Set weight loss goals

Set weight loss goals

If you want to succeed at losing weight it is important that you set weight loss goals.

Obviously you have a weight in your head that you wish to reach, but this should be a realistic number or you may find that you may never reach it.

Aiming to lose too much weight at the start of your journey can be daunting and failing to reach them can make you want to quit your efforts, which will only result in any lost weight quickly returning.

Set the right weight loss goal for yourself

We are all different, therefore it is no good setting the same weight loss goal as someone who is taller or shorter than yourself.

You are likely to metabolise (burn) food at a different rate to your family and friends so this also needs to be considered.

The rate at which you lose weight will also fluctuate throughout your journey, often larger weight losses will be at the start, while the pounds may be harder to shift the closer you get to your target.

Finally, you also need to take note of your current weight as this also will affect your results.

Set small weight loss goals

If you have a large amount of weight to lose you would see better results if you instead focussed on smaller weight loss goals.

These smaller goals will be easier to achieve and will motivate you towards reaching the next goal.

Again, remember that your goals should be realistic. It is an unfortunate fact that your body has changed over the years so you are unlikely to get back down to the size you were in school or college.

With hard work and dedication however you can certainly go a long way to warding off those health problems associated with being overweight.

How to achieve your weight loss goals?

The best way to reach your weight loss goals is still through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Fad diets are best avoided as although you may lose weight some are dangerous and once you stop the weight will quickly return.

Instead of fad diets you should think about making a healthier lifestyle change, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, while eating more lean protein such as chicken or turkey.

Protein is important for a healthy diet and for weight loss as it is slower to digest than both carbohydrates and fat so will help to keep your cravings at bay.

When attempting to lose weight your water intake is also important. Try to drink a few more glasses each day instead of your soft drinks as it contains zero calories.

Water can also help to flush out those toxins that cause weight gain and can help suppress your appetite.

Finally to achieve your weight loss goals you will need to increase your activity levels, especially if you work a sedentary job.

Try to work out intensely for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week and you will soon start to see the results of your hard work.

You don’t even need to buy an expensive gym membership if you don’t want to as there are plenty of home workouts you could do or exercise classes you could try.

The most important part is to not quit, even when you see like the weight is not coming off you are still taking steps in the right direction to a healthier life.

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