Should Men Worry About Belly Fat?

Should Men Worry About Belly Fat?

As men get older, many of them will develop the dreaded ‘beer belly’, but should they worry about belly fat?

Well, yes actually as too much belly fat puts you at a higher risk of developing numerous health conditions that can put your life at risk.

How much belly fat is too much?

If you are male and have a waist circumference of more than 40 inches then you should start to worry as this is an unhealthy concentration of belly fat that will likely to lead to an increased risk of developing those life-shortening conditions.

I would suggest that you take steps to rectify this situation, if you value your long-term health.

How to check how much belly fat?

To check how much belly fat you have got you simply need to measure yourself.

Using a measuring tape, place it around your waist, just above your hipbone, making sure the tape is snug but is not pushing into your skin.

Of course, for an accurate measurement you should try to resist sucking in your stomach.

How to get rid of this belly fat?

To lose belly fat you need to forget about doing endless crunches or other abdominal exercises as they do very little.

What you should do though is approach this problem in the same way as you would expect to lose weight; through diet and exercise.

Fit manYou should most certainly cut back on the junk food, so takeaways should be kept to a minimum.

Instead try to eat a healthier diet, with fresh whole foods like fruits and vegetables as they will fill you up without causing a huge increase in your calorie intake.

Fibre-rich foods are also recommended as these will help to fill you up, therefore helping to cut the urge to snack.

Also, protein-rich foods like chicken and turkey is recommended too. Not only is it difficult to digest, which will ensure you burn extra calories breaking it down, but it is also extremely important for building and repairing muscle tissue too.

This leads us onto our next suggestion, which is exercise.

Personally I would suggest doing a little cardio, but to spend the majority of your time at the gym trying to build muscle.

The more muscle mass you have the easier you will find burning fat. This is because research has shown that muscle burns more calories than fat, even while you are at rest.

I would suggest that you perform ‘compound movements’ when lifting weights as this will work more muscles overall and will result in better results. This means lifts such as deadlifts and squats.

You could also perform HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) too, if you find that you have very little time to workout.

With this kind of workout you will be able to burn off tons of calories in just a few minutes.

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