot more than setting goals involved when it comes to weight loss.

How can you achieve your weight loss goals?

Now that the New Year celebrations are now over there will certainly be some who are starting to struggle with those resolutions to lose weight.

This is not a surprise as most fail to achieve success.

There is a reason for this as resolutions are not necessarily decisions. Habits are hard to break, and if you are not fully committed to a particular goal then you will never reach it.

The first step to achieving your weight loss goals is telling yourself that you can do it. Use terminology like “I am losing weight”, rather than “I am trying to lose weight”.

This may seem like a simple step but it can make a difference psychologically.

Next, you can look at the methods to lose weight. For instance cutting back on junk food and soft drinks would be a good start.

These foods and drinks are full of calories, but very little nutritional content so wont satisfy you. Instead they will leave you feeling even more cravings.

Opt for whole foods instead, such as fruits and vegetables as they are full of nutrients that promote good health. They are also naturally low in calories.

As for your drink options, I would recommend sticking to plain tap water. It is after-all free of calories and can help to curb your appetite.

Regular exercise is also recommended too. While it can help burn calories, the main benefit is that it can improve your overall health.

Finally, I would recommend taking steps to eliminate stress, while also suggesting you try to get a good nights sleep too (at least 7 hours per night).

Both stress and a lack of sleep can affect the hormones that control your appetite, leading to unwanted cravings.

Setting weight loss goals is just the first step, you also need to take action. So hopefully my suggestions will give you a few ideas.



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