Burn calories with Sexercise

Burn calories with Sexercise

If you are looking to lose a few pounds then there maybe a way for you to burn off a few of those excess calories while having a little fun too.

Research has shown that sex can burn off as many as 120 calories for a half hour session (University of Quebec in Canada).

The act of having sex is not the only way that you can burn calories either, with research also showing that foreplay and other acts are also beneficial:

  • Kissing – 68 calories an hour
  • Undressing – 8 calories burnt
  • Massaging – 80+ calories per hour
  • Oral sex – 100 calories per half hour
  • Using your hands – 100 calories per hour

How to burn the most calories during sex?

The following tips will ensure you burn the most calories while having sex:

#1: Thrust back when in missionary

For some the missionary position can be a chance to take it easy, however you definitely wont be seeing the calories burning benefits if you are simply laying there enjoying the ride.

To give your abs a workout, push back with every thrust your partner gives you, give one back.

#2: Squat on top

Rather than kneeling while on top of your partner, try to move onto your feet into the squat position.

This move is perfect for toning your behind.

#3: Get into the plank position

The doggy position will already burn calories, but if you were to move into the plank position you will burn even more, while also engaging your core muscles.

#4: Turn up the heating

It may seem obvious but the hotter the room while having sex the more you will sweat so the more calories you will be burning.

Final thoughts

While sex is good for burning off a few extra calories I would not expect huge weight loss results with a few sessions a week.

Of course the more intense the sexual activity the more calories you will burn, but I would also recommend traditional exercise and healthy eating too if you are serious about losing weight.

Losing weight has numerous health benefits and will help give you the energy and confidence to be even more adventurous in the bedroom.

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